Apple TV could get a whole lot better soon

“While we praised the latest Apple TV for its plethora of apps, we were disappointed by its lack of 4K support and exclusive content,” Henry T. Casey writes for Tom’s Guide. “Apple appears to be aware of this deficit, and is reportedly working to prioritize new content and features to bring the Apple TV closer to parity with Amazon Fire devices.”

“According to a Bloomberg report, Apple poached the former head of Amazon’s Fire TV division, Timothy D. Twerdahl,” Casey writes. “Twerdahl’s a streaming veteran, with prior experience as an executive at Netflix and as vice president of consumer devices at Roku.”

“Just as important, though, is that Pete Distad, the Apple exec who formerly held that position, is reportedly moving to a role where he will be ‘negotiating media content deals,'” Casey writes. “We’d love it if Twerdahl’s influence could bring 4K video to the Apple TV, as it’s one of the box’s biggest flaws and a major reason to choose an Amazon or Roku box. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: May Distad have much better success at negotiating media content deals for Apple TV than previous efforts.

Apple hires Amazon’s Fire TV head to run Apple TV business – February 8, 2017
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Apple’s Eddy Cue alienated cable providers and networks with an assertive negotiating style – report – July 28, 2016


    1. I admit, I get stuck in the mud sometimes and Steve’s comment about “finally cracking the TV” sticks like mud in my ears when I read reports like this. Who, what, where, how did this tech progress get lost? Not only did it not materialize, but Apple is generations behind competitors…as seen from comments here and reports like this one.

      1. Scary isn’t it, I remember when Apple used to ditch out of date technology not glory in it at an absorbent price… best leave that to Harley Davidson and the like.

        Who was responsible for this totally unacceptable lapse, indeed do they even see it as a lapse. More scary is that it hardly gives you confidence that they do/will see the light in other products as other events also hint at. Lets hope someone is noticing and heeding the warnings enough to actually get a grip on matters.

  1. Apple TV is lame. Poaching someone from Amazon to improve technology originally pioneered is pathetic. Tim Cook may be doing right by wall street, but not by long time Apple loyalists like me. I grudgingly bought the Amazon thingy.

    Turning great quarterly numbers does not equal insanely great products. Remember, Blackberry churned out some amazing numbers before its demise.

  2. Geeze, I still have the original TV. I’m waiting to see what the new iPad Pro 10″ might look like. If I wouldn’t need to buy new keyboards (Zagg/ClamCase) I’d invest in one of them instead of the TV. As Apple investor Ross Gerber said, the TV has really become nothing more than a Netflix portal. The whole 4K thing doesn’t really affect me at the moment. The big thing is content and Apple is way behind the curve, unfortunately, at this point. I think this will take a lot of work to get out of the hole and to really succeed. I think the Watch has a better chance of generating interest and customers than the TV. JMO, FWIW, etc.

    1. The TV app on Apple TV is about as groundbreaking as plugging in your new 4K TV to an aerial antenna. The difference is, with the latter you will be able to scroll through the broadcast channels quickly and intuitively.

  3. Imo.. AppleTV’s biggest problem is its fragmented interface with each app being in its own UI universe ……. zero consolidation of favorits, no notifications for new content of interest..poor discovery.

    Content at some point will be there up !
    How one access the content is where the S hits the fan..

    Plus that remote… arrggg ..

  4. No.1 Priority for ATV should be to get their global indexing top notch and work with Channel App providers to create a hook to pull content data from all loaded Apps AND iTunes content. Get serious with Siri on it and 4K should be secondary to that for now. May take a complete overhaul to accomplish but Apple sure has the resources to pull it off assuming they actually commit them to the task.

  5. I can afford to wait for 4K Apple TV still since I don’t have a 4K television and it will take a while for 4K content to arrive.

    I like future-proofing but what is the hurry?

  6. Don’t expect any real change. While Apple were up their own arses thinking about how to do TV other companies got off their arses and did it.

    ATV4 is over priced and worthless as a TV device in the UK.

    I have moved over to Amazon FireTV and moved my Netflix over too. If Apple think their Apple Music service with a few random TV progs is remotely attractive as a cultural destination they’ll have a mighty shock. Amazon Prime, Netflix and Plex is all I need plus all my FTA catchup services. The ATV4 is irrelevant now, Apple have missed the boat.

    Hey Jonny, put the ATV down as another product you no longer need to do along with the Airports. Genius.

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