CEO Tim Cook explains Apple’s earnings results with Jim Cramer at 6pm Eastern on CNBC

CNBC’s Jim Cramer sits down with Apple CEO Tim Cook at 6pm EDT to talk about the company’s China business and product cycle.

When I back up from China, what I see is the Mac business grew 20 percent. You know this is extraordinary. – Tim Cook

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah. Imagine if you had new/upgraded Mac desktops to sell, too.

The [Apple] Watch grew nicely. Services is just on a tear there. Chinese devleopers have really done a great job of delivering apps that people really want there. And, so, there’s a whole set of things that’s going well and we just have to get ’em all to hit. – Tim Cook

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be watching!


  1. Does he actually see any of the underlying problems that threaten the financials he likes to get off on, or at least the issues before they actually become real problems? Thankfully the Services side is self perpetuating enough to at least continue to progress without needing any great enlightenment from him but that’s of small consolation to those who love Apple as a device business. And after all without those being progressively updated and enhanced the Services side will eventually falter too.

  2. How in the F$%k did Mac sales grow? People just get fed up waiting and said, “Oh well, I’ll just buy this old piece of technology now because I really have no idea when Apple will get around to introducing any new Macs and I’ve needed one forever already. So, I guess, I’ll just buy one now!”

    They look utterly rudderless with respect to products and product cycles (sans iPhone).

    1. Pent up demand for an updated MacBook Pro carried the day. User reviews are highly mixed on the disposable design, so I doubt sales momentum will continue much longer without a pricing correction, but that’s the only new item Apple could muster on the Mac front. Imagine what a huge surge could have occurred if Apple offered what people want, including all new Mac Mini, midrange tower Mac, Mac Pro, 17″ MacBook Pro, and iMacs. All products that Cook essentially abandoned.

  3. After watching the video, why do I feel struck with empty feeling with meaningless and empty words coming out of mouth of a CEO of a major company? I do not particularly like JimCramer, but he looked far more capable in grasping real issues, although being polite to the interviewee.

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