JPMorgan: iPhone 8 to bring enhanced stereo sound and waterproofing, ship with AirPods

“JPMorgan analysts who track Apple’s supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region, including Gokul Hariharan, shared a new research note this week,” Christian Zibreg reports for iDownload Blog. “In it, the they predicted that the company’s upcoming iPhone 8 will come outfitted with an enhanced earpiece sporting ‘further improvements’ to stereo sound and waterproofing.”

“JPMorgan also made the prediction that AirPods could come as a free accessory with iPhone 8,” Zibreg reports. “If true, Apple’s $159 wireless earbuds could replace the firm’s $29 wired EarPods with Lightning connector that come in the box with current iPhone models.”

Zibreg reports, “The research note mentions other previously rumored iPhone 8 features, like an OLED display, a stainless steel and glass design, a faster A11 processor, a larger battery, wireless charging and enhanced cameras with new sensors for 3D mapping, 3D selfies, facial recognition, augmented reality capabilities and more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This will be The Mother of all iPhones.

Until iPhone 9 ships. 😉


  1. Hard to believe Apple would include these standard even with a $1000+ base model given the ongoing 6-week backorder times and the expense. Maybe it’ll be offered as a discount add-on since millions of potential iPhone 8 buyers already have AirPods. It wouldn’t make sense to give them an extra pair that would be given away or sold on eBay or Craigslist when those units could go directly to new buyers.

  2. From what’s posted here, I’m guessing that the iPhone 8 won’t have any port at all. No USB charging. No plugin headphones. Wireless charging only. Better than Bluetooth 4 audio. (Theoretically, the iPhone 8 and new AirPods could use Bluetooth 5, which is finished at long bloody last and ready for hardware implementation.

    Wouldn’t that be interesting! I can hear the complaining already.

    What’s going to be most interesting, if this rumor mongering is true, is the method of wireless charging Apple uses as well as its efficiency. Genius of electromagnetism and EM radiation Nikola Tesla invented and refined wireless power in the 1890s. It’s interesting that only now is wireless charging becoming mainstream.

    1. Great point about how using wireless headphones coupled with wireless charging means no ports…better weatherproofing, less to go wrong.

      Perhaps one reason for the shortage of AirPods is that a great many of them are being allocated for the iPhone 8 launch.

  3. They’re struggling to ship them as it is. Also, even if they’re making a large profit on them they must still cost more to make than wired buds so that will put up the price. I tried them and they’re great but they just don’t suit my ears. I hope this isn’t true. Frankly i’d rather have the option not to include anything, Even if it only saved £25 or something to leave out the cable, charger, and earbuds I’d be fine with that. Our household has so many now it’s ridiculous.

    1. The only reason I used an AOL email account as gov of indiana is for convenience. I was too stupid to authorize my staffers to buy Macs like Hillary did.

  4. Expect iPhone 8 to maybe ship with AirPods light, with AirPods Pro staying at $159. Apple is in a position to lose money on something in order to gain a bigger position on something else…a la Ballmer. By September, Samsung will also ship with some 3rd party conglomeration of wireless headphones.

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