Apple’s Jony Ive says immigration vital for post-Brexit UK

“The UK must keep its doors open to top talent from around the world if its technology firms are to thrive, Apple’s chief designer has told the BBC,” BBC News reports. “Sir Jonathan Ive, who has just been appointed Chancellor of the Royal College of Art, also said that technology hubs like Silicon Valley had a ‘tremendous cultural diversity.'”

“Some technology firms fear they may lose access to talent after Brexit,” The Beeb reports. “Sir Jonathan said the UK had a ‘fabulous tradition of design education,’ but that it needed to do more to become a technology hub on a par with Silicon Valley in California.”

“The region also prided itself on its diversity, allowing ‘like-minded’ people from around the world to join forces to create new products,” The Beeb reports. “Some UK technology firms have warned that they could lose access to the international talent they need after Britain leaves the European Union… Apple chief executive Tim Cook said earlier this year he was ‘very optimistic’ about the UK’s future outside the EU.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. — Malcolm Forbes

Royal College of Art in London appoints Apple’s Jony Ive as its Chancellor – May 25, 2017
Apple’s new Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity will report directly to CEO Tim Cook – May 24, 2017


  1. Hey, Captain Londonstan,

    Ask the families of the victims of the Manchester Islamic Terrorist Attacks and a multitude of other places accounting for 50,853+ injuries and 20,165+ deaths so far at the hands of the Islamic terrorist EVIL LOSERS) how well forced “diversity” is working for them.


    Basic Common Sense Bobbling in a Sea of Deadly Political Correctness

      1. Agreed! Good Gosh Amighty! NO COMMON SENSE.

        Idiots think it is ALL OR NONE!

        Going in an out of Asian countries for 26 years, I often got scrutinized just because I was a foreigner. I was happy for them to do that for safety’s sake.

        Being CAUTIOUS does not mean that you are stopping everyone or even the majority! Stupidity does not understand this!

      2. François-Marie Arouet was French who was exiled to Britain instead of imprisonment in the Bastille. So he too was an immigrant living in exile.

          1. Or Americans blowing up childrens in various place in the middle-east and creating more terrorists.

            We are a democracy and these acts of terrorism makes us stronger. We need people to understand that all the people are different and at the same time same. We need and want same things and no one is better than the other.

            (I am a rich tall white guy with blue eyes and blond hair.)

            1. botty offers distinction without a difference, using only one of the definitions found in his tattered dictionary. as usual from the resident argumentative twit.

            2. The United States is a constitutional republic.

              “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting what is for dinner.”
              – Benjamin Franklin

    1. Better yet, ask the families of the Iraqis USUS “WHAAAAA they have a weapons of mass destruction” accounting for 174,980 – 195,567+ deaths so far at the hands of the USUS (EVIL WHINERS) how they feel about that act of inhumanity and disrespect for their sovereignty and the slaughter and torture they have inflicted for over a decade.

      But don’t ask any citizens of that putrid terroristic nation, they have the stars and skid marks shoved so far up their ass they are oblivious to the obvious.

    2. The formerly globalist Republican party has been taken over by scared isolationist dorks.

      Just today Montana representative candidate (R) Gianforte has been charged with assault of Canadian reporter Ben Jacobs. Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna said Gianforte “grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him to the ground.”

      “I’m sick and tired of you guys,” Gianforte can be heard saying in the audio tape. “The last guy who came here did the same thing. Get the hell out of here.”

      Is such paranoia of foreigners endemic to the Republican party?

      First and Botty of course will claim that Republicans are a dominant political force, and their bobblehead blowhard president is not a politician, and the majority of the American people support such immature behavior. They are wrong, as we shall see in less than 2 years.

    3. The events leading to the US entering WWII disagree with you.
      Diversity isn’t about letting bad people in, it’s about letting good people in and rearing good people as well.

      What you describe is prejudice.

  2. Apple was conceived and run by a bunch of white guys for decades and they transformed the world, thank you very much.

    The UK and Europe are RUINING THEMSELVES – make that HAS ALREADY RUINED THEMSELVES – by destroying their cultural identity and admitting in those who DO NOT and WILL NOT ASSIMILATE.

    We are paying a terrible price for the creed of Left-wing politicians. They pose as champions of progress yet their fixation with multiculturalism is dragging us into a new dark age. In many of our cities, social solidarity is being replaced by divisive tribalism, democracy by identity politics. Real integration is impossible when ethnic groups are encouraged to cling to customs, practices, even languages from their homeland/ — Leo McKinstry

    Everyone in a position of power held the same opinion. Diversity was a good in itself, so making Britain truly diverse would enrich it and bring ‘significant cultural contributions’, reflecting a widespread belief among the ruling classes that multiculturalism and cultural, racial and religious diversity were morally positive things whatever the consequences. This is the unthinking assumption held by almost the entire political, media and education establishment. It is the diversity illusion/ – Ed West

    Advocates of multiculturalism argue that immigrants prefer to stick together because of racism and the fear of racial violence, as well as the bonds of community. This is perfectly reasonable, but if this is the case, why not the same for natives too? If multiculturalism is right because minorities feel better among themselves, why have mass immigration at all, since it must obviously make everyone miserable? (And if diversity ‘enriches’ and strengthens, why integrate, since that will only reduce diversity?) All the arguments for multiculturalism—that people feel safer, more comfortable among people of the same group, and that they need their own cultural identity—are arguments against immigration, since English people must also feel the same. If people categorised as “white Britons” are not afforded that indulgence because they are a majority, do they attain it when they become a minority? — Ed West

      1. You disrespect Rush by misquoting the brilliant lyrics of Neil Peart. Shame on you!

        People who hate multiculturalism:

        how big of a circle do you draw around your house to denote where your tribe ends and another tribe can be?

        would it be okay if I learned more than one language?

        why is it okay to broadcast one culture across borders? seeing foreign film or listening to foreign music would be wrong if your goal is to preserve your little enclave, right?

        if one eats food grown elsewhere or cuisine developed elsewhere, is that treason?

        how can you stand it that people with different levels of melatonin in their skin could get along?

        Reading the comments here reminds me how little society has progressed since 1865. How depressing.

        But don’t get me wrong, obviously Cook is just pushing his feel good show in an attempt to make Apple more attractive to growing markets, which are almost all predominantly brown skinned. The lily white markets of America and Western Europe are mostly saturated and Apple has very little street cred elsewhere. So while Apple will always remain run by rich white guys, Cook is desperately trying to make Apple look like a globally attractive brand. He must have seen a United Colors of Benetton ad.

  3. So for the sake of the elite top 500, the rest of us can continue to say “Season’s Greetings” At FUCKING CHRISTMAS time and teach our children to sing “Barr, Barr sheep sheep..” for the sake of tech. Whilst, primary children and teenagers get blown-up in Manchester because of this bullshit open-door policy?

    Jony, get fucked. You don’t have to live and fight for basic income jobs with this scum.

    You got paid millions and millions to take EVERY single product in Apple’s portfolio and make them so thin to the extent they became — unupgradable — disposable. (And then you jacked your post. No?)

    Just like Tim, you aren’t paid to get involved in politics and you weren’t invited to the stage. I will invite my neighbour to the stage, and listen to what she has to say. Not you!

    John get fucked Ive

    1. Most people don’t realize this. At my children’s school we all thought that censoring Christmas was the fault of those people who were dark skinned. When some parents got sick and tired of not singing Christmas carols we found that the ONLY one objecting was a Jewish lady. She has since left the school ( her children have ) and we are back to singing Christmas carols. The school principle was frightened to be labeled anti Semitic and went along with forcing the whole school to go “anti-Christmas”.

  4. We’re always having it rammed down our throats that “multiculturalism is good, multiculturalism is good, multiculturalism is good and if you don’t agree you’re a racist,” but the proof is in the pudding. It creates more problems than it’s worth.

    1. The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department. — Thomas Sowell

      1. Spoken like the protectionist anti business paranoid idiot trump supporter who has never traveled outside his own country we know you are.

        “The Germans are bad, very bad. See the millions of cars they are selling to the US. Terrible. We will stop this,” Donald Trump said, according to German news magazine Der Spiegel.

        For a guy who brags about making deals, he doesn’t have a clue that people from all over the world have good ideas and make great products.

        1. uh oh, libtards, more tears for you:

          “Republican Greg Gianforte won Thursday’s special election for the U.S. House in Montana, defeating Democratic challenger Rob Quist…
          …But despite national attention and considerable outside funding, as well as Trump’s recent controversies in Washington D.C., Democrats were unable to turn the anti-Trump “resistance” into a concrete victory at the ballot box — a bad sign for Democratic chances in the 2018 midterms.”

          the basket of the impotent unelectables strikes again!

          1. Gianforte was elected before the incident.

            In Montana, most voters cast early ballots and well over half were cast before the incident where Mr Thug assaulted a Reporter guilty of asking a question.

            The Republican won with 50.2% with 99% reporting (677 of 681 precincts) in a very Conservative state. Not exactly a mandate, is it. Now we will see if he can stay out of Jail.

            1. tears! tears! oh, boo boo-hoo! 50.9 to 43.2…it’s gettin’ lonely for the libtards out on The Plantation Party.

              cry me a river, cry me a river…god, this is fun…more to come in Georgia! Stay tuned!

  5. I once longed to visit London, but when I did, it was like being in a Middle East city. The same with Paris. These misguided countries, ruining their culture, are committing suicide. The places that retain their history and culture will benefit greatly as people will want to visit them for as long as they last.

  6. Ive needs to spend this afternoon in Manchester morgues identifying mutilated children to examine first-hand the rewards of “tremendous cultural diversity.”

    The courage and resolve of Farage and his compatriot British voters passing Brexit is the ONLY reason there is still hope for the liberty of the United Kingdom.

    1. Despite the fact that white guys basically run the world, sure a lot of whiners amongst them, always playing the victim card. And of course, it’s never their own fault, it’s always a “libtard” or a foreigner, or something, they’re never to blame, the party of personal responsibility.

      1. For many of my 30 years as a prosecutor, I was considered an expert in how the legal system might deal with the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and other exponents of the hard alt-right. The major differences between my adversaries and some of the posters here were:

        1. The people I dealt with then were aware that racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual discrimination are illegal (and generally considered immoral and un-American). So they made at least an effort to mask their calls for ethnic cleansing to restore the master race to absolute mastery over the lesser breeds.

        2. The extremists I was prosecuting between 1980 and 2010 had the guts to use their own names, so their neighbors could take appropriate steps to guard themselves and their families from the kleagles and stormtroopers. Most extremists today are cowards hiding behind internet anonymity.

        Note: I’m not using my own name here because I got tired of having to ask for police protection when the crazies started their inevitable slide from talking hate to acting on it. I’m probably still on some enemies lists and I don’t want to stir their memories up.

    2. There was just an terrorist attack against an ancipated crowd of children and teenagers in the UK, where Ive comes from and speaks against? And you have his shit to say?

      Fuck off you asian/black/paki/minority’s fuck head

      1. wow,

        “There was just an terrorist attack against an ancipated crowd of children…. Fuck off you asian/black/paki/minority’s fuck head”

        CAN YOU NAME ME SOME TERRORISM ACTS COMMITTED BY A NORTH ASIAN like Korean, Chinese , Vietnamese etc (I put North Asian as you divided it into ‘Paki’ i.e ‘South Asian’ etc) in a Western Country in the last 10 years?

        problem is that white supremacists are NOT just targeting ‘terrorists’ they are just just using that as an EXCUSE , they are LUMPING all ‘coloureds’ : Christians, Buddhists , Atheists , Hindus, etc together with Islamic fundalmentalists

        If you guys have such a broad based thing you are:
        1) basically just using ‘terrorism’ as an EXCUSE and not dealing with it

        2) Force the other ‘colored’ races to join to together

        3) simply give more strength to ultra left wingers (of which I’m not a particular fan)

        Note I live in Canada, most North Asians here (if you look at their areas) vote ‘Conservative’ due their ideas on ‘fiscal spending, schooling ‘ etc.

        btw: elsewhere I’ve written against some ‘Diversity’ policies in the workplace that don’t take into account ‘Qualifications’ but broad based attacks on the ethnic groups that make up the spectrum is too much (especially USA, Canada. where the only ORIGINAL peoples were the ‘Natives’ or ‘Indian Nations’ and they are considered ‘Coloured’ — and basically treated like crap . In Europe many of the ethnic minorities are there due to EUROPEAN COLONIZATION of the World. )

            1. to discredit your diatribe would be like Jefferson arguing with King George or the Barbary Pirates of Saracens past.

              do Americans a favor, stay in Canada and our military might, our innovation, our freedom will continue to protect you…as they have since 1776.

            2. hey bot head;
              notice Trump KISSING SAUDI AZZ this week? ” These azz SMELLS SO GOOOOOOD”. lol.

              as for Canada…. WTF…. are YOU commenting on a British issue? Canada’s still has the Queen as head so THIS Ive issue is closer to us!

            3. “hey bot head;
              notice Trump KISSING SAUDI AZZ this week? ” These azz SMELLS SO GOOOOOOD”. lol.”

              hey clueless, please provide video evidence of your Trump FANTASY. I’ll save you the trouble — it does not exist.

              Now Obama bowing, that does EXIST.

              Another Libtard inaccurate post, gee, what a surprise …

            4. “do Americans a favor, stay in Canada and our military might, our innovation, our freedom will continue to protect you”

              150 + Canadians have died, hundreds wounded helping USA in Afghanistan which has nothing to do with Canada.

              I’m a friend of USA but seriously just replying to you : How many Americans have died fighting for Canada?

              what this again about “PS: You’re welcome, ingrate.” ?

            5. You have no clue what war crimes were committed by self proclaimed Christians in the 7 crusades. How disingenuous to pretend the Sarecens were the only barbarians of their era.

            6. Check your history about why the Crusades. They were responses to invasion of France, Italy, Spain and the latest in 1683, where the invaders nearly captured Vienna Austria.
              Take a guess who the invaders were and where they came from.

      1. Nobody has ever proposed that your cultural heritage isn’t something to be proud of. However in that spirit you are obliged to respect those with a different heritage instead of slandering others as seen on this forum.

        Also: a wise guide. Judge a man and a people by their actions today, not the actions of others who came before. I.e., “Trust but verify.” It seems few here are willing to take the time to develop relationships with others who don’t look exactly like themselves.

        1. “…you are obliged to respect those with a different heritage…”

          I have absolutely no obligation to respect a heritage that murders children, throws women off minarets, mutilates the genitalia of girls…my only “obligation” to monsters is to destroy them.

        2. Anyone who supports ISIS, terrorist attacks on democracy, sharia, female genital mutilation, or any other medieval ideology is not my friend. The left might want to consider this too.

  7. My, my, the assenine racists and intolerant bigots are out in force today.

    The Brexit referendum was fought on the idea that Britain was sick of elitists — and tired of experts.

    Essentially, the U.K. equivalent of the knobheads who elected Donald Trump voted to leave the European Union, thinking they were sticking two fingers up to ‘The Establishment’ who, they thought, had screwed them over.

    Most of those petty ‘Little Englanders’, afraid of progress, forever looking back to the days of Empire, through misty romantic eyeglasses and an aspirational toffs point-of-view, ignore — in their own sad, pathetic minds — that Britain (specifically England), was not a countryside scene of summer villages and church fêtes but a grim misery for the working classes, trampled into the mud without trade unions, human rights, decent wages or an NHS healthcare system for all.

    Brexit will not make Britain great again.

    It is a ploy. A foul dream cooked-up by a handful of multi-billionaires, sick of regulation and unionised collective wage bargaining who would love a tax free haven with low salaries, zero workers rights, vast profits and as few foreigners as possible.

    A white land run by rich, fat, old white men.

    The dupes and morons who swallowed the Brexit dream are parochial fools. They have no understanding of politics or how the world outside their border really works.

    The parallels between Trump supporters and Brextremists are clear — as is their stupidity, selfishness and low IQ’s.

    Jony Ive is merely stating the obvious: that a global workforce is essential to prosperity and integration.

    Don’t let these pig-ignorant, bigoted clowns persuade you otherwise for their strawman arguments are misguided and hollow.

  8. It’s hard for me to conceive that the next Steve Jobs is going to be an immigrant from the Middle East. I think the only exception to that would be Israel, which says something about the whole situation.

      1. Perhaps you were being too subtle. Perhaps they don’t know that Steve Jobs was, genetically, a Syrian.

        The truly bizarre thing is that all these hyper-Americans who oppose immigration support the first U.S. President who did not have even a single grandparent who was born in America or grew up speaking English at home, whose family built their fortune on providing housing for immigrants, and who is married to the first immigrant First Lady since the 1840s.

          1. …further, in your “genetic analysis” of Steve Jobs, you failed to mention his mother was an American caucasian.

            And again, you omitted that Jobs’s Syrian father promptly abandoned him.

            To call you merely disingenuous, would be a kindness.

        1. Of course Ms. Trump is a legal immigrant. Who ever said she wasn’t? Why do you think mentioning it is necessary?

          The “diversity” that you and most of the other posters on this thread are attacking also almost exclusively involves people who are legal residents of the US, UK, or other Western countries. Many (perhaps a majority) are citizens, generally by right of birth in their country of residence. You are targeting them because of their culture, not because they entered the country illegally.

          Diversity is not something thought up by “libtards” just lately. It has never been the case that America or any other Western country was monocultural.

          I moved to my current Texas county of residence in 1976. At that time, our essentially rural community still had elementary schools conducting classes in German for students whose ancestors legally immigrated as long ago as the 1840s. We had a Czech-language newspaper for people whose ancestors arrived in the 1890s, and most of the services at two of the local Catholic Churches were in that language. The Swedes arrived about the same time, and we had both Lutheran and Methodist churches that still regularly sang hymns in their language. The “First English Lutheran Church” in Austin is called that because there were no other Lutheran congregations in the area that held services in English when it was founded—in 1936, a century after the first Germans arrived in Texas.

          In 1976, many Roman Catholic churches in my county had Spanish masses not only for the Mexicans who arrived here after the 1910 Revolution but also for Cubans and Central Americans fleeing more recent revolutions. Other churches held (and still hold) services in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean. The Eastern Orthodox parish nearby (founded in 1934) has a diverse membership and has mixed English, Greek, and Arabic in its services (with occasional Slavonic, Romanian, or Ethiopian hymns). There are also local houses of worship for Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and a bunch of other faiths, with services in a plethora of languages.

          The point is that Donald Trump and his family (like most Americans except for folks like my Choctaw grandmother) have deep immigrant roots. Unlike most Americans, he and many of his followers are insisting that only the mainstream culture has the right to exist.

      1. Jim Morrison loved the USA so much that he moved to France. Overall a more enlightened, open minded culture than the increasingly paranoid USA then and now.

  9. Oh no, British bombs dropping on hundreds of children in the Middle East had nothing to do with the bombing in Manchester. These are just crazed muslims acting like savages for no reason at all. And no, 100s of bombs dropped by a silver plane using high tech is much more civilized. These bombs are so nice they hug you to death. They don’t explode like the suicide bombers. These suicide bombers are so horrific. Much more humane to drop thousands of techy bombs by our techy silver planes that cost billions.

    1. a sincere and accurate point taken…the evils of American intelligence agencies, aka The Deep State, has been the source of every atrocity committed on behalf of the United States since 1947.

      “I am going to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and cast it into the wind.”

      John Kennedy

      1. It isn’t the deep state that’s dropping bombs, it’s all of us. Take some ownership of your citizenship. Republicans are in power at every level of government and still, you can’t do it!

    2. I would guess that deliberately targeting children at a concert is more heinous than inadvertent killing of children in a war zone. But that’s just me.

      1. So the more expensive the weapon, the less offense it is to morality?

        Too many people here painting with very broad brushes. Nobody in a sane state of mind would defend murder of innocents by any means. However, terrorism is a tactic. It is not an enemy and those who use the tactic are not all of one race or religion. The terrorists in the recent news who do happen to be brainwashed into committing atrocities do not represent any entire nation or race or religion. Moreover, some of the acclaimed heroes in western cultures committed heinous war crimes. Americans, having not lived in a war zone in many generations, never having been invaded or occupied, never seeing the true senselessness of war firsthand, obviously don’t have any sense of shame about dropping bombs or shooting missiles. But bullying others with high tech weapons, and profitting by selling them to Saudi Arabia, ruled by an authoritarian regime and the country that persecutes its own people, defends radical islamists of its own sect, and harbored the terrorists who bombed the USA on 9/11/2001 doesn’t seem like an effective way to create peace. Invading Iraq with shock & awe, camping on its oil wells, and establishing permanent military bases there doesn’t exactly sound like a great way to endear oneself to the local population. Badmouthing & breaking a peace treaty with Iran, which just elected a slightly more moderate government and has stopped its nuclear program, and has never invaded the USA, doesn’t seem very productive either. Americans may be very distracted, but they are stirring up a lot of hornets in the Middle East, then acting surprised when one insect stings back. All sense of scale is ignored, and the military industrial complex just loves the debt Americans will accrue to make themselves feel safe.

        And when a deranged racist thug shoots a boy in Florida, or a social outcast loner in Colorado shoots up a theater, or when a confederate flag waving truck driver runs a small car off the road, Amaericans have no explanation. It couldn’t possibly be that American culture is unhealthy, filled with glorified video game violence and nightly news selling fear and doubt. No, how could that possibly be? It’s always the fault of the poverty stricken brown skinned guy. Yeah, if everyone was white and American then we would never see terrorist activities like OK City or the unibomber or shootings like JFK or Reagan. Faux News tells us those are isolated incidents, just a few criminals. But whan a Muslim commits a crime, all Muslims shall be labeled terrorists.

  10. ““Ten times Trump asked [Merkel] if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany. Every time she replied, ‘You can’t do a trade deal with Germany, only the EU,’” the official said. “On the eleventh refusal, Trump finally got the message, ‘Oh, we’ll do a deal with Europe then.’” ”

    He is an idiot.
    We want to negotiate a trade deal with California. /s

  11. Eh,

    Notice that Jony Ive was an IMMIGRANT to USA, worked in USA for years, was well treated and now going back to do some service in Britain…

    I’ve criticized Ive recently for his Mac Pro treatment but I’ve got to admit he (the immigrant) has done a whole bunch for Apple and made BILLIONS for USA taxpayers and shareholders (Apple is the largest taxpayer in USA).

    as others pointed out Job’s dad was a Syrian, so if the extremists posting here were in power .. no Jobs, no Ive which is basically no Apple today. Nada.

    Besides Apple (note this is an Apple fan site so to all the ‘outsiders’ Apple’s perspective counts here) makes two thirds of it’s money overseas. Borders closing ain’t going to help Apple…

    (look I think immigration should be properly controlled, terrorism is a real threat, the world is overpopulated and everywhere there is struggle not least of which for jobs, etc but solving these things needs measured steps and not fanaticism from both sides . Noise is drowning out the solutions ).

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