Newly leaked ‘iPhone 8’ parts give glimpse into rumored design

“We may have just gotten another glimpse at the rumored upcoming iPhone 8’s design,” Greg Barbosa reports for 9to5Mac. “A redditor shared some images from what they say is ‘a friend in the industry,’ and what manufacturers have been receiving over the last week, and they do line up with some previous rumors.”

“In the images shared today, we get a look at what is being described as the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and iPhone 8 designs,” Barbosa reports. “According to the redditor, all of the upcoming devices feature glass back panels which allow for wireless charging.”

“The iPhone 8 front panel features top-to-bottom glass for the display, with a cut-out near the top for the camera and earpiece,” Barbosa reports. “What’s noticeably lacking on the iPhone 8 glass panels is any sign of a Touch ID sensor. If these alleged parts are to be believed, it could be that the new iPhone 8 truly does have an embedded Touch ID in the front display.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Yeah! I sold 2 already, for this iPhone 8 I’m gonna sell some other relative. Kolache, let me know your wife so I can have another baby to sell in order to buy the iPhone 9. Give me a call

  1. Releasing a model and calling it the iPhone 7s AND releasing another model and call it the iPhone 8 simultaneously would be a clear indicator that Apple has completely taken it’s eye off the ball with regard to how Jobs improved things when he drastically cut the number of SKUs Apple sold. F’ing Stupid.

    1. What if the 7s was not the “S” but more likely a 7c.. That is, we have the 8. Then 7 model is a redesign and branding of the 7 guts for the lower tier? So the price will be all that much cheaper and we won’t be seeing the aluminum body for older models anymore, just the SE and 6s.

    2. Apple has to release multiple models if they can’t get enough components to reach production demand levels for the iPhone 8. Besides, not everyone will be able to afford the iPhone 8 if it actually is going to cost over a $1000. Apple might as well just upgrade last year’s model with new components and I would think there would be plenty of consumers who would be happy with that. Apple only has a few models compared to Samsung with their dozens of models of smartphones.

    3. That was a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Now days Apple is nearly a trillion dollar company. Way different to when it was a struggling company on the edge of bankruptcy.

  2. My definition of edge to edge screen does not include a 2mm border. Certainly it’s maximizing the the most out of the front, it’s not exactly edge to edge. The chrome/silver outline for the back camera assembly looks KIRF to me – Almost as if inspired by Polaroid.

    The 7s models on the left look more attractive to me. While the 8 on the right, the size is more attractive, I am not impressed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will be having all sorts of anxiety over choosing, and will probably get the iPhone 8 anyway, but At this moment, while the jury is still out and this is unproven “stollen” parts. I am going to think all the bad things I can up until launch.

    1. I dislike edge-to-edge. I dislike even the existing rounded edges of my iPhone 6s, because it makes it harder for screen protectors to do their job, and cases may interfere with operations that depend on edge detection.

  3. Quick question concerning the glass back. If the next iPhone is using a wireless charging system that is contact based (like Qi), why is a glass panel on the back required? Samsung has contact based wireless charing on a pad, but why do not have a glass panel back do they?

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