Apple’s forthcoming tvOS 11 said to get multi-user support, picture-in-picture, and more

“Apple is planning to update tvOS for Apple TV with multi-user support, picture-in-picture, and more, according to The Verifier,” iClarified reports.

“A ‘reliable source’ tells the site that Apple will unveil some significant updates to tvOS at WWDC in June,” iClarified reports. “A key feature will be support for multiple users on the fourth generation device.”

“These new features are said to be in addition to Apple’s plans for a live programming guide and a monthly subscription to select television streams,” iClarified reports. “Recent reports suggest Apple could offer a bundle of HBO, Showtime, and Starz following its inability to negotiate deals for a larger conventional TV package.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing earthshaking, but these’ll certainly be welcome additions.

So, how about finally giving us multi-user support for iPads, too, Apple?

Apple wants to sell HBO, Showtime, and Starz in a single premium bundle – April 3, 2017


    1. Not just 4K. It will need HDR support as well – HDR10, Dolby Vison, HLG, Technicolor HDR, and whatever else can come down the pipeline.
      I’m sure they have the bandwidth and $ to support adding 4K HDR content to iTunes…

    1. This. Would be great to have multi-user support on an iPad for the specific reason of sharing the device with my kids. But unlikely for a while, I guess, as Apple probably prefers people to buy another iPad for one’s kids, whereas most Apple TV owning households are more likely to have just one ATV…

  1. 4K HDR video with high definition audio formats.

    Otherwise I just stick with Netflix and Amazon and others that are built into my television that already do these things.

    AppleTV along with Mac and Pro market appear to be forgotten by Tim Cook’s Apple.

  2. I find it extremely difficult to believe Apple would offer a premium bundle without also offering basic channels. And there would be no reason to offer a program guide without offering the streaming channels. So while I won’t hold out hope that Apple will offer its own streaming service, I’d think the only way the other rumors are true is if that is also true. But, Apple is often known to disappoint when it comes to Apple TV.

  3. I’d love to see a fully amped up Apple TV with 10 HDMI ports (those latest HDR-ready ones), 4k output with a built-in 4kBluRay drive (why not) positioned to just explode onto the home entertainment world. Why have a separate HDMI switcher, and you’re curious about the 4k BD thing. Couple this with some cable bundles where you don’t have to buy cable and you’d really have something cool. Reasonably priced? 399.00? 1 TB built-in storage, too, to house all your iTunes purchases locally so you don’t have to stream. Backlit remote, C’mon.

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