Apple asked to help to unlock iPhone 4s of assassin who killed Russian ambassador in Turkey

“On December 19, Andrei Karlov, the ambassador to Turkey, was killed in Ankara by an off-duty police officer in a terrorist attack, as the ambassador gave a speech at an art gallery in Ankara,” Serhat Kurt reports for Mac Reports. “The killer bypassed the security checks by showing his police ID, pretending that he was Karlov’s official bodyguard . The shooter was killed by Turkish special forces in a shoutout.”

“An iPhone 4s was recovered from the shooter,” Kurt reports. “But the phone was locked with a 4 digit passcode.”

“Turkish police and Russian authorities want to crack the PIN code on the device to access its content,” Kurt reports. “Although Apple has not said anything yet, it is clear that Apple will not help.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They don’t need Apple’s help to crack 4-digit PIN code on an iPhone 4s.

For those who value their privacy, lock your iPhone with a custom alphanumeric code.


    1. This is how fake news gets started. Article says: “it is clear that Apple will not help.” Yet MDN’s headline conveys the exact opposite meaning (either intentionally or a typo).

      No matter…alt-Mac community is gonna run with it! 😉

  1. Fake new is lies. Humans have been lying, exaggerating, embellishing, distortioning, prevaricating for thousands of years. This is hardly something new or recent. It’s fundamental to humanity.

    1. There is actually no need to hack the guy’s smartphone. He is Wahhabi/Salafi terrorist; he has quoted Osama Bin Laden after the murder.

      Interestingly enough the ambassador whom the terrorist killed has helped to broker a deal that allowed even the murderer’s Al-Qaeda pals to leave Aleppo alive. And now the probability of such deals has decreased.

      For those who did not have time to understand what has happened to Aleppo, search for “The Truth About #Aleppo : Victory Tribute” video on YouTube. It is just five minutes, but it is epic: it shows things that the establishment pro “regime change” media have never shown.

  2. My recollection is that Apple can potentially help unlock older iPhones with older versions if iOS. More recent versions are much more secure and Apple has refused as a matter of policy and ability to help access the contents.

    You don’t have to be a criminal to appreciate a corporation that actually puts consumer privacy ahead of profits. That alone could justify my loyalty to Apple. But there are many other reasons to appreciate Apple in addition to that commitment to consumer privacy. The people who are threatening to shift to Windows and Android should consider that very carefully before making the leap. Instead, consider ways in which you can help improve the Apple experience. Get involved and make your voice heard. Don’t expect Apple to visit MDN and attempt to sieve your gripes out of the morass of politicrap and whining.

    1. “Don’t expect Apple to visit MDN and attempt to sieve your gripes … ”

      Thoughtful post.

      But then the above quote triggered my response.

      Not only should Apple employees be assigned to read every MDN comment on every post every day — they should enter thoughtful constructive comments into a spreadsheet program BY CATEGORY.

      Then chart the responses by percentage according to categories like Mac Pro where are you, etc., etc.

      The people at Apple are smart enough to sort the trash from the helpful responses.

      Customer feedback should be priority one, not just at Apple, but every company making a buck …🎄⭐️🎄

          1. Three thoughts: there is indeed a certain amount of unbalanced thinking amongst MDN comments. I daresay no-one would disagree with that in general, only in specific terms, based on one’s own biases. Also, questioning the veracity of public information, in any venue and at any time, is never off-topic. If it is, the website is censorious: fine for an exclusive fraternity but not a good thing if we desire an informed public. Third, Apple is already condemned to Hell by their detractors. Forcing them to read the comments on the forum during their trip down the River Styx is just plain mean.

        1. Obviously, I could not disagree more. Your 90% seems high and of course, it is a guess. The point is it could be one or two posts amongst hundreds or even thousands that could make Apple better. They are smart enough to sift through the bad in search of the good …

    2. So ‘you’ represent Apple? It’s been ‘you’ all along?

      “You don’t have to be a criminal to appreciate a corporation that actually puts consumer privacy ahead of profits.”

      Not even wrong! You can’t be serious. They don’t want the hassle and expense of dealing with it. If a ‘back door’ get’s legislated I guarantee you they will comply.

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