Apple’s mystery device A1844 is just a proprietary lock for Apple Park

“Apple’s mysterious A1844 wireless device awaiting Federal Communications Commission approval turned out to be a door lock system for Apple Park, the company’s new campus that’s opening in April,” Jeff Gamet writes for The Mac Observer. “That pretty much kills the idea that Apple was about to release a Siri-based Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor.”

“With the photos the FCC published over the weekend, it’s clear the mystery device is all about keeping people from going where they shouldn’t on Apple’s campus,” Gamet writes. “The FCC also released the usage instructions which include a step saying, ‘Present the company provided credential to the reader.'”

“Since the A1844 device is a security lock system, it’s a safe bet it’s just for Apple’s own use and won’t be a HomeKit device,” Gamet writes. “Designing a lock system for Apple Park fits with Apple’s long standing policy of secrecy. By creating its own lock security system Apple cuts down on the likelihood someone could take advantage of a hack for commercially available lock systems.”

Read more, and see the photo, in the full article here.

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    1. I suspect that you’re thinking of A113, which appears somewhere in every Pixar movie.

      Room A113 was the classroom at the California Institute of Arts which was used by the animators who went on to form Pixar.

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