92% of iPhone users refuse to downgrade to Android

“According to data released in a research note this week from investment banking-giant, Morgan Stanley, approximately 92 percent of current iPhone owners who are either ‘somewhat’ or ‘extremely’ likely to upgrade to a newer smartphone during the next 12 months will upgrade to a new iPhone over any other handset,” Troy Thompson reports for iDrop News.

“That statistic was collected and analyzed back in April, 2017, when Morgan Stanley surveyed a total of 1,000 U.S.-based iPhone owners aged 18 and up — and is up four percentage points from the 86 percent of users who responded just one year ago,” Thompson reports. “It’s also Apple’s second-highest loyalty rating from Morgan Stanley to date, falling just 1 percent short of the iPhone-maker’s record 93 percent of customers who indicated their loyalty to the device back in September of 2015 — shortly after the iPhone 6s launched to much fanfare.”

“Apple’s loyalty rate of 92 percent is paramount in comparison to all other vendors reported in the survey,” Thompson reports, “including Samsung, who garnered a 77 percent user retention rating, LG, who lagged even farther behind at 59 percent, and finally Motorola and Nokia, who garnered just 56 and 42 percent user retention ratings, respectively.”

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  1. One of the very things that will continue to keep me an Apple Customer is their fabulous Customer service. You get to speak with people that speak English as their native language!!! Wow What a concept! And they actually give a damn about helping you!! Try that that with a Windows machine…What a un funny joke!

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