Apple poised to unveil range of new iPads before ‘Apple Park’ HQ opens this April

“A spiffy new headquarters isn’t the only thing Apple plans to unveil this spring,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “The consumer electronics giant also is poised to broaden its lineup of professional tablets.”

“Apple announced Wednesday that it will open its impressive, ring-shaped headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., in April,” Seitz reports. “But in March, Apple is expected to announce a refreshed lineup of iPad Pro tablets.”

“Apple is seen expanding its iPad Pro lineup to four models from two,” Seitz reports. “It will offer updated versions of the existing 9.7- and 12.3-inch [sic 12.9-inch] Pro tablets as well as a new 7.9-inch model and premium 10.5-inch slate.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These just might be the iPads we’ve been waiting for!

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  1. Here’s a question.

    I often recommend iPads to seniors. Many who understand the basics of using a computer, but call for help when things go wrong. It is my observation that people of all ages with basic computer skills can become confused by the iPad, but particularly older people.

    Where are my files?
    How do I plug a mouse into it?
    Where is my desktop?
    How do I back it up?
    Where is this cloud you speak of?

    And while I don’t mind assisting with those kinds of questions, the answers don’t seem to stick. I’ve got one guy, in his early 80s, who is still a practicing attorney, and sharp as a tac, but he no matter what the problem with his email is, he assumes there is something wrong with his iPhone. He might be in a bad cellular area, the mail might have gone to junk.

    These people are primarily doing the basics. E-mail, Web, Word Processing, PDF using, social media, photos… that sort of thing. And they get it, and because they are computer users from before though,

    So anyway Amazon has this book. iPad for Seniors. My actual question is…. would it be insulting to give that book to people? Because of the title I mean.

    1. I thought your idea was valid and helpful. I looked up the book and the reviews are all very favorable with some written by actual seniors. If you preface your presentation of the book with an “ignore the title for a moment” I don’t think the man would be offended. He may be a sharp lawyer but is entirely capable of being technologically challenged. Heck, download the Kindle app for him and give him the eBook! I’m betting he’ll appreciate it. JMO, FWIW, YMMMV, etc 😉👍

    2. The book series entitled “xxxxx for Dummies” sold very well and I don’t think that many people who bought them would truly describe themselves as dummies.

      Too many technical books are written in a style that seems excessively technical and which assumes prior familiarity with the subject. Books which properly explain technical subjects in a way that works for non-technical people are comparatively rare and should be encouraged.

      In the case of iPads, many new users will have preconceived ideas about what they should do, based on their previous use of PCs. It’s not merely a learning process, but also a process of forgetting old habits.

      I wouldn’t worry about the title. If the book might help that person, then just go for it.

  2. Apple needs to stop with Ghost Product.
    If you can’t build reasonable inventory then don’t introduce new stuff!!
    Quit screwing with your Customer Base, I for one am damn tired of waiting months for them to ramp production!!!

  3. Tim Cook’s idea of innovation — Keep releasing different sizes of iPhones and iPads created by Steve jobs.

    That’s what happens when you put the supply chain guy in charge!

  4. Been wanting to buy a new 7.9″ iPad mini Pro since I got the iPad mini 2 many years ago. Have 256GB 9.7″ iPad Pro since last March 2016. Doubt I’ll be interested in the non mini 2017 models. Depends on how much better they’ll be.

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