Get ’em, while you can: Apple AirPods in stock, deliver in 2-5 business days

“Back in stock!” Christine McKee reports for AppleInsider. “Shoppers can order Apple AirPods from AT&T Wireless for delivery in two to five business days depending on the shipping method selected, beating Apple’s reported 6-week wait.”

“While supplies last, AT&T Wireless is accepting orders for Apple AirPods at $159.00 with reported shipping times of two to five business days, depending on whether free standard shipping or expedited delivery is selected,” McKee reports.

“This beats Apple’s current 6-week wait by five weeks and puts the hard to find accessory in your hands the fastest without paying more than MSRP,” McKee reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: We got a few extra pairs of AirPods to give as gifts during the last go ’round when AT&T had them in stock and they delivered within two days with no issues.

Get ’em while they last!

Where to buy Apple AirPods without a long delay – May 3, 2017


  1. Get ’em while they last? Is that the same a Apple failing to keep enough product in stock? Why is keeping enough in stock so damn difficult? Anyone?

    1. Iif u can only make a certain number of any product and you sell them faster than your plant can make them this is what happens. Not sure Apple wants to increase supply – the prefer to take the margin and not have to consider cutting price.

    1. This is a funny canard. I’ve never been in a situation where I might “easily lose” an AirPod. Never had one fall out, always put them back in the case when I remove them. If you’re prone to losing things then AirPods won’t be any different than your keys, phone or mind.

      1. If I go on an extended hike or run or walk on a trail and lose my earbuds, I am out a few bucks. If these overpriced buds get lost I am out many times that.

        The bottom line is that you do not wear a suit to till your garden. You wear an old beat up pair of jeans or something similar. The places I go when using earbuds are away from home, outdoors and places not well suited to finding a tiny white piece of plastic. Your mileage may vary.

          1. I’ve owned my AirPods for a couple of weeks (picked up a pair when AT&T first offered them). I LOVE them!

            I am surprised how well they stay in the ears. I have worn them while hiking, biking and landscaping, I have not yet had one fall out of my ear. The only time I had one come out of y ear was when I was pulling a hoodie off, because it got warm out.

            As far having an AirPod fall out of your ear and losing it …

            1) When they come out of your ear, they turn off. So should one fall out of ear unexpectedly, you would notice the sudden stopping of the music / podcast you’re listening to, or the abrupt ending of the phone conversation you were involved in. Which should then make you immediately stop, and look down …
            2) They’re white! They tend to stand out on green grass, gravel paths, black asphalt, concrete, etc. It’s pretty hard to miss them, unless they fall into a giant snow pile.

        1. Here’s a marathon runner reviewing the AirPods: (spoiler alert: they don’t fall out). If by chance they do fall out, Apple has helpfully provided a Find My Airpods feature: Granted, if your ears are shaped as such that the AirPods tend to fall out, you’ll want to be more careful. There is however no evidence that this is a big problem, the complaints about AirPods falling out was speculation before they were released. Millions of people now have them, wear them daily (me included) and are happy with them.

      1. Just pointing out that if Apple can’t keep these minor accessories that cost them around $30 to make in stock, the tea leaves do not foretell good times for the iPhone 8 release in October…

  2. The problem is that at least half of iPhone users are willing to spend on them, and that means 300 million people are after them… that’s a lot of airpods to manufacture…

  3. I tried out a pair in the Apple Store and ultimately bought PowerBeats 3.

    The AirPods just didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t feel like they were in securely. Plus I could still clearly hear everything going on around me, even with the volume at 60%. The PowerBeats just felt like a much more comfortable product in my ears.

    Still a wonderful product and amazed they’ve packed so much technology into such a small product.

    My $0.02.

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