LG fixes UltraFine 27-inch 5K display’s WiFi interference problems; new units unaffected

“Earlier in the week, we reported that the LG UltraFine 5K Display can be effectively unusable if placed near a Wi-Fi router with some kind of radio interference causing the monitor to regularly black out and hang the connected MacBook Pro,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“LG has now said that it has identified the hardware problem in which Wi-Fi routers within 2 feet of the display resulted in signal interference issues,” Mayo reports. “All new UltraFine units produced after February will not be affected as they will be fitted with ‘enhanced shielding.’ Existing owners of the UltraFine 5K Display, recommended by Apple as the best companion to the 2016 MacBook Pro, will need to contact LG support for assistance.”

We have been made aware that the LG UltraFine 27-inch 5K display (model 27MD5K) may experience performance issues caused by signal interference when a Wi-Fi access point is positioned behind the display within a distance 2 feet (0.6 meter). Changing the location or positioning of either the router or the display should resolve the issue. Customers continuing to experience issues with their UltraFine displays are advised to contact their nearest LG customer center for prompt service. LG apologizes for this inconvenience and is committed to delivering the best quality products possible so all LG UltraFine 27-inch 5K displays manufactured after February 2017 will be fitted with enhanced shielding. — LG

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, if they could only fix the external design or lack thereof.

Oh, and could you make your logo removable, LG? Thanks.

As we wrote early this month: “Apple ceding the display business damages the Apple brand. Apple does not lead in an essential personal computing component and other companies logos are destined to be in Mac users’ faces all day long. Not smart. Cook & Co. should reconsider their decision and make and sell Apple-branded displays. Direct profits aren’t the issue, ancillary profits are; smart executives like Cook should be able to recognize the power of perception.”

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  1. Put an Apple sticker over the LG one. Done! I’ve done this with a 30″ Dell monitor I’ve had for years. Just waiting on a Mac Pro I wanna buy (not this 2013 design misfire) before replacing the whole magilla and going 5K (or higher).

    I know, i may wait forever…

  2. This issue should never have made it through product design given LG’s experience with display electronics. Next, product testing and verification should have caught it during EMI/RFI testing. Probably an issue of inadequate/improper grounding…

    After the issue was identified in shipping units, I anticipated that it would be addressed quickly by LG. What concerns me is that I did not see a recall/replacement notice from LG for the initial flawed units. If I had purchased one, then I would demand a replacement.

  3. I use a Dell display with my 2008 MacPro and I can’t tell you how many times people come into my office and say, “I didn’t know you were a PC guy!”

    Apple should give us some options here, even if they have to give up the 38% profit margins.

    Or at least don’t recommend a 3rd party display that doesn’t really work as promised! Sheesh!

    Perception is important in this case.

  4. I agree this shouldn’t be an issue, but really… just how many does this truly affect? Who sets their router on their desk next to them?

    My home router is situated in another room and high up on a shelf near the ceiling to insure we get a good signal throughout the house.

    When we were running a publishing business, we did the same thing. Our routers have never been placed anywhere close to our desks or other equipment. Same with any other place I have worked or any vendor I did business with.

    FWIW, it was announced that previous units would be retrofitted with advanced shielding. But no mention as to whether or not owners will have to pay for it.

  5. “At Apple, we would rather explain the price of High Quality once, than have to explain the cost of Low Quality, as some companies do, year after year.” – Tim Gucci.

    Apple Staff: “I gotta hand it to ya, Tim, you do make a good handbag… wait… UHHHHHH…?”
    Tim Cook: “This isn’t Aldo Gucci Handbags… what the hell? This is Apple! And that embarrassing excuse for an Apple Monitor (LG 5k Display) is a poor excuse for quality! Get it off the market! NOW! DAMMIT! NOOOWW!!!”
    Apple Staff: “We can’t, sir!”
    Tim Cook: “Well, then take the Star rating thing down, dammit!”
    Apple Staff: “Yes, sir… might I suggest that you re-awaken the ‘Omnipotent One’?”
    Tim Cook: “Who?”
    Apple Staff: “You know, sir… the guy that designed the Original Apple Monitor! – the Chief Design Officer for Apple.”
    Tim Cook: “…?”
    Apple Staff: “If I may, sir… Maybe it’s time to deliver… we both know that Dominos won’t hire you, so let’s just re-introduce the Apple Monitor and add curved screen, larger size options, 5k res, add opacity to the physical device like in Minority Report (movie and series!) and have Jony Ive designs this killer rad screen with the higher level of quality that Apple Cultists are used to!?”
    Tim Cook: “DAMN you’re smart… how’d you come up with that?”
    Apple Staff: “I just thought, ‘What would Steve Jobs do?’”
    Tim Cook: “…Wooooooowwwwwww. Maybe I’ll try that…”
    Apple Staff: “…yeah… i was hoping you’d see it that way… (OMG)!”

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