Apple updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for Mac, iOS, and iCloud

“Apple has just released new updates to their iWork suite across iOS, macOS, and the iCloud web apps,” Greg Barbosa reports for 9to5Mac.

“The updates today includes the ability to open password-protected documents using Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro, iPhones and iPads, alongside new editing features for all the applications,” Barbosa reports. “Apple has also made it easier to find and replace fonts throughout entire documents.”

“Pages has also added the ability to add bookmarks that link from one part of a document to another, a similar feature to what’s available in Keynote,” Barbosa reports. “On the Mac, Pages has added support for mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML, and importing and exporting RTF documents.”

Full listings of “What’s New” in Pages 6.1, Numbers 4.1, and Keynote 7.1 here.

MacDailyNews Note: On the Mac, Pages 6.1, Numbers 4.1, and Keynote 7.1 are available via Software Update (Mac App Store Updates tab).


  1. Can Pages create linked text boxes again? Will it let you move more than a single page around within the document?

    I stopped using Pages when they forgot to keep those features a few versions ago.

  2. I daily use Numbers on iOS and if the changes are supposed to improve my workflow I’m confused. No more +/- button, all fields seem to default to text even though most are number fields, selecting a cell selects the cell below it, and more. Does anyone know of a guide or review that delves into these workflow changes?

  3. When times get tough and you can’t add money to your account, why can’t you update free apps or download free apps? How stupid of an update of software or whatever IOS! You can’t even go in the store to delete it. Thanks to the update I have 35 apps I can’t update, and WOW there all FREE. HELLO APPLE, FIX IT DUMB A*%es

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