For Apple, this week is pure gravy

“Last year at this time, Apple had already closed the books on its all-important Christmas quarter. This year the company gets to add an extra seven days of sales” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt writes for Apple 3.0.

P.E.D. writes, “Reader Robert Paul Leitao of the Braeburn Group explains: ‘Ordinarily Apple’s fiscal quarters are exactly 13 weeks in length and always end on a Saturday. Because 365 days are not wholly divisible by 7, there’s a reminder day each year (2 days in a leap year). To realign the company’s fiscal quarters with calendar quarters, every 5 or 6 years (depending on the number of leap days in the multi-year period) Apple adds a 14th week to its first fiscal quarter. The last time this occurred was FQ1 2012 (the December-ending calendar quarter of 2011).'”

“Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um estimates that Apple could sell an extra 3 million iPhones in this, the 14th week of fiscal Q1 sales. RBC’s Amit Daryanani puts the number at 5 to 6 million,” P.E.D. writes. “Neither analyst factored in the untold numbers of AirPod sales that will flow to Apple’s books this quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All-time record quarter looms large.

On October 25th, Apple provided the following guidance for its fiscal 2017 first quarter:
• revenue between $76 billion and $78 billion
• gross margin between 38 percent and 38.5 percent
• operating expenses between $6.9 billion and $7 billion
• other income/(expense) of $400 million
• tax rate of 26 percent

Apple predicted to post all-time holiday quarter revenue record on strong iPhone 7/Plus sales – December 22, 2016


    1. Hard to prove one way or another the DOOM of a company by only looking at once facet (iPhone) of a company’s product line. You have to take into account what markets (general consumer, education, business, etc.) those products are selling into as well as how ‘outside’ factors the company is exposed to like international tax laws, dependency on outsourcing manufacturing and infrastructure will affect them.

        1. So called power users are certainly a vocal section of Apple’s user base, but only Apple has precise figures revealing how important that sector really is to Apple.

          We do know that Apple analyses it’s results very comprehensively and makes future decisions accordingly. Apple has a very clear idea of the significance of every market that it addresses, the rest of us can only speculate based upon our specific perceptions.

          1. With all due respect…..Nope…. that assumes Apple and its management can not make mistakes…
            Which is clearly incorrect.. as Apples Past is filled with mistakes. And sometimes very costly mistakes.

            People working at Apple are not gods… they are people … like you and me. ( some may be extraordinarily talanted, some average and some maybe extraordinarily misplaced )

            Leaving Power users out in the cold.. will do nothing but Hurt Apple.!…. its shortsighted for a computing/IT company !
            There is Zero reason why Apple cant accomodate all groups.. including the group that brings credence to their technological prowess and reputation and credibility , the vocal group who actualy knows what they are talking about..and expect the best from Apple…

            Zero reason for the richest, most valuable company to leave this very important and critical group out of the picture….
            (Including loosing their grip in the education sector )

            They need to wake up and see themselves beyond a shortsighted consumer-fashion company…

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