With Cisco, Apple weaves itself into enterprise infrastructure

“Apple is on course to become the most secure platform provider in the modern enterprise, and Cisco is helping this happen,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “‘If your enterprise and company is using Cisco and Apple the combination should make the [cybersecurity] insurance cost significantly less for you than it would if you were using some other personal network side and the other operating system in the mobile area,’ Apple CEO, Tim Cook, told Cisco Live.”

“This is a big deal and Cook’s appearance at the show confirms the growing bond between the two firms – and confirms (all over again) that Apple is resolute in its determination to transform enterprise IT infrastructure,” Evans writes. “Cook even cited the ‘deeper partnership’ with Cisco.”

“As I understand it, both Apple and Cisco are building on the inherent iOS platform’s security advantages, introducing the added protections enterprise users need to survive in an age of increasingly complex cyberattacks,” Evans writes. “It seems to me there is no longer any credible way to dismiss Apple as a viable choice for enterprise IT.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are few things sweeter than the well-deserved Apple comeuppance that the dwindling number of IT Doofuses worldwide have been experiencing in recent years.

Video: Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at Cisco Live, blasts Android’s shoddy security – June 26, 2017


  1. Cisco has had a solid reputation for many years. Apple likes to partner with best-in-class companies to expand their capabilities and reach, so the partnerships with IBM and Cisco make a lot of sense for gaining traction in the enterprise sector.

    This is pure speculation on my part but, perhaps, this partnership will lead Cisco to expand its product line to take over from Apple’s Airport lineup. That might work…

  2. Mac OS has had built-in Cisco VPN support for as long as I can remember. Thought it was funny when I got my first job that required an RSA key. They gave me half-assed instructions on how to get it running on a PC..had it setup on my Mac (12-inch PowerBook) running in minutes (after cracking the weak “secret passcode” setting).

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