Apple to spend $507 million to set up two more research centers, boost investment in in China

“Apple Inc. has revealed plans to set up two more research centers and boost investment in China, a pivotal market in which the iPhone has been rapidly elbowed aside by local rivals,” Yuan Gao reports for Bloomberg. “The announcement comes as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook undertakes his latest trip to a country that ranks as Apple’s single biggest overseas market.”

“Apple said it plans to build new research facilities in the eastern Chinese cities of Shanghai and Suzhou, on top of centers already slated for Beijing and the southern city of Shenzhen. It also pledged to spend at least 3.5 billion yuan ($507 million) on research institutions,” Gao reports. “All four centers will open later this year, the company said in a statement on its Chinese website.”

“The announcement came a day before Cook is scheduled to address a high-profile economic forum in Beijing, where senior government officials will confer with the heads of some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Saudi Arabian Oil Co.,” Gao reports. “Foreign companies have a long-established tradition of building research bases in China to both signal their commitment to the country and curry favor with the government. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Players pay to play.

By the time Apple gets iTunes movies and iBooks Store sales turned back on in China, it’ll take 2,000 years to recoup their Chinese “investments.”

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  1. Too bad the chump didn’t come up with a plan to ‘Protect the Nation from Domestic Humanist Leaving the Country”.

    Mmmm all those planetary jobs.

  2. This makes no sense. Apple is losing constant market share, the environment is hostile (remember that stupid case over the name iPhone) and it’s not a democracy where reason rules. Invest in North America, India or pro-democracy countries.

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