President Trump leaning toward exiting Paris climate change agreement despite Apple, others urging U.S. to remain in deal

“President Donald Trump hasn’t yet decided whether to keep the U.S. in the landmark Paris agreement on climate change but is leaning toward exiting the accord, according to two people familiar with the matter,” Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Jennifer Jacobs, and Margaret Talev report for Bloomberg. “The administration is preparing for several different outcomes and is lining up experts to speak to the media when an announcement is made, according to another person familiar with the discussions.”

“Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, has informed counterparts in European Union nations that the president intends to withdraw, according to a person familiar with the communication,” Dlouhy, Jacobs, and Talev report. “Advocates for the Paris accord increased their pressure on Trump after reports Wednesday that he would likely leave it, including Tesla Inc. chief executive Elon Musk, who said on Twitter he would resign from White House advisory councils if the U.S. exits the accord.”

“Top administration officials have been divided on what to do, with some, including Ivanka Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, urging Trump to stay in the deal. Others, including Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, lead a faction pushing a U.S. exit,” Dlouhy, Jacobs, and Talev report. “There is consensus in the administration that the terms of the Paris deal must change, and it’s exploring whether that requires a full exit or a scaled-back U.S. commitment to cut emissions, according to one of the people.”

“Trump has called climate change a ‘hoax’ and criticized the deal as ‘one-sided’ against the U.S. White House legal advisers have warned that staying in the accord could undercut Trump’s efforts to rescind rules on power-plant emissions and methane leaks,” Dlouhy, Jacobs, and Talev report. “As the richest nation and the second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, the U.S. is central to efforts to address global warming. The Vatican and companies as diverse as Exxon Mobil Corp. and Apple Inc., as well as Tesla, had urged the president to remain in the pact.”

“U.S. climate efforts won’t completely cease if Trump walks away from Paris,” Dlouhy, Jacobs, and Talev report. “States including California, New York and Massachusetts continue to move forward with aggressive policies to cut carbon emissions. Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, Apple, Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and other companies continue their push to power their facilities with wind and solar energy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, one thing’s for sure: The climate has certainly changed ion Washington D.C.


  1. The non-binding Paris Agreement is just another horribly unbalanced bad Obama deal. Obama couldn’t make an advantageous deal to save his life. Any car salesman in the world would love to have the Obama sucker walk into the showroom. Time for fleecing!

    Get out of the deal! Make a new non-binding agreement that placates the Greenpeace brigade to some degree and let’s get on with unleashing the economy from such overwrought stupidity.

    1. Whine, whine, whine. All you care about is personal wealth and power. Climate is something that everyone should work together to keep in a healthy state for future generations. Greedy people like you don’t care, but most people do.

      What does the 190 nation agreement do? You don’t even know.

      It sets a long term goal to ensure the global average temperature does not rise more than 2 degrees celsius by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to levels that the planet’s oceans and forests can absorb.

      It gives each nation the task of monitoring its emissions and setting its own individual emissions targets to accomplish the global objective.

      It does not punish countries for missing targeted reductions, it merely requires that the citizens of every nation can see and track emissions. It is up to the voters of each nation to decide if their leaders are doing a good job.

      It sets up an exchange where richer countries can contribute funds or technologies to poor nations so they can implement renewable energy infrastructure or, in the case of island nations that are vulnerable to extreme weather events, to prepare and insure themselves against rising ocean levels and future weather disasters.

      By sitting out, Trump would not make America anything than a dunce in the corner. He doesn’t have to fund any green initiatives in his term of office. But it’s hard to be a leader when you’re too self-centered to work with other nations who used to respect the USA.

      1. What we know is that dunces are the people who keep falling for this climate change BS after decades of failed liberal predictions. Science is eminently predictable and quantifiable. If it is not, as this liberal ruse most certainly is, it is called ‘fake science.’ Just like the data doctored by scientists at the University of East Anglia was doctored to launch and support this BS movement.

        And didn’t Apple’s Al Bore had already used this ‘latest climate data,’ which was based on these so called ”undeniable scientific facts” to predict that Manhattan and Florida would in fact be under water in ten years unless the US cut their carbon emissions. Well, twelve years went by since his prediction; the World did not do crap to cut emissions. Instead, they increased emissions, and what do you know, not even close …n-o-t-h-i-n-g happened. Imagine that!

        The notion that CO2, a trace gas that amounts to no more than .03% of all greenhouse gases controls the climate is laughable. Water vapor is the BIG greenhouse gas. Why don’t we do something about that? …crickets!

        Actually, according to astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn “man’s contribution to CO2 is .036% of all greenhouses in the atmosphere.” “Termites ALONE, produce TEN times as much CO2 as all of humanity’s output.” and “the reason why the CO2 atmosphere theory can never work is that the Ocean-atmosphere interface controls the amount of CO2 in air – a warmer ocean (which holds 50x more CO2 than the atmosphere) emits CO2 and vice versa. This is very basic physics.”

        Think about it. According to the liberal geniuses, it was cold before it was warm, before it changed, which is baaaaad. For the decade that just passed, they predicted the end of snow, a drastic increase in the number and strength of hurricanes, extinction of polar bears, world massive ice melts, world runaway warming, large sea level rise. Nothing of the sort came true. Nothing. What kind of science is that? And why can it not predict the climate with any degree of accuracy? Why, because it is fake science, that’s why, and because there is a lot of money to be had from dufus idiots who believe any kind of bullshit as long as it is a liberal idea.

        Do you know that liberals also predicted famine due to emissions? The stupidity. The world has never been greener; thanks, in large part to human emitted CO2. They call it pollution; why? You can’t see it; it is invisible; you can’t smell it either. CO2 is life giving. It isn’t famine producing, that’s for sure. Ponder this.

        “Since 1960, the world population has more than doubled, from approximately 2.9 billion in 1960 to more than 6.7 billion today. The demands placed on global agricultural production arising out of population and income growth almost tripled. Global agriculture has been successful in meeting this increase in demand. Steady growth in agricultural output and a long-term decline in real commodity prices attest to this success. While the 820 million undernourished people in developing countries must not be forgotten, it should also be recognized that the proportion of people suffering from hunger has fallen by half since the 1960s, from more than on-in-three to one-in-six, even as world’s population has doubled. Progress is possible.”

        I have an idea, why don’t we kill half the termite population. Problem solved. We have no use for them, and we are pretty good about killing bugs. We can then give 2 gallons sprayers to Hillary, Al, Barack, and Mochelle, and send them on their way to fight the termites. Them being true believers, how could they refuse?

    2. The Paris Agreement does next to nothing in terms of binding the signatories to take action on limiting emissions. The chief legal obligation is contributing to a $100 billion “green fund” for developing nations. It’s a poorly veiled way to extract money from the haves and redistribute it to the have nots. Would-be Robin Hood Obama didn’t bother sending the accord to the Senate for ratification either, knowing what its fate would be. In every meaningful way, the document is merely hortatory.

        1. So if this agreement does nothing as you claim, why are you bitching about it? The USA has nothing to lose by making friends on stuff you consider inconsequential.

    3. Yes I hope he pulls out of this bullcrap agreement. It is the biggest hoax foisted on mankind by the total blundering idiot Al Gore. The guy was totally useless as VP of the USA and now he is even more useless as the so called shining knight of the environment. Gore predicted that the polar ice caps should have been totally gone by now but they seem fro still be the same size and possibly growing. Gore went from having 2 million dollars when he got out of office but is now worth over 100 million that he is making off of his lies and misleading crap so that he can get richer still. Pull out president Trump 👏👌👍.

  2. Uh oh, attacking the looney libs’ one true religion “Global Warming,” will make them hate President Trump.

    Oh wait, they already do hate him for no good reason other than he beat their awful criminal candidate with ease.

    Another Obama stupidity falls by the wayside. The Obama legacy will be filed away in the dustbin of history.

    The left likes to claim that 97 percent of scientists support the concept of man-made climate change. It’s likely closer to 43 percent. The 97 percent myth stems from a variety of flawed studies, as the Daily Wire explained here. On the other hand, the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency conducted a survey in 2015 that found that only 43 percent of scientists believe in man-made climate change, which is far from a consensus.

    1. As usual you right wing know nothings can’t wait to lie your asses off with respect to global climate change. Even the “study” you posted you’ve lied about the statistics – 97% of climate change scientists (and not just some plain old scientists) agree that global warming is happening (and not that it’s human caused).

      And if you actually read the study (which I’m guessing you didn’t – you just copy/paste from Breitbart or World News Daily you’d see this kind of important quote in the study:

      “Consistent with previous studies, we found
      that the level of agreement with the IPCC position
      increases with increasing expertise in climate
      science, as judged by the self-reported number
      of peer-reviewed publications on climate change”

      In other words the more articles a climate change scientist publishes, the more they agree with the results of the consensus of scientists that global change is a) occurring and b) man-mad.

      What it must be like to be someone who would disagree with a serious climate issue (man made or not) just for their own warped political position. There’s nothing the Right likes better than to be anti-science.

            1. Why don’t you show that same graph starting before the industrial age, First Then? The short snapshot you show isn’t even close to the whole story.

            2. Oh look, you found the Holocene transgression graph based on ice core samples from Greenland. So you now have plotted the approximately temperature from on point on the planet.

              Do you understand that you need many millions more data points to estimate the global average increase in temperature?

              Also, do you understand that the rate of change of the planet average temperature now is extremely rapid compared to past periods without volcanic events and other known sharp climate impacts. The difference? Mankind has dramatically increased the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Not as dramatic as meteor impacts or volcanoes, sure, but human impact that could be moderated nonetheless.

      1. Howabout: consensus verifies/substantiates nothing. Also, what a goofy statement to call a group/person “anti-science” b/c they don’t agree with your statement. Remember, there’s a long/long list of important topics in history that the “wisdom” of the consensus holders was anything but that defined as science in the end. Btw, who said there’s a quibble about “climate issue (man made or not)”. There surely maybe climate change, but if humans didn’t have a part, why are we getting involved? Do you really think humans could reverse the change, if it’s nature’s physics?

        1. Back in the 1970s both major political parties listened to scientists. But the GOP decided that science and reason conflicted with their goals and objectives. So the GOP decided to undermine and discredit science, create their own pseudo-science, and attempt to dumb down the electorate with sound bites and fiction.

          You are correct that the “consensus” opinion is not always the correct opinion. But you have to give the combined opinion of thousands of learned scientists considerable weight. The opponents of climate science are using subterfuge and lies in an attempt to undermine legitimate data and analysis.

    2. Sure, First, we know that you and the GOP believe that anything and everything associated with Obama is bad. That is no surprise.

      Sure, TRUMP-PENCE 2020, we know that you do not believe that anyone other than your chosen group can think and reason. It is apparent by the way that you routinely denigrate roughly half of the U.S. population.

      You guys are tools. Believe what you want. The rest of us rational people will do our best to take care of things after the TRUMPanzee and his chimp squad throw their alt-right Bannon feces all over everything.

  3. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Do people really believe that crap? After turning our government into an Orwellian dystopia, stocking a Cabinet with people whose stated purpose is to destroy the areas over which they are supposedly concerned does he really expect us to believe that he really gives a damn about this country?

    Coal is dead; if he really wanted to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” he would understand that, and invest in clean energy, which is where the future lies. China will be putting $361 billion into clean energy over the next few years, creating millions of jobs in the process, and doing what it can to help the environment. But, oh, that’s right, global warming is a hoax contrived by the Chinese to undermine American business. And, gee, if he puts “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’ in all capital letters it must mean he is sincere.

  4. I’ll stay anonymous as I don’t wish to be burned at the stake for stating basic facts, thanks.

    The warming trend that the climate change crowd references is based on manufactured data that has been altered from the raw data that does not show such an increase.

    1. Dude, you couldn’t even generate a convincing phishing email. You claim that nearly 45% of the station data is fabricated? Damn, you might make a decent comedian.

    2. Is this the world you want to live in? You honestly believe that raping the planet and burning all accumulated hydrocarbons in the span of ~3 centuries won’t have any consequences? That makes all kinds of sense, sure.

  5. Trump believes in global warming. He has used it to justify walling off his golf courses from storm surge:

    “The New York billionaire [Trump]is applying for permission to erect a coastal protection works to prevent erosion at his seaside golf resort, Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in County Clare.

    A permit application for the wall, filed by Trump International Golf Links Ireland and reviewed by POLITICO, explicitly cites global warming and its consequences — increased erosion due to rising sea levels and extreme weather this century — as a chief justification for building the structure.”

  6. Pffffft! Climate change! It ain’t real science if it ain’t makin’ America Great Again! I’m telling you, a civil war is comin’ and ALL YOU LIBTARDS ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!! You won’t be able to run or hide cuz we got all the guns! WE WILL PAINT ALL THE BLUE STATES RED!…WITH BLOOD!

    Ideology > science!
    Ideology > environment!
    Ideology > critical thinking!
    Ideology > libtard lives!
    Ideology > the world!
    Ideology über alles! … mean, “Make America Great Again!

    1. You’re either deadly serious, insanely delusional, or just joking around. In any case you’re going to have a hard time convincing most people that what you’ve written are the words of a rational person.

      Ideology is an extremely dangerous thing. If you’d rather go through your life not using the brain evolution—oohhhh, there goes that dirty word—has provided you with, then it’s no wonder you’ve written such ignorant, mindless, drivel.

    2. And when the doctor examins you or perform surgery on you or your loved ones I sincerely hope for your sake he/she does it from a pure ideological standpoint. Fuck medical science – I’m with you on this one…

    3. What the fuck are you doing here? This is a Apple site. Go to some bullshit Windows/Android site with you rants.

      Liberal and Freedom goes together like Bad Ass Rape, Robery and Republican.

  7. Fuck the scientists! Thankfully a handful of plucky billionaires and oil company execs have revealed The Truth. They are the ones who truly care about the planet and about us.

  8. I think about 190 countries have signed the accord and about 140 have ratified it. The ones that haven’t are Nicaragua, Syria and of course Apple’s home nation.

    No global team player there, but pretty well everyone knows that by now.

    1. Nicaragua haven’t signed up because they believe the Paris Accord isn’t doing enough to tackle climate change.

      So the only countries actually against tackling climate change are President Assad’s Syria and now President Trump’s USA.

      You must all feel so proud.

      1. Yes, I read that afterwards, way to go Nicaragua. Of course it’s no surprise to see Apple’s home country no longer capable of being a team player anymore. What a pathetic crumbling empire.

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