All I want for Christmas is a new Mac Pro!

“The ‘late 2013’ Mac Pro cylinder is one of the best Macs I’ve ever owned — and I’ve owned or used them all. It’s the epitome of ‘it just works,'” rob-ART morgan writes for Bare Feats. “Some take great delight in calling it the ‘TRASH CAN.’ I prefer to calling it the ‘TURBO TUBE.'”

“Though powerful, it runs cool and quiet all the time — cooler and quieter than any other Mac Pro or MacBook Pro,” morgan writes. “The 2013 Mac Pro uses one a large, low frequency, 15 dBA fan which loafs along at 790RPM, pulling air up from the bottom vents across the large extruded aluminum thermal core (aka heatsink), and out the top opening. A literal Mac chimney.”

“I recently compared the CPU power of the 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core 3.3GHz to the 2013 Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0GHz. Using Geekbench 4 CPU test, the ‘Turbo Tube’ scored 21179 for multi-core while the ‘Tower of Power’ with 4 more cores only managed 20458,” morgan writes. “As good as it is, the Mac Pro ‘Turbo Tube’ could be even better… Wouldn’t it be nice if the NeXT Mac Pro had an option of a 2TB 960 Pro based flash blade running at 3500MB/s? Even better would be an option for a striped pair of 960 Pro based flash blades going 7000MB/s!”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One more time: A new Mac Pro would do wonders for mollifying the professional Mac community.

If such a thing had appeared alongside the new MacBook Pro, many of the negative reactions currently littering the Mac web would have never happened.

But, as with many things under Tim Cook, there’s too much that seems to be a bit too little and way too late.


  1. I was planning on buying my wife a MacBook Pro, which she doesn’t really need to since her 2012 one is in great shape, but I think we should all boycott Apple hardware until Apple decides that professionals are worth its attention.

    1. Another words, the reason to buy a Mac is to believe there’s a future in the Mac. With the way Apple and Tim Cook are behaving, I don’t believe there’s a future in the Mac necessarily. This is a disgusting tragedy.

      1. As the owner of a design studio, I’ve been using and buying Macs (more than I can count) for 25 years. My wife just gave me my first Apple Watch today. Lately is the first time I’m giving any credence to the rumors that Apple has lost interest in its Macs. I have to seriously wonder if professionals will really go for a new Mac Pro, given the inexcusable lag time in updating it. Unless a new release is accompanied by a promise of regular updates, why would anyone sink that kind of money into it? If it’s dead, tell us and we’ll figure out where to go from here. Otherwise, do your job and continue giving us the computers which have always delighted us!

    1. I use a 98″ LG 4K TV as my computer screen. Really. Its wonderful for working, collaborating and I don’t need to wear reading glasses which is a bonus.

      It would be perfect for a MacPro but an iMac wouldn’t work with at all. My desk only has my keyboard and trackpad on it, the TV is on the wall.

      I might be extreme, but anyone who wants to choose their desktop computer monitor doesn’t want an iMac. We want Mac Pro’s, if and when they are ever competitive again.

    2. Xeon processors are greater for very long periods of use when a machine will be running 24-7 for multiple users. They are best when reliability is the top priority and not pure performance as they usually run slightly slower than i7 parts. To get more performance they offer more cores not faster ones, so they should be considered for 8-10 cores or more cores.

      On an iMac it means the machine is intended as a workstation class hardware and possible it will be a different iMac “Pro”. If this iMac comes to life I ask Apple to please consider a machine that could be user serviceable and also to include a PCI GPU, not a soldered part that will make it hard to connect to other computers or impossible to upgrade or change.

  2. The market for Macs would grow again if Apple showed consistent attention to it. With Cook chasing fashion and iOS consumers, Apple has fallen dramatically behind in mainstream and business markets. Sales and software availability for the Mac are not growing now because
    apple doesn’t listen.

    The new MacBook Pro shows how out of touch the leaders are. You can get a decent Wintel machine for 1/3 of the price, and it runs more premium software titles, and now its just as easy to plug and play as the Mac. Sorry, but the touchbar isn’t worth that kind of premium, the macOS GUI is no longer way better than Windows, and Apple has done a poor job attracting developers to its flagship platform. Not saying Windows is a better user experience — they both are rather ugly and unintuitive now — but the value proposition of the Mac is an embarrassment. As Apple thins, seals, and removes user features, old times continue to eek out more life from their old Macs that they love. The changeover cost for less user-friendly hardware, dongle madness, and the total lack of user upgradeability makes new Macs very unattractive. Pushing more iOS and iCloud onto the Mac is not the answer.

  3. You want a new Mac Pro?
    Well Pipeline Tim and his friend Jony say take a look at these new watch bands. They were handwoven by indigenous artisan Martians and shipped to Apple on Gold powered spaceships.


    Maybe you might want to see the new emoji- now even more culturally sensitive with Kwanzaa Claus. And yes, those are Beats headphones he is wearing.

    You really don’t want a desktop Mac, do you?

  4. Barefeats articles are always interesting.

    other articles there show that although the Cylinder has better CPU if you load a new graphics card into the 2010 Cheeser the GPU performance can be several times faster.
    (i.e a 6 year old machine closely matches the mulitcore performance of a new MP : 20458 to 21179 is close — but beats the pants off the new MP in GPU performance. )

    Also a 12 core 2010 MP can be got for under 2000 while a base D700 (16 GB RAM 256 GB Drive) is $4600.

    I have a 980 Ti in a box right now ready for my second Cheese Grater.

    I did NOT want to go the upgrade the Cheeser route, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT A NEW TOWER MAC PRO but Apple leaders are occupied with Coffee Table books, Christmas Trees, debates on Kanye West, and fashion shows like the Apple sponsored Met Gala etc….

  5. Tim cook is ALWAYS ON THIS SOAPBOX about Apple
    ‘doing the right thing’ ‘acting honourably’ ‘helping minorities’ etc YET is Apple ABANDONING Pro Users whom Apple Marketed for years saying they were committed to the Pro market ‘honourable’ ? Some pros listening to Apple’s marketing spiel have invested thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands into the pro Mac ecosystem. Are CUSTOMER minorities less valuable to T.C than OUTSIDE minorities , i.e is T.C’s soapbox a load of B.S (honour disappears when you count dollars ?) .

    (NOTE I’m a social ‘liberal’, I all for women’s, gay , minority etc rights, I’m just saying T.C’s stand seem’s disingenuous and hypocritical when you consider how he treats the ‘minority’ of his Pro customers )

    I don’t believe MPs (especially if the built TOWERS) and Mac Minis lose money , they just make less than iPhones (which make more than any product on the planet). Macs make more than iPads ,iPad revenues have fallen to about HALF peak a few years ago. But the now powerful Apple bean counters just want to focus on the Mac middle to get the BEST returns (this bean counter attitude can be seen with the new MBP which is HYBRID of a Mac Book AIR and a MBP — instead of building TWO models i.e the new MBP is a lux Air and a real 32 GB or more thicker heavier more feature Pro they lumped them TOGETHER to save production costs ).

    I use to admire Tim Cook’s moral stands but his treatment of loyal Pro users has eroded my belief.

  6. I own and operate 14 different corporations. I understand leadership, allocation and direction, as well as marketing. I handle marketing for some major world brands. When Tim became the CEO I was happy to see the leader come from within. Over the past few years it has been more and more frustrating to watch his POOR decision making. Having the biggest business in the world, with the most money and a huge customer base, you would think Tim would LEAD the charge and UNDERSTAND the history of the mac brand. Under Steve, we saw yearly product re-freshes and faster innovation. We also saw better execution from announce to release (product to market). Since Tim took over, he has failed at this at almost every new product launch. His approach truly does not understand what a eco-system is, nor how it needs all the variables to function properly. This is something I completely understand, as almost all my companies are vertically integrated. I have patiently sit back and observed Tim’s decisions and I am not impressed. I have been a major share holder for a long time of AAPL (when it was under $30 a share). I have watched him fail on the Holiday quarter a few times now. He ignores the core, loyal mac base that held the company up. To come out and say you are “committed” to the pro market, only to ignore it for 3 years is very telling of someone who is full of b.s.
    I am willing to bet a new CEO would bring new life to the company. It’s such a shame Tim learned really nothing from Steve, who was a great leader and had WAY more productivity from his employees than Tim does. It’s embarrassing to watch the lack of new things coming out of Apple since Tim had lead the charge. The acquisition’s I have watch Tim waste money on, when he would have invested in his talented team around him (see Beats), is just clueless. $3 BILLION???? Even at $3 million I would have declined that investment. $3 BILLION for headphones???? And I know some people think it was for the beats eco system… but wasn’t Apple the KING of eco-systems? A good leader would have CREATED his own, not bought one based on trending hype. As a investor, I am waiting to see my return on the $3 BILLION dollar investment. It’s like the weak leading the weak over there. Eddie Cue not securing the TV deals like Steve would have done, tells me he’s not the best negociator. Remember when Eddie was “meeting with all the execs”? Well, what happened? Nothing. Weak. For me to take any time out of my day to rant about this just shows you how pissed off I am at the results of Tim’s poor leadership. This is why I want him GONE! I have a massive reach thru some of my corporations, but I am trying to keep this to the mac community and get enough attention to his jackass that he understand how pissed off his loyal customers and investors are at his empty promises. I am done with it!

    Please sign this. It takes 30 seconds. Maybe someone will notice it and it can add to the mountain of evidence for Apple to change, even it is to change the CEO

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