The blossoming new world of Apple Watch apps

“I’m a big fan of the Apple Watch and wear mine seven days a week,” David Chartier writes for The Mac Observer. “At first it was mostly for the notifications and health tracking, but after a while the apps started getting pretty good. Good enough, in fact, that after watchOS 3, I realized I could turn my Watch faces into app pages.”

“‘But what are these Watch apps that changed the face of your faces forever?’ I’m glad you asked,” Chartier writes. “A key feature to the Apple Watch’s much-improved app experience is the App Dock, new in watchOS 3. It brings significant changes to app performance and your ability to quickly open your most important apps, do your thing, and get on with your day—one of the Watch’s core purposes for existing.”

Chartier writes, “Now, let’s invite some new friends to the party.”

Read more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: There are some real gems in Chartier’s list of Dock-worthy Apple Watch apps. We’d also add Dark Sky, which we use daily on Apple Watch. There’s nothing like getting a tap on your wrist that it’s about to rain in 15 minutes – very useful and definitely a steal at $3.99!

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  1. Drafts is excellent. I’ve had it on my iOS devices for a long time. HeartWatch and the compaion AutoSleep are also excellent apps. CycleMeter Pro is another favorite I use for cycling as well as hiking, walking. FWIW

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