WWDC 2017: One more big thing

“When watching this year’s keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, I implore you to do one thing: think big,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“I don’t mean big as in a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, or big as in the number of features packed into this year’s annual iOS or macOS software updates,” Moren writes. “I don’t even mean big news, like the rumored Siri Speaker the company might announce.”

“No, I mean think big picture,” Moren writes. “I think that if you look at the big picture of what Apple ends up announcing next week, you’ll come away noticing a couple major themes in that overall strategy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have a feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot about Siri on Monday!


  1. Tim Cook will do his best to hype whatever snake oil he is selling. Macintosh is withering on the vine, iPad and iPhone will have perfunctory upgrades. I really can’t imagine how “one more thing” will be that captivating given the sad and predictable trends of recent history.

  2. Perhaps they need a few more actual product announcements and a little less big picture PR that serves no one very well. Apple’s blind adherence to John Ivy’s theory of thinness has turned the MB/MB Pro lines into poor performing, short battery life, atrocious keyboard clunkers.

  3. Get the foundational basics done right (ALWAYS!!!) first and maintained, then move on and innovate. ADHD syndrome is not the way to run a company. Also a company the size of Apple should have no problem multi-tasking and paying attention to all sectors. For it not to is a failure of executive leadership. You’re no longer operating out of a garage guys. You can now relegate to responsible dept. heads – what a concept!

    And please remember in the future some forms of innovation are dead ends. THINK IT THROUGH, GET INPUT FROM THOSE YOU ARE TRYING TO SERVE. You would think all that would be terribly obvious and basic.

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