Apple CEO Tim Cook named recipient of Newseum’s 2017 Free Expression Award

The Newseum announced today that Apple CEO Tim Cook will receive the Newseum’s 2017 Free Expression Award in the Free Speech category.

Cook, who has led Apple since August 2011, will be recognized for his leadership in creating technology that has had a profound impact on how we communicate. Further, he has used his spotlight to take a public stand on major societal issues, including racial equality, privacy, protecting the environment, access to education and LGBT rights. Cook will accept the award during a special event to be held at the Newseum on April 18, 2017.

The 2017 Free Expression Awards are presented in five categories. Honorees have taken personal or professional risks in sharing critical information with the public, have been censored or punished by authorities or other groups for their work, or have pushed boundaries in artistic and media expression.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
In addition to Cook, U.S. Rep. John Lewis will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award; Executive Director of Becket Law Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz will receive the Religious Freedom Award; ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Co-anchor Martha Raddatz will receive the Free Press Award; and Playboy Founder and Editor-in-Chief Hugh Hefner and Hatch Beauty Chairman Christie Hefner will jointly receive the Arts and Entertainment Award.

Winners will be honored at a special event at the Newseum on April 18, 2017. Catherine Merrill Williams, president and publisher of Washingtonian Media, will chair the dinner.

Source: The Newseum Institute

MacDailyNews Take: Congratualtions, Mr. Cook!


  1. Such an esteemed, impartial, unbiased journalist is Martha Radditz. For such an steemed, impartial, unbiased news team as ABC News, no less. So deserving of a “Free Press Award” is she. Watch her cry on air after Donald Trump trounces Hillary Clinton to win the U.S Presidency:

    1. Martha Radditz winning an award for anything other than the exemplary bastardization of her profession is akin to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

      What a joke.

      Congrats, Tim! Now, how about winning an award for the making a new Mac Pro that professional Mac users love?

    2. Trounces!! In whose alternate facts fecal hole do you have your head? Oh yes, the 3 million votes Cretin got beaten by do not count because in the alternate facts world, they were cast my illegals.

      1. The winner won according to the actual rules of the election. Sounds like you need someone to explain that to you… and some therapy for your anger issues. It sounds like you live in a very angry place. My sympathy to you!

  2. Well, the snowflakes at the Newseum have totally lost it since the Trump victory!

    I visit their website seven days a week to view newspaper pages from around the world. It is called, “Today’s Pages.” And incidentally, an app for that is available.

    When surfing the website, a link to the right of Today’s Pages is “TOP TEN.” The 10 best newspaper pages each day from around the world picked by Newseum staff featured with accompanying commentary. You have the option to download pdf’s of your choice, if you wish. Most excellent.

    Problem is, after decades of my favorite feature (Top Ten) was just DISCONTINUED this week on the news cycle morning Trump announced his SCOTUS pick. Sadly, no explanation was offered on the website for the decision and zero taxpayer accountability.

    I would respectfully ask everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to e-mail the Newseum staff to bring back the best of the best! 🌎🌍🌏

  3. Correction and my apologies. While the website eliminated the “TOP TEN” feature it is alive and well on the Apple app.

    That said, what is missing is on the app is staff commentary explaining their top picks.

    So, at this point we have the option to e-mail Newseum and request a normalcy to the website.

  4. Better still, I think the Norwegian Nobel Committee should give Cook the Nobel Peace Price, like they did the Kenyan. This moron is busy doing anything except making great, disruptive products. Just ask that jackass Hillary.

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