Why Apple’s streaming TV vision may soon be getting crystal clear

“Next month, Hollywood will honor itself again as the Emmy nominations are announced,” The Entertainment Oracle writes for Seeking Alpha. “I bring this up because it because as of late the awards races have been dominated by the likes of streamers such as Netflix, Amazon and likely this year Hulu. However, in the next year or two, it finally looks like Apple could join the mix – and that’s news investors have been waiting for.”

“Of course, this stop/start by Apple in the TV realm is nothing new,” TEO writes, “so it again begs the question: What’s new that will make a difference this time?”

“The answer has to do with a new acquisition, but this time it’s not a ‘what,’ but a ‘who,'” TEO writes. “Apple just recently hired away Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht from Sony to come lead its worldwide video programming. That is the biggest step yet the company has taken to solidify its future in TV.”

“To compete in the streaming market, you need infrastructure and content” TEO writes. “Apple has proven it can do infrastructure, but the company has yet to prove it can do content. This hiring speaks to that, and investors should get the meaning loud and clear.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why did Apple hire two big guns? One need only look at the steaming pile Planet of the Apps for the answer.

Apple poaches Sony TV executives to lead major push into original content – June 16, 2017


  1. It is one thing to give your best and come up short if you did the best you could and quite another when you gave endless resources.

    Remind me again exactly why Eddie Cue has a job?

  2. The one thing Apple could bring to the table might. E the outright purchase of a global satellite network the sucres of which would come down to how latency is dealt with.

    Combine original programming and time limited exclusives Apple could simply buy an audience that would be global and loyal enough for long enough to make the initial cost worthwhile.

    Perhaps then Space X would have a customer with deeper pockets than NASA.

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