Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s next-gen 5.5-inch OLED ‘iPhone 8’ to be similar in physical size to 4.7-inch iPhone 7, with significant battery increase

“A new report from KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be about the same physical size as the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and yet pack a much bigger battery, comparable to the 2700 mAH battery in iPhone 7 Plus,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“With reports indicating the OLED iPhone screen is circa 5.5 inches, it seems that the ‘no bezels’ rumor is true,” Mayo reports. “As well as pushing a much larger screen in the same physical space, a significant improvement in battery capacity is also noteworthy. The current 4.7 inch iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAH battery whereas the Plus is rated at 2900 mAH.”

“That’s an increase of about 50% for the OLED iPhone, if KGI’s predictions turn out to be accurate,” Mayo reports. “KGI says the dramatic increase in battery capacity is made possible by Apple adopting a stacked ‘substrate-like’ PCB mainboard. By making the board smaller, more space inside the device is available for battery chemistry.”

Read more – and see KGI’s battery/board diagrams – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s the dream iPhone!


  1. If this is true, this model will obliterate sales of the iPhone 7. An iPhone without bezels would immediately make older models look very outdated. The stock price rise of the last three months would just be the beginning.

    1. Most of us are not that hung up on bezels and all the other marketing bullshit.

      If an edge to edge screen phone without a button makes you cream your jeans you might need to get out more often and put the damn phone away.

      1. @DavGreg

        Ha ha, uh sure. The point isn’t whether people are overzealous if they go batty over the alleged new design, the point is that it would be a tremendous seller. Samsung took a significant bite out of Apple’s sales, simply by offering phones with larger screens before Apple did. This design would be great because it would placate users (like me) who would welcome additional screen real estate, but refuse to carry a phone bigger than the current 4.7″ model.

      2. Nobody has ever wanted an iPhone with a bigger bezel. The bezel has been there because it wasn’t possible to make a screen with the active area reaching all the way to the edges. Why would anybody want an iPhone with a housing that was larger than the screen if it were possible to make one with a housing pretty well the same size as the screen?

        People like bigger screens, but they don’t necessarily want iPhones which are physically bigger, so making the screen occupy the largest possible proportion of the front of the iPhone is the ideal way forward.

  2. I hope a lot of folks think like CraigNotGreg…As I tire of how the iPhone+ Phablet gets all the goodies…because of it’s size, it would be great to see the new iPhone be the same size as the current 7 which fits perfectly in my front pants pocket…

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