How to use the Touch Bar with FaceTime on Apple’s new MacBook Pro

“With the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, video chatting is at your fingertips … literally!” Lory Gil writes for iMore. “The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is designed to give you easy access to the tools you use the most in your apps. If you’re using FaceTime, you can use the Touch Bar to start or end a video chat.”

“It’s pretty simple to call someone using the Touch Bar with FaceTime. You have to set up whom you want to talk to first,” Gil writes. “But once you have a contact selected, you can let your fingers do the walking.”

“While on a FaceTime call, you can quickly see how long you’ve been chatting. Check the running time directly under the contact’s name,” Gil writes. “You can also enter full screen mode, end the call, and mute your audio with just a tap on the Touch bar.”

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MacDailyNews Take: FaceTime is yet another app which shows off the usefulness and hints at the valuable potential of Apple’s revolutionary Touch Bar.

We want an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for our iMacs ASAP, Apple!


  1. “We want an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for our iMacs ASAP, Apple!”

    I would imagine your wish will be granted on the next rev…. …they need to give software developers a larger audience to code for if they want uptake from their ISVs.

  2. The whole idea that the toucher is some sort of gimmick really does show how short sighted some critics can be. This will be the norm on laptops within 5 years because it simply is the logical development of those dum function keys. Even though it ventures into its territory however it neither negates or supports the concept of a touch screen on a laptop they would coexist and provide the functions most suitable for each. Those who confuse that fact (be it inside or outside Apple) are misunderstanding the whole concept. Only if the whole (or at least most of) keyboard area becomes a touch screen could the ‘one or other’ argument take place and that doesn’t seem to be an option anytime soon.

    1. I would think the intermediate step of having user programmable physical function keys would be preferable for those that don’t want all their ‘function keys’ dependent on the durability/operation of a single touch sensitive interface. With physical keys if one goes bad it usually doesn’t take down the rest of them.

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