Apple’s Tenth Anniversary iPhone will likely cost more than $1,000, source says

“A special 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone is expected to be the ultimate iPhone, and it’ll come with a price tag to match—very likely north of $1,000, says a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans,” Mark Sullivan reports for Fast Company.

“The new iPhone 8 is expected to be packed with many more features—including a new OLED display, which is said to look great and stretch across the whole front of the phone, according to our source, but will probably cost Apple roughly twice as much as the LCD display used in current iPhones,” Sullivan reports. “The new phone is also likely to get a memory upgrade from the current iPhone 7 line and, our source points out, memory is relatively expensive now due to the strong dollar.”

“The new 5.8-inch phone will probably be called the iPhone 8, but some believe Apple will call it the (far cooler-sounding) ‘iPhone X.’ Several sources tell Fast Company that Apple has been tying up much of the available OLED display manufacturing capacity in the marketplace at the expense of smaller phone makers,” Sullivan reports. “The iPhone 8 is expected to have a far bigger battery than the current iPhone 7 line, but its exact size remains unclear.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units with 3 GB RAM each cost $969 plus tax, so $1,000+ for a loaded “iPhone X” with 4+ GB of RAM would certainly not be surprising.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “TJ” for the heads up.]


    1. Controlled leak by Apple. Keep people buying iPhones now so they don’t hold out for the more “expensive” phone. It actually won’t be more expensive, and if it is, Apple will lose sales.

  1. Not surprising, Apple has always overcharged for flash memory.

    Should sanity prevail and Ive be put in his place, maybe the iPhone will finally get a proper all-day battery and be worth the price. Dinking around with accessory power banks and chargers at home, car, and office is a pain.

    1. YES. But why was this statement made?

      memory is relatively expensive now due to the strong dollar

      NO. It’s the opposite, at least from the perspective of a US buyer. I hope this is merely a mistake and not an ‘alternate fact’ planted to fool customers into accepting even higher prices from Apple for drive/memory space. 😛

  2. I guess I don’t understand the enlightenment to build a more expensive phone where there is a gazillion people who can’t afford to pay more that a couple hundred dollars for a good smart phone. It seems that there is an unlocked potential particularly since Samsung has had such bad luck with their batteries. I was under the impression that Apple was planning to bring out a less expensive phone. As a long time Apple user, even though I can afford the outrageous cost of Apple products, I am also a realist that understands markets and those who are being left behind.

    1. My bet is that, just as today, consumers will have their choice of the iPhone SE, the 8 and the X alongside the previous years 7 and 7X. ALL of those won’t be that pricey and nobody will be “left behind.” Those of us who want AWESOMENESS though and can afford it will be able to have it. The article came from the standpoint of those who want more and are willing to pay for it rather than those of us who need average but there’s more there if you are willing to pay for it.

    2. One other thing… I am pretty sure we heard this exact same rumor about either the 6 or 7 – can’t remember for sure but I believe it was the 6 because that was when the Plus was introduced. The rumor was that the plus – then called the 6 Pro I believe – would cost $1000+. It came out at $100 more than the correlating 6 model which is expected because there is more phone and more battery and more camera and more pizzazz. I’d expect the high-end, maxed out storage space, biggest version to cost in line with the 7 Plus correlating model. Apple traditionally adds features and enhancements and keeps the price the same as the previous model. Maybe they will divert from that since it’s the tenth anniversary but I would hope they would stick with the pricing so as to sell as many as possible – IF they can get them produced in time.

    3. Even though I have no interest in a phone that’s bigger than the 4.7″ model, I think this is a good rollout strategy by Apple, if it’s true. The latest earnings showed that there are plenty of people who are willing to pay a premium for the larger phones, and this model sounds like it will have some very interesting new features. It’s also a way of dealing with the (probable) constrained supply of OLED displays.

  3. The smartphone is now a mature product. None of the newer feathures can match the impact of the keyboard less touch screen design of the original, and the platforms ability to run clean independent apps. Apple is reduced to praising itself for eliminating useful features like the headphone jack, and shipping incomplete products like the break me Apple Pencil or the stab me in the belly Apple mouse.

    I’m hoping that whatever ends up as the next iPhone model, that Apple returns to meaningful innovation. Shock the world Apple. We are all waiting

    1. @Tak

      The problem with comments like this one is that the complainers are essentially saying, “Come on Apple, create another gadget like the one that’s the most successful technical product in history”. There’s nothing wrong with asking for more innovation, but it’s kind of silly to say that Apple has stopped innovating because it can’t create another product like the iPhone.

    1. I have yet to see a mobile carrier in the US that offers a phone on a lease. Practically all of them have abandoned the old “subsidy” model and are selling phones outright, and most offer installment-free loans if you don’t want to pay upfront.

  4. May not be the phone for me. But if there is a config right about that price with 64GB+. I might bite. But otherwise I am happy with the 7+ I have now, with 128GB. Damn you AT&T for taking my subsidy!

  5. While I understand the amazing features of the 7 series and upcoming iPhone 10th Anniversary edition — certainly content with the perfect size and amazing SE. Fingers crossed it is not obsolete and upgraded. 😎

    1. This makes perfect sense! Auto vehicle releases, same model name, do it for a reason and confusion is eliminated.

      Think about it. This year Apple will debut the 10th anniversary iPhone. And last year released the latest series 7? Clear as mud!

      Thinking different should not be thinking stupid. 🤔

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