Apple joins fight against President Trump’s executive order, ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States’

“Some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names have joined the court fight against President Trump’s immigration restrictions, as heavyweights like Apple, Google and Facebook warned that the limits could hurt the country’s economy,” Carlos Tejada and Paul Mozur report for The New York Times. “In a filing to a federal appeals court dated Sunday, nearly 100 technology companies argued that Mr. Trump’s temporary ban on all visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries would hurt their businesses and violate both immigration law and the United States Constitution.”

“A lower court on Friday temporarily halted crucial parts of the ban, but the Trump administration said it would fight to have them reinstated,” Tejada and Mozur report. “In addition to Apple, Facebook and Google, major technology names that signed the brief included Microsoft, Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, Intel and Snap, the parent of Snapchat. A few names from outside the technology field, like Levi Strauss, the jeans maker, and Chobani, a yogurt company, also signed the brief. Separately, a group of prominent Democrats also protested the ban in a court filing.”

“The filing is likely to fray already tense relations between Mr. Trump and the technology industry. Its most prominent figures largely backed Mr. Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, in last year’s election campaign,” Tejada and Mozur report. “The filing is also likely to set off speculation about why some companies did not sign the filing. Prominent technology names that did not sign include Oracle, the big database company; Hewlett-Packard, the computer maker and tech services company; and Tesla, the electric-car company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always — but, regarding Apple, even more now — God forbid any Islamic terrorist attack takes place in the U.S. now, lest Apple et al. be blamed.

Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans… so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, August 25, 2004

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  1. We conservatives used to talk about Three Big Lies. “#3: I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.”

    What the Trump Administration policy on immigration and job visas means is that a man conservatives once scorned as a Manhattan Limousine Liberal has taken the Republican Party away from its conservative principles. This is not about security, but about his promise to eliminate foreigners from the US job market. He shares the elite’s contempt for the working Americans who elected him and does not think that they are competent to compete for jobs in a multinational free market without intervention by Big Brother. It is the very opposite of pride in our country and its people. Hard work has failed these losers, he thinks, so now the Government is here to help them (so they will vote for him). Conservatism be damned!

    The policy’s motive is the notion that American workers are unwilling to work for the low wages that some foreigners will accept. Is that “problem” not inherent in the very notion of a competitive job market? Employers will never pay more than the least-demanding (or most desperate) competent applicant will accept. Nationality should have no bearing on that, unless you accept the tacit assumption that Americans are not as anxious to work as foreigners. The Trump solution is to eliminate the free market in labor and force employers to pay higher salaries… but that contradicts the decades that conservatives have spent fighting minimum wage laws as inflationary and fatal to full employment. Oh well, Consistency be damned!

    He does not think that American employers can be trusted to make employment decisions without government “guidance” that specifically forbids them from hiring the most qualified applicant from the global applicant pool unless they meet a Federal quota. Beyond hiring, companies must be “guided” in their deployment decisions, like when to move existing experienced employees between overseas and domestic branches rather than hire untrained local applicants. Like American workers, American companies need the government to protect them from the dangers of freedom. Competence and competitiveness be damned!

    He is using this affirmative action program—and that is exactly what it is—not to aid the historically disadvantaged members of the national workforce, but the white males who used to be on top. He is driving fissures in America that will make us weaker. Minorities (who didn’t vote for him) be damned! Women be damned! Immigrants and the children of immigrants be damned! (Except for the very first American President with four foreign-born grandparents, or two foreign-born wives).

    He does not trust free markets to provide the jobs (bread and circuses) that he has promised his followers. His message: America business cannot compete internationally without stacking the deck through federal intervention. We need more quotas, tariffs, taxes, and import regulations—a planned economy and, perhaps, a Five-Year Plan. Our new ally Russia can help with that. Free markets be damned!

    Simply driving immigrants from the workforce will not provide enough jobs to keep his campaign promises, so he is proposing a massive public works and infrastructure program. Alternatively, Americans can send their sons (and perhaps their daughters) into the massively expanded military he has promised. Either program alone would drive the deficit through the roof, but he can always print more money like his liberal forerunners always have. Balanced Budgets be damned!

    (Lie #2: “The check’s in the mail.”)

    He has not yet told us what he plans to use the expanded military for, since he has condemned foreign involvements (another indication that he doubts we can compete). We can look to history for the assurance that no country has ever built up a massive army without the intention to use it somewhere. Do we have a clue in his threat to “send in the Feds” to Chicago? Does that tie into his promise to fight crime by empowering government agents to stop and frisk random citizens on the street based on hunches and profiling? He has threatened Apple if it will not invade its customers’ privacy, as well as the independent judiciary who might defend us. Fourth Amendment be damned!

    Traditionally, America has believed in local control, but his radical agenda cannot abide tradition. He believes that the states and cities cannot be trusted to hand out bread and circuses in the form of enough made-up jobs to reward his voters, so he will nationalize employment policy, centralize U.S. job “creation,” and divorce our domestic job market from the rest of the world. His orders assert national control in the name of suppressing local variations. Federalism be damned!

    He also believes that a Congress controlled by genuine conservatives cannot be trusted to pass appropriate bread and circuses legislation without his firm hand exercised through Executive Orders. Even in the first days of his administration, he has frozen out the congressional leadership, Republicans as well as Democrats, and sought to divide them as a means to conquest. So, too with the judicial branch. We have seen his agents at the airports ignore court orders requiring them to allow detained U.S. residents to see their lawyers. He has already attacked the “so-called” judges who might exercise judicial independence and will not fall into line behind executive policy. Separation of Powers be damned!

    To top it all off, he is laying the predicate for a de-facto Ministry of Truth that will spread “alternative facts” and use them against the uncontrolled media, “the real opposition party.” By repeating the lie that everybody lies (and, most recently, that everybody kills), he is training his followers to believe nobody but the government leader. We conservatives may never learn what is coming to get us because the news of it will be ignored or suppressed. First Amendment be damned!

    A bit over the top? I wish it were. Remember Lie #1: “If we do it my way, you won’t get pregnant.”

    1. That was very well written.

      For the most of his life, Trump was a Democrat. He always was (and most likely, privately, still is) pro-choice, pro-universal mandate, pro-free markets and unrestricted trade.

      All of his proclamations to the contrary are now for the one and only purpose: to be liked by the people who elected him. As Howard Stern, his long-time friend, had said, Trump needs to be loved by everyone. This presidency will be detrimental to his mental health because of all the hate against him.

      Throughout Trump’s life, he didn’t have to deal with people who disliked him. He simply took vengeance and that worked fine for his business, but when you are the US president, you can’t simply get revenge against someone who doesn’t like you.

      The republicans in congress and senate are still behind him, trying to absorb the fact that they are now in power. As soon as that sinks in and they realise that they don’t need the unpredictable, temperamental, thin-skinned toddler in order to keep that power (and that they risk of losing it if they stick with him), they will efficiently dump him and install Pence.

      On a related matter, it seems that there will be an official commission investigating election fraud. Now, what will happen if that commission does find fraud, and it turns out that he did NOT win the electoral votes in WI, FL, AZ? Will they turn the presidency over to the rightful winner? Will they invalidate the entire election and call for another one? Would they then re-instate Obama as the last legitimately elected president until the new, legitimate election is completed?

      Exactly WHAT is the expected outcome of this commission? Do they really want to uncover massive voter fraud? Wouldn’t that further question the legitimacy of his win?

        1. That sounds made up botjackoff, doesn’t matter what you post from now on, according to your overlord, if it’s negative it’s fake, so there you go, you’ve just been tossed to the trash bin.

        2. I beg to differ, O Silver-Tongued Dog from Dumbfückistan…it is you and your globalist-marxist dung that has been “tossed” to the trash bin by the mandate of the American people…vis a vis: The White House, The Senate, The House, The Supreme Court, The Governorships and The State Houses.

          You lose, yet again.

        3. Actually I won today. I managed to get your semi-simian aspect to respond. It doesn’t take much when you’re on the end of the pipe as we’ve seen before under a previous names, the comments all sound the same. No doubt as we go down the thread you’ll resort to being totally undignified as when you responded as though you were an African A-merican slave. Your character cuts through as does your lack of dignity. I won’t stop until you decide that the free republic is gentler on you. Try reading a book, even if it’s ‘Go Dog Go’, most three year olds love that one.

      1. Thanks very much for sharing that. I suspect a lot of the people protesting weren’t old enough to be cognizant of any of it at the time. I have a very hard time taking any of it seriously, it just seems like more millennial nonsense in the form of ‘if it happened before I was born, it didn’t happen and doesn’t count.’. Enough, already, Soros or no Soros. Seven countries on a list temporarily do not a ‘permanent immigration ban’ make. It really causes me to wonder what the eff these Silicon Valley companies are really fighting for. At this point, I am throwing Apple on the heap of companies whose motives I question.

        1. I took a moment to watch those videos. I don’t think any of the people who posted them realises that they actually support the protesters’ case against the current ban.

          In every single one of this video, we see Democrats against illegal immigrants, and in favour of vetting refugees before coming to the US. They all are saying exactly the same things today, and that was never any different.

          Trump’s “Muslim Ban” (as it is perceived by most of America and the world) isn’t about illegal immigrants (they are already in the country, and Obama deported largest numbers of them, by the way); it isn’t that much about the refugees either. The ban is squarely aimed at travelers with valid US visas, issued by US embassies and consulates (after extremely grueling and arduous vetting process) to citizens of seven nations (largely Muslim).

          No terrorist had ever slipped through this vetting system (yet) from any of those seven countries. And since 11 September, this vetting process has become so extensive and so paranoid, hardly any applicants from these countries end up getting approved for a US visa.

          Even if this ban was imposed in good faith (and it clearly wasn’t), it is difficult to imagine how much harder the vetting process could possibly get.

        2. Try posting more than your orange leader if you want to make a a point, otherwise you come off as a douchebag, jeez, did I just go over my twitter char…ah I’ve died and didn’t have the opportunity to give the world the one message that couldn’t save us all!

      1. Blah, blah, blah, brilliant response, it will appear in debate papers for years, with the caveat, don’t go past blah, blah, blah, or you’ll be buried. Wonderful advise … idiot, try reading something before posting such tripe.

    1. Obama does it and he’s a great president looking out for the best interest of the country. Trump does it and he’s a racist and harming the country. The left needs to embrace the new POTUS and stop the tantrums!

      1. This is insane, how clueless and gullible some people are. The “Obama ban” from 2011 was NOTHING like the Trump ban. It takes 30 seconds to google this, but here’s the summary for the lazy ones.

        1. Obama administration imposed a temporary ban ONLY for refugees from Iraq and Afghan wars who were assisting the US troops during the war. The restriction was imposed due to a very specific terrorist threat (two Iraqis arrested in Kentucky)

        2. The ban went through review by a multitude of agencies and committees before being enacted (Homeland Security, DOJ, intelligence, cabinet, etc).

        3. The seven countries that were added to the list: that wasn’t a total ban. That change simply closed a loophole for dual nationals who were also citizens of “Visa-waiver” countries (those that don’t need a visa to travel to the US). If you were, for example, a dual ditizen of Belgium and Syria, you could simply travel to the US on your Belgian passport without a visa. Obama list required these people to simply obtain a visa before traveling (which then triggers rigorous, “extreme” vetting).

        Obama never banned whole countries from traveling to the US.

        There never was Obama’s ban on refugees from these seven countries.

        1. Agreed on a specific threat at the time. The thing is…we do not know if there is specific threats occurring presently that aren’t being revealed, since that would be ridiculous.

        2. No, there wasn’t. Otherwise, we would have seen the proposed ban go through the necessary process. And if there wasn’t enough time, because, purportedly, the threat was imminent, at least we would see intelligence community support for it. Or any other branch of government, or military, to support it.

          The ban was a capricious act of a toddler who wanted to look like he is fulfilling his Muslim ban campaign promise, so he simply didn’t care what ANYONE thought of it and signed off on it right away. And that’s why everyone is protesting.

        1. Especially since he does’t have the authority to overturn Trump’s ban. As I’m sure you know, the job of the judiciary branch is the interpret law, not to make it. Only congress, with a majority ruling, can overturn a presidential order.

        1. Ok, the ninth is hardly out of the mainstream, where do you dream this shit up? If you’d spend some time researching, the ninth is a pretty balanced court in terms of ruling, neither this left/right bullshitmyou extoll. They do their job as they should. I challenge you to produce a situation where one ruling caused someone else to be hard done by. I await your response 20 what ever the fuck ever. Step up or fuck off.

        2. Seriously you fuckwad, show me where the ninth has either been for or against anything other than the rule of law. Seriously you Harvard law student, lets see the literature on the overturn, or you can kindly fuck off into the woodwork like all you other so called experts. You’re all pathetic, go back to your coffee shops and delete your accounts. You do not have the intellect for common discourse. Look all those words up and shut the fuck up until you understand them.

        1. Umm, you spelled Chuck’s last name wrong Betsy/bot, Jeez, even when you don’t want to appear dumb …. you appear dumb, how do you do it, unless it’s just a trick, I’ll bet you’re just trying to trickus you crafty guys. Whoosh, almost had me there.

  2. Hey Apple
    Come to Canada
    Vancouver is just a two hour drive north of Seattle and we would love to have you. You can hire whomever you want
    There must be some software engineers in the 40,000 Syrian refugees we took in this year

    1. Where are all the students who graduated top notches in the US universities, why tech companies don’t hire them?. Why must reach out to other countries?. Is it because hiring them are cheaper?.

      1. It is because they want to work, and the US top-notch students apparently don’t.

        Entry-level engineering jobs at Apple, Facebook, Google Uber and other Silicon Valley firms are quite well paid, but they do require a certain level of expertise that apparently not all graduates have. Besides, a large percentage of those top-notch US graduates are actually foreign to begin with.

  3. Trump urged to put GPS ankle bracelet tracker on refugees until travel ban decided

    A prominent legal expert said that the administration should wait to appeal until Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch gets to the court, giving Trump a 5-4 majority and in the meantime put the tracking devices on any refugee or visitor.

    “Going to the Supreme Court now could result in a widely predicted 4-4 decision,” warned George Washington University Law Professor John Banzhaf.

    Wait instead, he urged, and in the meantime look to Germany’s model of using trackers on those it suspects of having terror ties — not all refugees.

    “Imposing such conditions on admission is fully consistent with 8 USC 1182(f) which expressly gives the president the authority to ‘impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.’ It is also more likely to be upheld since it is far less objectionable than a total ban,” he said.

    Currently, ankle bracelets are widely used by law enforcement and immigration agencies and Banzhaf suggested that it can be expanded and would be accepted by the nation.

    1. Drumpf of Queens is a moron. Actually he is a dangerous moron. Anyone who can make Bitch McConnell and Paul “Koch” Ryan look moderate by comparison is cray cray, just like those who voted for him.
      It amazes me what Ill informed nonsense comes from the mouths of Trump voters. A lot of them are in for a rude awakening as they have let a fox into the henhouse. In the encyclopedia under Low Information Voter is a picture of a Medicare and Social Security dependent retired white man in a “make America great again” cap.

        1. No it actually doesn’t piss me off because I’m not wrong, I’m taking my facts from Kellyanne Conway and she’s never been wrong in her life!!! Well except those 3 times!!! But you know, other than those times you can bite me. Just waiting for your dad to produce his taxes.

        2. Are you sure you want to keep on or do you want to go over to free republic, they speak you language and understand your sentence structure and syntax, I mean how else could those dudes do dat shit dat dey do,’ know what I mean’ and honestly I stole that line from your favourite move. Youknow I did poochy.

        3. Jeez, that was weak, I expected more from ‘the guy who could sit up all night and do this’. Guess it’s time for momma to tuck you in. Pussy.

    2. First, you’ve lost all credibility as a Republican at this point. Why even pretend? You taint the GOP with your association.

      There will be intra-party warfare if Trump continues on his current wreck-less course, makes decisions without knowing all the facts and without consulting his core cabinets members.

    3. No. If you vet someone, and they enter the United States, they must be treated with the appropriate civil rights. Restricting their freedom of movement in any way is wrong. Just flicking figure out how to vet people properly so this oh so horrible “ban” can be yesterday’s news.

      1. As a jazz player of over sixtie years I know the real’ Thelonious wouldn’t have shat on your shoes if you were on fire. Show some respect and change your handle or fuck off in to the woodlands. Jeezus.

  4. I thought the record earnings from Apple would quiet the nonsense often spewed by the Tim Cook haters, but obviously not…

    Under Tim, Apple became the largest, most profitable company in the world. Sure, there have been missteps, but nothing that brought the company crumbling down. Would you guys like to have John Sculley back?

    1. False Choice

      Why would they be required to go from one bad choice back to another?

      Surely there must be someone out there who knows more than supply chain management.

      I have worked for more than one company who was so involved in the process that they knew nothing about the product they were selling.

      Yes, iOS is profitable, but in the end they are just phones and tablets. Need to think deeper.

      Not enjoyable at all.

    2. Yes, because dollars and profit are all that matters, obviously. You do know which party that is basically the tagline for, right? This is why I can’t take any of this seriously – the bottom line is fine justification, so long as it is OUR bottom line. Give me a break.

      1. So you’re telling me that Apple was better off under John Sculley when dollars and profit didn’t play a roll at all?

        I have no idea what you are alluding to with your tagline comment nor your comment about the bottom line.

        We have to remember when Apple was on the brink of extinction. Profits matter.

  5. That’s only half the job Apple, if you really want to fight terrorism you need to go after the head, the most despicable terroristic nation on the planet, you need a global movement of protecting the Earth from your nation’s invasive entry into the free and civilized world.

    It’s obvious that Apple’s home nation is preparing for another terroristic escapade onto the planet.

    A trench all around their country might just be the trick to keep them in. After all there is all these refugees that were expecting a signatory of the Geneva convention to actually follow it. I’m sure a lot of them will volunteer to help.

    That along with the feathered wall to the south just might be enough to keep the folks from this fifth rate nation that doesn’t even have the integrity or the ethics to belong on this planet, from leaving their borders.

    Talk about world peace, justice and freedom for all, now that would be a nice mission to accomplish.

    It’s either that or watch them continue their terroristic bully ways on the global stage, although they might just be stupid enough to take on someone their own size and get a taste of their own medicine.

  6. MDN takes used to be insightful and comedically snarky. That’s gone.

    Posts used to mostly be interesting and about Apple. (And thanks to many for all those great, fact-based, logical posts.) That’s gone, swamped in a sea of crap.

    What’s left is mostly a pot of roiling hatred.

    So for those left who want to read about Apple, I’d like to invite you to join me in leaving. There are much better places to go. Let’s leave the pissy, pathetical hate-mongers to talk to each other… and to leave MDN to “enjoy” the fruits of what they have let this become.

    I’ll be here just long enough to post this a few times or until MDN blocks me. Then I’ll be gone. I hope many will join me.

    1. MDN likely won’t block you, especially if you follow through on your intent to leave.

      There are plenty of good Apple-related sites out there, but my biggest problem with leaving this one is the several quite smart people who frequently post comments here. More often than not, I come to MDN for these discussions, and not just for the Apple-related news. Not even the deranged political trolls that poison the discussion here are enough (at least for me). I can see that for you, they became too much, and that’s just too bad.

      1. “I come to MDN for these discussions”

        Yes. It is a great pleasure and informative to read that material… based on facts and logic.

        Another option would be to ignore the trolls, insulters, name-callers and hate merchants and have our own discussions. But that only works if everyone or close to everyone is on board.

        I have suggested that a few times over the years, but it has, unfortunately, never happened.

        1. When I have the time, I like to offer some antidote to the “alternative truth” often peddled by a few politically intoxicated (and most often, vulgar and offensive) posters.

          Curiously enough, anecdotal review would indicate that those fiery political diatribes outnumber reasonable, fact-based arguments, and yet, when one looks at the star ratings, the result is quite lopsided in favour of facts (and progressives). While we all know that these star ratings aren’t rigorous scientific research, it is hardly likely that there are liberal-minded trolls opening multiple browsers, clearing their cookies, and going from page to page, day after day, meticulously inflating the star ratings on MDN forums. The idea itself is as outlandish as three million illegal votes against Trump…

        2. “my biggest problem with leaving this one is the several quite smart people who frequently post comments here. More often than not, I come to MDN for these discussions”

          Totally understand, and I feel similarly.

          So here’s an idea…

          Please look at these two pages — all the space taken up by several reasonable human beings replying to crap from crap people and consider how we might change things…

          Engaging with people who do nothing but throw insults, call everyone names and spew hatred does nothing but take up pages that swamp those discussions that you enjoy.

          So my suggestion is just… please don’t engage. Don’t offer “some antidote”. Just ignore them. Don’t make ANY reply at all. Engage with those interested in Apple products and ignore the name calling, the insults and the hatred.

          I can imagine two discussions going on — one fact-based, logical discussion about Apple and their products and the other interwoven threads of brainless hatred… going berserk because they’re not getting the attention they crave.

          So what do you say? Want to join me? Even if it’s only you, then there can be two of us. Then TxUser maybe thinks, “Hey, that’s a good idea. I’m in.” Then Derek. Etc.

          I’m from Ireland. Do you know where the word “boycott” comes from. If not, you might like to read this…

          So I say, there is NO point replying to their festering poison. Let’s just boycott Belligerent Asswipe and the rest of the hate-mongers.

        1. THUD??? Really Thud??? New York Fuckwad, thud?, oooh you’re such an authoritarian, I’ll bet your skin is orange like your overlords. Hah!!! It’s all fake!

        2. You wouldn’t recognize wit, you don’t have the brain for it, you couldn’t define wit if your overlord had your head on the block. It’s just a quick whoosh and it’s done.

        3. Funny, the only time you come off as remotely non-simian is when you-re quoting someone, you must own “Famous Quotes of the Dumb and Douchie”. Hah1

    1. You do understand that the Ninth Circuit, as of this writing, has not made any appealable rulings in this case, don’t you? All it has done is decline to stay the District Court order for the day or two it will take them to review it. Don’t break your eggs before they’re hatched!

        1. What on earth does the visa waiver program (the text you cited) have to do with anything? It has never applied to any of the seven nations listed in the President’s order, or to any of nearly 200 other countries. Even for those who do live in the comparatively few visa waiver countries, nationals who have travelled through any “suspicious” country still require a visa, which requires “extreme vetting” including face-to-face interviews.

          The issue in Trump’s Case isn’t whether someone can enter the United States without a visa or before thorough screening—that is already the undisputed law—but whether they can enter at all under any circumstances.

          Since the statute has nothing to do with this case, it is obviously not relevant to whether the Ninth Circuit has issued an appealable ruling… and I am not a “libtard.” I suspect I have been voting for conservative Republicans at least as long as you have.

        2. sorry, wrong link.

          8 U.S.C. § 1182(f)—provides:

          Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

        3. Ah! That is more on point. However, there are still a few loose ends hanging:

          1. Other provisions of the Immigration Act specifically prohibit the government from discriminating against applicants for admission on the grounds of their race, religion, or national origin. Does that provision limit the freedom of the President to exclude applicants based solely on those grounds?

          2. Is the President’s discretion absolute, or does it require some rational basis? Could he bar redheads just because he doesn’t like red hair? How about people of African descent? Could he ban immigrants from Sweden because there is an Ebola outbreak in Liberia, but not bar Liberians?

          3. While it is true that non-residents outside the United States have no US constitutional rights, is that also true of citizens within the United States who will be harmed by the exclusion of a family member or employee? Apple isn’t the only name on the briefs before the court. There are 92 other companies and 14 state attorneys general.

  7. Since 1980, over 3 million immigrants have come from the countries that Trump wants to block. One Syrian immigrant in fact gave us Steve Jobs, now celebrated as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all history. None of the immigrants has ever committed mass atrocities.

    If Trump truly wanted to keep the USA safe, why not block people from the nations that actually did commit mass murder in the USA? Or why not offer enhanced background checks for every immigrant instead of just picking a few countries that just happen to be predominantly muslim?

    Why do nothing to address Christian terrorists?

    Why not reward muslims who have aided Americans overseas with green cards? Every soldier who served in the Middle East knows that the majority of the people they encounter are good people who want peace.

    The poorly thought out presidential order just shows what xenophobes Trump and his supporters really are. Because he is too stupid to come up with comprehensive immigration reform, he’ll piss off the world and bog himself down with lawsuit after lawsuit that overturns his unconstitutional orders.

    The American people are watching the least qualified president ever squander the goodwill that America once had when it treated all people of earth with dignity and respect.

      1. Which answers none of the legitimate questions from previous post.

        So, I’ll ask them again:

        Why not block people from the nations that actually DID commit mass murder in the USA?

        Why not address Christian terrorists? Thousands of Americans have died at the hands of those, after all…

        And to add my own; exactly WHAT was the real purpose of this executive order? The official one clearly holds no water (nations that were blocked produced NO terrorist deaths in the US before this), and it only has the potential to accelerate radicalisaiton of young American Muslims.

        1. Where the hell did you read this??? Oh, right… alternative facts.

          Just to make it clear to others, while Abdulfattah Jandali (Jobs’s biological father) did not participate in his life at all, he contributed genetic code to Jobs. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand how this works: half of genetic material was his, the other half of Jobs’s biological mother, Joanne Schieble. Without either of these two halves, we wouldn’t have had Jobs.

          Under current Trump ban, Jobs’s biological father would have not been able to enter the US (remember, Syria is the only country on the list for which the ban is indefinite).

        2. That is as laughable as it is far from truth. Trump influence is truly dramatic (and profoundly damaging)…. Alternative truth, no doubt!

          My record stands for itself. Regular readers are quite well aware. No amount of alternative truth will twist it your way.


  8. That is as laughable as it is far from truth. Trump influence is truly dramatic (and profoundly damaging)…. Alternative truth, no doubt!

    My record stands for itself. Regular readers are quite well aware. No amount of alternative truth will twist it your way.


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