Ireland accuses EU of exceeding power in Apple tax grab

“Ireland accused the European Commission on Monday of exceeding its powers and interfering with the EU member’s national sovereignty over tax affairs in ruling that Apple owes Dublin billions of euros in taxes, saying it had failed to give proper reasons for its decision,” Conor Humphries reports for Reuters.

“In September the Irish government agreed to join with Apple in appealing against the Commission’s order that the U.S. company must pay Dublin up to 13 billion euros ($14 billion) after ruling the firm had received illegal state aid in avoiding paying such taxes,” Humphries reports. “On Monday both Ireland and Apple laid out the legal arguments that would form the basis of their appeals.”

“‘The Commission has manifestly breached its duty to provide a clear and unequivocal statement of reasons in its decision, in relying simultaneously on grossly divergent factual scenarios, in contradicting itself as to the source of the rule that Ireland is said to have breached, and in suggesting that Ireland granted aid in relation to profits taxable in other jurisdictions,’ the Irish government said in a statement,” Humphries reports. “[Ireland] said Apple’s subsidiaries did not receive special treatment in the 1991 and 2007 tax opinions at the center of the case, and that the company’s treatment did not depart from normal taxation, the statement said. It then said the commission had overstated the level of profits attributable to Apple subsidiaries Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, to be fair, this is only because poor Margrethe is an idiot politician. Go back to Denmark, you’re in over your head – unless your agenda is to destroy the EU from the inside out, in which case: Carry on, you’re doing a hell of a job!

Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union vassal state today is insane.

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  1. MDN: “Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union vassal state today is insane.”
    No…that assertion is the insane bit. Why is trying to build a successful enterprise, whatever the financial conditions or country specific difficulties- a bad thing?
    Do you only give approval and points to American companies?
    Is it your opinion that everywhere outside US borders is a waste of space and effort?
    If so, a message from the rest of the world…”Go fsck yourself”

    1. MDN/SteveJack/Apple Fanboys:

      Apple can never do wrong. Everyone is always wrong, Apple and its cult are always right.

      MDN is bipolar and delusional. Apple is nothing more than a for profit corporation. They are equal under the law. Period.

      The EU has not “targeted” Apple anymore than a Police Officer targets you for speed enforcement. Not everyone gets caught speeding, and it would be impossible to meet that standard. But that’s no excuse to speed: it’s illegal.

      Same too here: not all tax cheats will be prosecuted, but that doesn’t excuse anyone from running afoul of the Tax Code: there is no statute of limitations on tax breaches.

      The law is the law, and we’ll see how it plays out here.

  2. It’s actually Ireland being “punished” here, but Apple is expected to do the paying. Apple should pay and then sue Ireland for making representations that as an EU member nation they did not have the authority to make.

    Ireland does not have the right to waive taxes for monies earned elsewhere in the EU.

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