Apple Watch may have one brilliant benefit in watchOS 3.2.2: Should you upgrade?

“It’s been a busy week for Apple updates. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ll have been asked to update to iOS 10.3.2 – though there have been some issues. Mac users have been presented with macOS 10.12.5,” David Phelan writes for Forbes. “Owners of the latest Apple TV will have found tvOS 10.2.1, and finally, Apple Watch users have an update of their own to enjoy, watchOS 3.2.2.”

“According to the watchOS 3.2.2 Apple page, there was a focus on possible memory corruption issues,” Phelan writes. “Also addressed were validation issues and race conditions – a race condition is what happens when a system tries to perform two or more operations simultaneously when it shouldn’t. The patch applies to all models of Apple Watch. So, should you upgrade?”

“In the four days since I’ve updated I’ve had no downsides at all,” Phelan writes. “And one big bonus: battery life.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Apple Watch users should update ASAP. We have several Apple Watches (Series 0, Series 2, Nike+) and all have been updated with no issues and, come to think of it, yes, the battery does seem to be lasting even longer (not that it matters, we use the GPS while running, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and everything else and the Watches all have plenty of battery life left when they go onto the charger late each night).


  1. There seems to be a slight boost in battery life as far as I can tell. It wasn’t bad before though. Funny how the biggest slam on the Apple Watch before it was released was battery life, it’s a non issue now.

  2. My first Apple Watch’s back plate separated and it dies all of a sudden even if fully charged and Apple replaced it with new one.
    The replacement’ back plate hasn’t separated yet but i still experience sudden shutoff and can’t be turned on without shaking the watch so hard. I think the battery might be loose or something. The watch is still a glorified notification and a fashion statement device until now.

  3. I have the original Apple Watch. Since the upgrade a few days ago battery life does seem better. I don’t track it because it has never been a problem for me. At night it usually has ~40% left. Today, after wearing it for four hours it still show 100%.

    I find the Watch to be a useful device. It’s handy to get time, weather, date and calendar at a glance. Notifications are very handy as well.

  4. Do we have the option to leave our phone at home and use our watch for communicating? I just bought series 2. Samsung watch u can do that and it’s compatible with Apple iPhone 6-7+ so if I have to carry phone too what’s the point?

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