Fake news: Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad, Mac

“It’s hard to escape the media pronouncements that iPhones are now boring again after Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy S8, Apple’s Mac business is being overshadowed by more exciting Surface Windows PCs from Microsoft and that Apple Watch is a disappointing dud,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “But they’re all wrong, here’s why.”

“Virtually every element in the common media narratives hyping 1) Samsung’s scrappy underdog rivalry with iPhone, 2) Microsoft’s growing Surface threat to Macs or iPads and 3) the minor relevance and impact of Apple Watch is purely false,” Dilger writes. “It’s not only illuminating to see the truth, but also revealing to see what lies are being passed around as fact.”

“The other missing reality in the false Surface media narrative is that Microsoft didn’t add new Surface device hardware operations to the top of its existing Windows licensing business the way Apple created iPad and added it to its equally growing Mac business. Windows licensing has materially eroded as Surface has wallowed along without real growth,” Dilger writes. “Now imagine that on top of all that, Apple had lost its entire iPhone business to a new competitor that had never made phones before entering the marke”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: If anything, Dilger overstates Microsoft’s Surface sales:

Furthermore, beware publications that are trying to sell you the narrative that Microsoft is “back” and Apple is “doomed” based on Microsoft doing touch wrong and Apple doing it right because they’re only lying to attract hits.MacDailyNews, January 3, 2017

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gabe” for the heads up.]


  1. I really used to like Daniel’s post – they were great. But now he seems to have become a cheerleading drone.

    True friends are people who can tell you when you’ve gone wrong.

    1. Daniel’s always been a cheerleader. There was a time when he was trying to convince everyone Sony’s Cell chip was going to be in a future Mac.

      He spins cool stories based in some fact, but it’s more a fun read than analysis.

  2. Surface (and lineup) are not a bad products… they have already captured alot of attention…….. and in someways im quite envious of some features . ( like being able to run full fledged windows and full fledged apps..etc… )
    Surface studio is nice too…. but its way too niche …
    MS is just getting started in this area… and its building momentum!… neglecting it would be complaicent and not so smart.

    And The competition and threat are only going to be get stiffer and stronger once MS releases Arm based windows hardware later this year….

    Apple needs to seriously up their game in ipads and convertibles … …
    Hybrid, adaptive os, convertible( screen detachable) devices… been calling for this for years now….
    and an Ios-Pro version for an upgrade fee .. capable of running full fledged applications(not mostly sampler snippets) …and a fulyl user managable robust file sys… And i/o

  3. Everyone I know who has bought a Surface either hates it, has taken it back, or exchanged it for something else, wether an iPad or other pc. Only one of them actually kept the Surface but says he doesn’t use it as much because it lags and is decent as a laptop but sucks as a tablet.

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