Apple Pay loyalty card support coming to Smashburger, Quiznos, and more

“Punchh, a cloud-based technology platform that builds engagement, loyalty and superior, customized experiences in the restaurant industry, today announced that Apple Pay users visiting participating restaurants will soon be able to not only pay for their purchases, but earn and redeem rewards and loyalty points using Apple Wallet.

Punchh’s Restaurant Marketing Cloud is the first platform that bridges the gap between restaurants and customers, empowering restaurants to shape personalized offers that attract and engage more meaningfully with loyal customers. Punchh’s clients include more than 85 leading restaurant chains such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, El Pollo Loco, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Pieology, Quiznos, and Smashburger.

“Consumers expect rich, digital experiences when they engage with the brands they love, and that includes being able to pay with their iPhone,” said Shyam Rao, CEO, Punchh. “By offering Apple Pay with Punchh-powered restaurant loyalty programs, we are not just facilitating a faster, easier and more secure method of payment to the industry, but enabling restaurants to tailor their experience in a way that drives increased visits and sales. It’s an industry game changer.”

Punchh modernizes customer engagement programs within weeks, offering the ability to segment customers, predict customer behavior, create and execute targeted campaigns, and track performance in real-time. Restaurant interactions include loyalty, ordering, payments, offers, feedback, surveys, games, and gift cards.

Brands including Smashburger, Quiznos, and MOD Pizza will be offering Apple Pay with the Punchh integrated solution starting later this year.

“By adding Apple Pay to our Punchh-powered mobile app, it will not only be easier for customers to pay with their iPhone, but join our loyalty and rewards program to start earning and redeeming points immediately,” said David Martinelli, Senior Director of Marketing, Smashburger, in a statement. “Since Apple Pay users will be prompted to join our loyalty program upon payment at the register, we believe that the opportunity to drive revenue growth through repeat visits and higher sales is enormous.”

“We are thrilled to be able to offer Apple Pay,” said Chris Ruszkowski, Senior Vice President Marketing and Advertising, Quiznos, in a statement. “As more and more customers want to use Apple Pay in stores, we believe this integration kills two birds with one stone. It enables us to offer next-generation payment solutions on-par with customer expectations, while also building loyalty and incentivizing them to come back more often.”

Apple Pay is easy to set up and users continue to receive all of the rewards and benefits offered by credit and debit cards. For participating restaurant brands, Apple Pay users will be prompted at checkout to add the restaurant’s loyalty program to their Apple Wallet. Once added, customers will automatically begin earning points and receiving specialized offers, which can be redeemed during future visits. Restaurant brands using the integrated solution will be able to match customers who have opted in to their loyalty program with their payments and receipts, know which menu items they purchased, and incentivize them to use Apple Pay.

Security and privacy is at the core of Apple Pay. When a credit or debit card is used with Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on the user’s device. Each transaction is authorized with a onetime unique dynamic security code.

Source: Punchh

MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, but surely, Apple Pay spreads!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Yes, this is how to expand Apple Pay to more and bigger chains. I’ll let chains follow my purchases in exchange for secure Apple Pay transactions.

    MDN, note that no direct-from-Apple incentives are involved in this program, in spite of all your squealing.

    1. Note that the chains aren’t the only ones following your purchases—the aggregator can see everywhere you shop and everything you buy within their network. They can then sell that information (tied to your email address and possibly your address, if they can figure it out) to data brokers.

  2. Slowly, but surely, Apple Pay spreads!

    More like Apple desperately seeks adoption by offering incentives to use Apple Pay. Shit, if Apple Pay was as good and useful as promised why the need to reward users? Shouldn’t Apple Pay be so great that users flock to use it? This is nothing more than Tim Cook’s admission that Apple Pay had failed to get traction.

    1. Read the article. In spite of MDN’s begging, Apple is offering NO incentives for this promotion. The incentives are coming from the retailers, in exchange for customer loyalty program tracking.

      Of course, Kol-ache, all you offer is Windoze/Android attacks on Apple and its fans. And you’re used to having everything you do tracked by the OS vendors.

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