Apple CEO Cook adds to litany of condolence tweets for victims of Islamic terrorism

Following the latest Islamic terrorist attacks in London that left at least 7 dead and nearly 50 injured after a van ran down pedestrians on London Bridge after which three men jumped out of the van with large knives and attacked people at bars and restaurants, Tim Cook tweeted about the incident is what has become a litany of such responses from Apple’s CEO (see below).

This latest attack was reminiscent of the truck attack in Nice, France on the evening of July 14, 2016.

Following the third terrorist attack in three months, UK Prime Minister Teresa May issued a warning to jihadis and those who harbour them as she said “things need to change.” May said, “It is time to say enough is enough. Everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. Our society should continue to function in accordance with our values. But when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. While we have made significant progress in recent years there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. So we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out – across the public sector and across society. That will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversations, but the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism.”

MacDailyNews Take: That is a very sad list of such tweets to which, hopefully, no more will ever need to be added.

So much senseless death, grievous injury, and needless pain.

Enough is enough indeed.

Apple CEO Tim Cook advocates privacy, says terrorists should be ‘eliminated’ – February 27, 2015


    1. The chrome on your truck bumper does nothing, take it off.

      Your children don’t need a pat on the back when they get good grades, stop it and put them to work on chores instead.

      The pagan celebration christians coopted and renamed Christmas is a waste of cards singing and wrapping paper.

      What a miserable excuse for a person who would question the value of humans caring for other humans. Stop commenting already, nobody wants to read you antisocial screed.

          1. I am NOT in anyway justifying what is happening in UK and Europe by crazed Islamics but you would note:

            UK : Colonial power
            Denmark : Colonial power
            France: Colonial power
            Belgium : Colonial power
            Germany : Colonial power
            Austria:Colonial power
            Sweden: Colonial power
            Norway: Colonial power
            Netherlands: Colonial power
            Austria : Colonial power
            Spain: Colonial power

            “Wikipedia : Poland never formally had any colonial territories, however over its history the acquisition of such territories was at times contemplated, but never attempted”

            Don’t really want to get into history stuff but I think roughly many of these countries got really wealthy running overseas colonies and then allowed many colonials to settle in their homeland for various reasons. Some got large numbers of muslims like France, UK. France’s got like 5 million muslims (many from Algeria etc which France used to rule. ).

            NOTE ALSO it’s not ‘migrants’ in general. Practically Every city, town in Europe , USA etc have ‘Chinatowns’ for example since the 1800s, don’t see them doing Terror Attacks (like what we see from fanatic muslims) . So Don’t LUMP ALL MIGRANTS into one group.

            (I believe a ‘we hate all migrants’ policy is going to backlash and negate steps needed to deal with Islamic Crazies. I don’t care how many one stars I get but I’ll say a lot of White Supremacists are hiding behind the ‘stop islamics’ as general ‘hate colored’ stand and I won’t agree to that, like I said it’s going to make stopping Islamic fundamentalism harder. )

            BTW: an interesting fact is that Poland is a staunch US ally in war in Terror losing 20+ dead in Iraq and 40 in Afghanistan. (these are relatively high numbers for Polands size)

            1. Interesting analysis, but I think it’s more that Poland learned a permanent lesson from their last invaders in 1939.

            2. Yes, thank you to the 11 or so American pilots who of their own accord made their way to England , violating the United States official position of neutrality at that point, to participate before the Americans had any forces in the war.


              The US Army aviation corps did impressive work later, but the point is valid that Britain drew on every possible friend in the commonwealth and in Europe to defend itself against Hitler. Bottvinnik, you should stop being so literal about everything.

            3. actually, I take this guy “literally”:
              “…our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”

            1. Only a desperate fool with an IQ of 1 would make scurrilous claims based on a twitter feed widely condemned as grossly inaccurate.
              Where was the terrorist attack in the North Sea? or Lincolnshire?, or Yorkshire?, or Tyneside?, or Liverpool?, or North Wales?
              Fact…they didn’t happen.
              You have zero credibility, but then you know that… >>duplicitous little man hiding behind lies, disinformation and childish insults.

  1. Until US & UK govs stop blowing the fsck out of countries and leaving power vacuums where IS build their web of terror from nothing will change.

    Supplying Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars worth of weapons while they continue to fund IS and export Wahhabism across the globe must stop.

    Or is the profit of weapons sales worth the collateral damage of slaughtered civilians on our streets?

    1. That is not the root cause of Islamic terrorism. Until you figure out what is the root cause, you will continue to fail to stop Islamic terrorists.

      We must support the efforts of honest Muslims to fight to eliminate the evil side of Islam. We must stop lying about Islam. We must stop embracing and reinforcing its claims to a special right to getting violently offended. We must instead join in the fight against its evil.Ira Straus, February 20, 2015

      1. The root cause is fundamentalism, plain and simple. Fundamentalism is born of fear and ignorance. There are a great many moderate and even non-practicing people of Muslim origin. Fighting this is like fighting the Spanish Inquisition, and philosophically, change will come about the same way. Generationally, hatred and ignorance will have to be expunged from people’s hearts, it will be a process. In the meantime, perpetrators will have to be held accountable.

        1. Oklahoma breeds fundamentalist pro-authoritarians like Dean Clark. If he wasn’t such a coward, he would fight an religious crusade too. Equal and opposite hate and ignorance on both sides. Terrorists would have nothing to fight for if it wasn’t for the evil that the terrorists of the other side perpetrate in words and deeds.

          Trump dropped the “Mother of all bombs” accomplishing nothing but creating another recruitment poster for people to hate America’s 4 decades of misplaced military priorities.

        2. Fundamentalism is only a problem when the religion is fundamentally evil — as Islam is. Mohammed ordered Muslims to kill. Mohammed was an evil POS.

          1. But you feel entitled to break Christ’s commandments with exceptions you make up for your convenience? Thou shalt not kill except if I declare war? Thou shalt not kill but selling military hardware used only for killing is okay? Thou shalt not kill but it’s okay to use drone strikes?

            The sooner the west pulls its collective head out of its ass and realizes that no amount of military superpower is going to create peace? You Americans obviously didn’t learn a damn thing in Korea or Vietnam or any war since. You are arrogant enough to think you earn respect via shock and awe. All it does is increase the resolve of the despairing impoverished kids who are being brainwashed into performing heinous crimes. Meanwhile the nation that used to support human rights around the world continues to hold people in prison without trial, and the president repeatedly supported human torture. Then you expect the other side to behave like good little peasants? Get a clue. Karma is a bitch. One reaps the hatred you sow.

            1. The commandment is actually thou shalt not commit murder, not kill.
              If you read the Bible, God encouraged and supported killing.

            2. War and murder are two entirely different things. By the way, in the Bible, the jews had a number of battles and wars, and as long as they were faithful, God blessed their efforts tremendously – and they always won. Also, “Eye for an Eye” is actually a limitation on vengeance.

          2. No, all fundamentalism is a huge problem. You see it every day here, in business, in congress — people too tied to unchanging beliefs even when new data becomes available. Gridlock and tit-for-tat actions that undermines the greater good. It has to stop. Don’t be blind to your own fundamentalist gaps in logic.

            1. Conflating Islam, a governance of murder, with “business, congress and people tied to unchanging beliefs” is a lie of nauseating proportions.

              you suck.

        3. Curiously, you point out how long this has been going on. The Spanish Inquisition was, of course, an attempt to remove the remaining Islamic control in Spain after the islamists had invaded and held Spain for 500 years.

    2. That first paragraph is definitely correct, although we need to throw France into the mix too. Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad were/are evil bastards, but they were the one thing keeping their countries from descending into failed states. Now look at those countries. Hell holes from which Islamist extremists spew hate.

      1. And I will point out that when I said as much on this site before Bush/Blair’s fool’s crusade back in late 2002/early 2003 I got shouted down by the same bunch of “freedom loving patriots” who continue to shout down any long term strategies regarding the Middle East.

        1. Trump fits that description perfectly. People painting him as a conservative have lost their moorings to reality. Trump is liberal in social goals (promised everyone cheap health insurance), areligious, financially unrestrained in spending (sharp increase in peacetime budget), and chicken hawk with no military experience. And he is a Samsung user. The only thing worse than this is a botvinnik

      1. How exactly, genius, did Trump fail? Did he let thousands of jihadis into the UK and then fail to properly track them after the mistake of letting the enemy into your country was realized?

        No, the failure is of LIBERAL anything goes, politically correct idiots like you. The blood is on your hands. The failure is yours. Projecting it on others won’t absolve you or your ilk, sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Look in the mirror for once, loser.

        1. Many of these murderers are UK born citizens.

          You’all hilarious! We have 13k domestic murders mostly perpetrated by Christians along with tens of thousands of gunshot wounds of those who survived. You’re worldview must be terrifying.

    1. Because “world leaders” have done so well dealing with Islamic terrorists so far…

      Oh, wait.

      This isn’t a “hug it out/kumbaya/whirlled peas” situation, snowflakes. This is eliminate them before they eliminate you, your spouse, your son, and/or your daughter.

      Terrorism is horrible and must be stopped. All of us must do everything we can do to stop this craziness.. These people shouldn’t exist. They should be eliminated.Apple CEO Tim Cook, February 27, 2015

        1. Actually you can persuade terrorists not to kill you. Ghengis Khan had overrun much of the Roman Empire and was making a march for Ravenna when Pope Leo V rode out to meet him. Nobody knows what was said, but the invasion was halted immediately without further bloodshed.

          Those who rely only on brawn to solve their problems are ignorant of the other tools of peace.

    2. The Washington Post. Jeff Bezos’ mouthpiece. They’ve always been left-leaning, but now they’ve effectively shot all of their credibility very quickly since Bezos bought the outfit. Now it’s just another slanted Liberal rag. Anyone who links to the Wash Post as if they’re credible is a fool.

    1. Shame the fraudster couldn’t resist dissing the mayor of London who has other things to think about than insincere political point scoring. But what else to expect. Sadiq Kahn didn’t say any such thing, but why let that spoil an opportunity for self-agrandising crap.
      What a creep.

            1. You really are a sicko…making demented and insulting comments whilst there is still warm blood on the streets.
              Sadistic clown that you are.

            2. Well, I’m sure you’ll send teddy bears and light candles and sing “Imagine” as an effective counter-measure, Mr. Pussy.

            3. …until the next time it happens because nothing was done about it this time…you know, besides scented candles, stuffed toys and chants of “We Are The World, We Are The Universe.”

              fucking idiots.

    2. “We are not having a gun debate right now” because guns are heavily controlled in the UK, so it’s irrelevant.

      Three gunmen rather than knife wielders in that crowded part of London last night, on an 8 minute spree before being gunned down by the police? The number of dead would be into three figures. Doesn’t bear thinking about. Exactly why I’m happy we have our laws rather than US style ones.

      Trump is such a demented fool. Hurry up and get rid of him.

    3. You could continue with the string of tweets Monday morning that continue attacking the UK authorities, continue misquoting the London mayor, attack anybody who quoted the mayor accurately, and blame all the attacks committed by Western citizens on immigrants. He also undercuts his own Justice Department by criticizing their approach to the appeals of the travel ban and actually calling it by the term that the lawyers have been carefully avoiding, “TRAVEL BAN” (in all caps).

      If the UK wasn’t more concerned with its own affairs than with the bleatings of someone determined to abdicate his country’s position in the world, they would be recalling their ambassador to rethink this whole notion of a “special relationship.”

  2. Incredibly fast response by Met police within 8 mins.
    And thank goodness for the UK’s gun control laws that deny terrorists easy access to mass murder weapons. Yeah, I know, I will be crucified on the second amendment alter of denial but in one pub, drinkers repelled the terrorist with a shower of chairs, bottles and glasses. Try that on a nutter with a gun.

    1. Or try this…… in many US states now there would have been several people in that pub with their own guns who would have been armed and capable of bringing a swift end to the “nutters with guns” to whom you were referring.

      As George Washington wrote, “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” George Mason said, “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people…To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

      1. And, of course, they are all expert marksmen who could never possibly shoot an innocent bystander…

        Personally, I’d much rather get hit by “friendly chair throwing” than friendly fire.

        1. You my friend are a liar. There is no sane person, when given the choice of a chair or a gun to defend themselves, would choose the chair when someone was trying to kill him.

    2. The issue is not wholly about guns — as you point out, attackers and defenders alike take up the weapons at hand — but about beliefs. A belief system that embraces and incites war, and glorifies murder and suicide, is more damaging than any arsenal — it is a tool for endless recruitment of cannon fodder by charlatans posing as holy men.

  3. These are terrorists who rationalize their actions by invoking Islam. This is quite different than suggesting Islamic terrorism is to blame. Only by connecting even more closely to the Islamic community can we hope to prevent these horrific events.

      1. Are you really that daft?

        You are so convinced that America is infallible and your religion/race so superior that you will achieve peace by declaring an endless war on a desperate tactic?

        For what its worth, Lewis and Clark, living in a time of even greater racism, were smart enough to take Indians, French trappers, and even black slaves on their discovery expedition of the American west. There is absolutely no chance they would have made it without having a multiracial team.

        1. Yes. Christianity is superior to Islam because Muhammad wasn’t fit to carry Jesus’ sandals. The Son of God trumps a mere purported prophet whose followers tend to like blowing up little girls. Christians are to ones who respond to disasters and terrorism by delivering food, water, blankets and whatever else is needed. Muslims look the other way and do nothing. It will be their ultimate downfall.

          1. “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – Jesus of Nazareth (John 15:13)

            “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” – Muhammed The Pedophile (Quran 8:12)

            1. I have a degree from a Christian seminary, so I obviously agree that Christianity is true and that Islam is (to the degree it differs from Christianity) mistaken. An argument can be made that Islam is actually a Christian heresy, not an independent religion.

              That said, we live in a country governed by a written Constitution that goes to considerable lengths to promise that there will never be any religious tests to exclude citizens from voting, officeholding, or any other benefit of citizenship.

              If that were not clear enough, the Constitution was amended in 1791 to add prohibitions against the federal government either establishing a religion or interfering with the free exercise of religious freedom. Every state now has similar provisions in its own constitution.

              The Federal Constitution was amended again in 1868 to provide that nobody within the jurisdiction of the U.S. (not even non-citizens) could be denied due process or equal protection of the law. That incidentally extended the earlier religion clauses to cover the states as well as the federal government; there are no “states rights” to allow discrimination. A further amendment in 1870 specifically insured that race and color could not be used to discriminate.

              Statutes lawfully passed pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment have further guaranteed the rights of all our citizens to avoid the burdens of an established state religion and to exercise their own faith in any matter under all circumstances, absent a compelling governmental interest to the contrary. Another statute forbids religious or ethnic discrimination in immigration matters.

              So, as a Christian I prefer Christian values, but as an American I must tolerate all other religions. Any expressly “Christian America” is an America that betrays the values that made our beloved country what it is.

            2. “But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” – Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 5:39).

          2. What religion was the IRA while they bombed and murdered people?
            What religion are the whackadoodles in the US that commit mass shootings?
            What religion were the branch daviidians?
            What religion was Timothy McVeigh?
            What religion was the Inquisition?

            Nutcases find anything that supports their agenda and twist it.

            1. No one is arguing that there are nut jobs, the point is what a religion teaches. See the above example of Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammed The Pedophile.

              Islam: Where every day is always 700 ad.®

          3. Allow me to introduce you to Mohammad Gulab. Mohammad risked his life and that of his family to save the life of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell — you may have heard some of this from Luttrell’s account in the book Lone survivor.

            Speaking through a translator to CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ in 2013, Gulab said: ‘I knew I had to help him; to do the right thing, because he was in a lot of danger.’

            ‘He very well could have just left me laying there on the side of that waterfall and let me die,’ Luttrell said. ‘But he didn’t.’

            Following Luttrell’s rescue, Gulab and his family were targeted by the Taliban. Gulab repelled bomb and gunfire attacks on his home and was on the run for a decade in Afghanistan before the US approved his refugee status and allowed him to immigrate.

            Why did Gulab, a muslim, save Luttrell? Because of Pashtunwali. Look up the word. Christianity is not the only religion rooted in humane practices.

            Stop conflating the Taliban or the Islamic State with the majority of peace loving Muslims.

            If you take the Bible literally, especially the Old Testament, you will see an inconsistent litany of excuses to kill stone or maim people. Much of it is equally as reprehensible as the Qua’ran and most Christians cannot identify which book the old haterade came from.

      1. Wow! It must be so painful for you to live in such fear day in and day out. Have you tried seeking medical help? A Valium or three maybe? You sound like you could snap in a second and be the next Timothy Mcveigh. I suggest you run, not walk to the nearest mental wellness clinic (while you can still afford healthcare!) and get help! You really do need it.

  4. Tim sure said some supportive things, quite the contrast to the president of Apple’s home country, but then again what do you expect from a leader of a terrorist nation.

    Body count in Iraq that day, 84, and they still haven’t found that weapons of mass destruction program.

    Terrorist, a bunch of gutless cowards, be they ISIS or USUS.

    1. Yeah, President Trump is so unsupportive. Oh, wait, you’re wrong, as usual:

      1. The contrast is that chump was supportive and non supportive. Your quote from the chump is supportive.

        But he also said this:

        “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!””

        Totally out of context and downright insulting as per usual. The chump challenged London Mayor Sadiq Khan for saying there was “no reason to be alarmed.” but Khan spoke those words in a television interview Sunday in the context of reassuring Londoners about an increased police presence they might see. The chump’s tweet is out of context and a contrast to what Tim Cook has said.

        So again, just so that you get it, Tim Cook said supportive things and only supportive things about this terrorist attack whereas the chump said something supportive and derogatory, hence the contrast.

        Clear enough for you? Possibly not.

  5. Suicide bombing happens because the bomber believes that they will go straight to Paradise after the explosion.  Accordingly, the only way to stop suicide bombing is to threaten to wrap the corpse of the bomber in a pig-skin before burial so that he/she will be denied access to Paradise. This worked successfully in India, during the days of the Raj. The first Muslim to murder a British official was tried, found guilty and hanged. The body was then wrapped in a pig-skin and buried. There were no further incidents of this kind. General Pershing used the same technique to counter Muslim terrorism in the Philippines.   After execution, 49 convicted terrorists were buried in a pit and covered with pig blood, entrails and so on. The 50th terrorist was released to spread the word. That was the end of Muslim terrorism in the Philippines for decades!

    1. G5 PowerBook,

      I am shocked that nobody else has responded to this bit of alternate history.

      To begin with, the Pershing story is more than just baseless. It is an insult to the memory of one of our greatest American heroes. Pershing was called “Black Jack” precisely because racists in the military thought that he was a “n-word lover” who foolishly treated troops and civilians of color the same as if they were white.

      According to every living biographer of Pershing, there is no truth to the pig blood story, which apparently first began circulating after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. (There was a similar story published in 1927, based on rumors without eyewitness testimony, but in that account nobody was executed).

      As for the story about the Raj, I don’t know if it is true. Even if it is, I hardly think that it is relevant to the behavior of civilized states today. Nineteenth-century British imperialists exercised the White Man’s Burden over their conquered nonwhite subjects in much the same fashion as 20th-century imperialists from Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, and China treated the “lesser breeds without the law” within their respective empires.

      Anyone with an ounce of decency knows that America needs to be better than that. If we are not, Road Warrior is right about our status within the ranks of civilized nations.

      1. Oh, and besides all that, there is no Muslim belief that a person who is wrapped in pig hide or shot with bullets dipped in pig blood will be denied Paradise. This is a myth right up there with the effect of silver bullets on werewolves.

        There are hadith (traditional teachings of Muhammed and his first followers) that specifically say that ritual uncleanness will not bar a saint or martyr from Paradise. Once a soul is in God’s presence, it does not matter what happens to the body. Another hadith teaches that if one’s clothes become spattered with pig’s blood or dog’s blood, that does not release the believer from his duty of joining the congregation of the faithful for prayers.

        So abusing Muslim corpses would not only be inhumane, but also entirely ineffective.

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