After exploding phones, beleaguered Samsung’s so-called battery fix still incomplete

“After four months of testing on over 200,000 phones, what did Samsung Electronics Co. determine caused its flagship Note 7 to catch fire? Bad batteries,” Geoffrey A. Fowler and Joanna Stern report for The Wall Street Journal. “Two separate sets of bad batteries made by two different companies, in fact. That’s like a meteor striking your house — twice.”

“Battery A had a design issue. The CliffsNotes version: There wasn’t enough room inside the battery for routine expansion of its component electrodes,” Fowler and Stern report. “Battery B had a welding issue caused by a manufacturing defect, which didn’t appear until production ramped up after Battery A was pulled from the market. The resulting microscopic burrs poked through barriers inside the battery.”

“Samsung is on an apology tour for the gobsmacking screwup that led to two successive recalls of the Note 7. In interviews with us, Samsung’s mobile chief, DJ Koh, and other executives shared stacks of testing photos, results of its investigation and its plans to improve quality control,” Fowler and Stern report. “At this point, we grade those efforts a C. Samsung was clearly serious about investigating the issue with the help of independent experts, but its explanation sometimes left us scratching our heads. While it has developed a new 8-point battery check for future phones, we don’t have a clear sense of whether these tests will raise the bar on safety, or simply catch Samsung up to other premium smartphone makers.”

“Many electronics, like hair dryers and laptops, are certified to international safety standards by third parties like UL. Phones used to be considered less risky because they had low voltage, but that’s no longer the case. Individual components, like charging plugs, may be certified, but whole smartphones aren’t,” Fowler and Stern write. “We’d like a smartphone certification seal that allows all of us to know the phone is safe… Samsung told us it will advertise its new safety plan and will contribute to a standardization body, but its executives were noncommittal when we asked about getting third parties involved in certifying the safety of its phones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who buys Samsung-branded products is a fool.

Samsung has no clue why their phones explode, yet they shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers they were safe.

Samsung are not only thieves, they’re liars, too.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Who are going to be the Guinea pig customers for Samsung’s next Galaxy phones? Maybe this is why they are delaying the launch of the S8. They need more time for the public to forget the explosions.

    1. No, not to forget!

      Samsung has OBVIOUSLY been deficient in both engineering, manufacturing and quality control issues for a Long Long Time.

      Given the problems they have had in home appliances (killer washing machines) and cell phones, there are fundamental issues to be solved throughout Samsung’s consumer products.

      My guess is the Board of Directors of Samsung are having a fit over their CEO’s involvement in bribes AND the consumer product problems and it is likely a lot of heads have rolled at this point.

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