Analyst: Apple’s ‘iPhone 8’ will start at $870, top out at $1,070

“The tenth anniversary version of Apple’s iPhone, the iPhone 8, is due out later this year and UBS is predicting that the device will start at $870 and could go up to as much as $1,070 per smartphone,” Amanda Schiavo reports for TheStreet.

“UBS is also forecasting that the newest iPhone will make up 45% of Apple’s sales next year,” Schiavo reports. “Apple is believed to be preparing two updated models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in addition to the redesigned iPhone 8.”

Schiavo reports, “‘Assuming that the OLED model constitutes 45% of sales, we estimate the [iPhone average selling price] could be $730 ($783 bull, $664 bear),’ UBS wrote.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not bad. Not bad at all, considering our current Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units each cost $969.


  1. Agree with MDN. If true, not bad at all.

    I dug out my receipt for my first iPhone ever, the iPhone 6 Plus Gold 128GB for 949.00. I can’t remember is there was a 256GB option at the time.

    1. I have the same iPhone. (Typing this response on said iPhone .) I did not preorder and spent the night with fellow fans at the mall. Max memory was 128 GB.

      My wife and I are planning on spending $1070 each plus tax on new iPhones. We”ll wait until the iPhones are readily available this time. So in other words next year’s tax rebate will pay for the phones. (Sold some Apple stock and am paying a fortune in quarterly estimated taxes for next year’s taxes. So yes we will be getting a refund next year.)

      1. “We”ll wait until the iPhones are readily available this time.” I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was available for preorder online at midnight or 3 am here on the East coast, at 3:00 :01 am, the servers froze on the multi language hello greeting page. I gave up trying to occasionally see if it unfroze during the next hour and a half. Then, I went to the Apple store around 4:00 am and stood outside the mall before they opened the mall at 6:00 am and then stood for another two hours before they opened the store, and this particular store had the Grand Opening the same time the iPhone 6 was available to purchase. Of course, those who got through on the with their preorder had their phone reserved for pick-up, and stock was limited for the rest of us for opening night, but damn if Apple did not have my color, GB size phone for my carrier at all. AT ALL!

        That was twice Apple stiffed me, but hey, I went to the new Apple Store and all I walked away with was this stupid tee shirt as the saying goes. I will never again be among the frenzied fans to do this ever again. I’ll wait until the hoopla dies down and the stock in the stores catches up. Plus waiting the extra time allows for any bugs and problems that creep up be brought to Apple’s attention to correct. Not sure if I’ll upgrade to the 8, as I am in the middle of refreshing all my Apple tech. New MacBook Pro to replace my 2010 13″ MacBook Air (using now to type this), next in line is updating my original iPad, though it works for certain needs, it is getting long in the tooth, plus no camera and only 3G radio. Then my late 2013 iMac will follow in a few short years. I may have to be deprived of the tenth anniversary iPhone but Apple surely will not be deprived of my money! That’s okay, I wouldn’t have it any other way with any other tech eco system out there today.

  2. “Samsung is offering a new deal for the Galaxy S8 that’s pretty appealing if you’re a T-Mobile customer: buy one S8 from Samsung’s website, get a second one free after a instant rebate,” Chaim Gartenberg writes for The Verge. “Samsung is also throwing in a free “Entertainment Kit” for any Galaxy S8 purchases from its site, which includes a Clear View stand, a 64GB MicroSD card, a six month Netflix subscription, which further sweetens the pot.”

    BOGO. My, my, my…desperation is apparent and strong at the heart of competition to Mother of All Upgrades coming this Fall.

  3. $1k for a phone? Now these are becoming a waste of money. Technology is supposed to become cheaper with time not the other way around. There is not enough of a jump technology from model to model to warrant these crazy price increases. The only thing fueling this is the fact the everyone lives on credit.

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