Apple’s iOS 10.2 has three nasty surprises

“While iOS 10.2 does contain a fun surprise, it doesn’t bring the crucial fixes many users crave and instead carries something else you might not have been expecting,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes.

Nasty Surprise #1: ‘30% Bug’ Made Even WorseIt is a problem which causes many models of iPhone to die when their battery reaches about 30% of charge remaining… iOS 10.2 brings no fixes for this issue… Moreover, some users are reporting iOS 10.2 makes the problem even worse on their devices.

Nasty Surprise #2: New Tracking Telemetry Is On Your DeviceThe plus side to the 30% Bug is Apple has promised to look into it and said it would release a software update this week which would track the battery consumption on iPhones to help the company get to the bottom of the problem. That’s all well and good but – surprise – it turns out the tracking software is baked into iOS 10.2 and no mention of this was made in the release notes.

Nasty Surprise #3: Broken EarPods Stay BrokenThe microphone from Apple Earpods is malfunctioning during calls due to a software glitch.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, all three of these issue (#2 is just an oversight, we think) will be remedied with iOS 10.2.1.

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    1. It’s fair to judge an admin after 8 years.

      Not only is it unfair to judge newly elected officials, its ignorant and immature.

      Careful, your Obama phone minutes are getting low… and your mother would like to know if you want your mac and cheese al dente.


      1. Chase, your point of view is understandable, but no more accurate than frogster.

        You can see for yourself the track records of the nominees that Trump has brought forth. They are almost entirely political hacks with zero expertise in the areas they are supposed to perform. Trump hasn’t nominated reformists, he has chosen only people who agree with his ignorant views, or who didn’t criticize him in the past year. Crony capitalism to the extreme.

        Want to see the list so far?

        Commerce: Wilbur Ross, billionaire investor and former Rothschild banker known as the “king of bankruptcy.”.

        Defense: James “Mad Dog” Mattis, Marine Corps general who retired in 2013. Famous for racist and undiplomatic views.

        Education: Betsy DeVos, billionaire inheritor and conservative christian power broker. Claimed that education reform is a “way to advance God’s kingdom”.

        Energy: Rick Perry, former Texas governor and two-time presidential candidate who, when his memory worked, claimed on campaign trail that he would eliminate the Energy Department. Also stated, “Let no one be mistaken Donald Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised, and discarded.”

        Heath and Human Services: Tom Price, 6 term professional politician, extreme right wing Georgia congressman, former physician who claims scrapping the ACA is his top priority. Proposed privatizing Medicare and a rollback of protections for insurance for anyone with preexisting conditions — currently a significant cause of personal bankruptcy.

        Homeland Security: John F. Kelly, Marine Corps general and former head of US Southern Command (which includes running of Guantanamo Bay resort) who retired in February 2016.

        Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 presidential candidate. Zero experience in housing market.

        Interior: Ryan Zinke, congressman from Montana, historically has backed giveaways to oil companies to take resouces from public lands

        Justice (attorney general): Jeff Sessions, U.S. senator from Alabama who was rejected for his candidacy for a federal judgeship in 1986, blocked by the republican-led senate judiciary committee due to racist views. Actively stalled civil rights cases in Alabama.

        Labor: Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. fast-food chains, famously against laws that protect laborers from abuse and proud advertiser of scantily clad women eating hamburgers.

        State: Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil CEO, famous for crafting profitable and semi-legal oil deals with Nigerian warlords and communist dictators, which provides no benefits whatsoever to the native people who live on land above the oil.

        Transportation: Elaine Chao, labor secretary for George W. Bush, deputy transportation secretary for George Bush, former Peace Corps director; married to Sen. Mitch McConnell, political hack. Former immigrant whose father, a shipping magnate in New York, registers his vessels in Liberia — one of which had 40kg of cocaine seized by narcotics officers.

        Treasury: Steven Mnuchin, former investment banker, Trump campaign finance chairman and foreclosure specialist — formerly from Solmon Brothers and Goldman Sachs.

        Environmental Protection Agency: Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general who opposes everything the EPA stands for.

        Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon, World Wrestling Entertainment CEO. Fake wrestling fanatic who has no qualifications for aiding Main Street.

        Ambassador to the United Nations: Nikki Haley, South Carolina governor, political hack with zero international experience.

        Agriculture: TBD One can only assume Monsanto CEO is on the short list, small farmers be damned.

        Veterans Affairs: TBD. Trump has zero military experience, so don’t expect much.

        Chief of Staff: Slimy politico and GOP chairman Reince Priebus. Or is that Prince Slow Bus?

        Political Strategist: Stephen Bannon, racist propagandist.

        National Security Advisor: Michael Flynn — republican in name only and father of Michael G Flynn, controversial lobbyist for Turkish president Erdogan, who is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

        You would think that draining the swamp would involve hiring business leaders, economists, and diplomats who had some skills solving problems the USA now faces. Instead we see military excesses, Wall Street profiteers, and corrupt politicians offered positions in the Trump administration. America got conned.

        1. Conned? As in “hope and change” – like that? Or more like “great uniter”? Maybe you mean “post racial America”. Maybe that’s the phrase you think of when you use words like “conned”.

          Wait until the body of work is complete before you make rash judgements, you flowery scented, vaginal rinse apparatus.


          1. Both parties are cons.

            Hope and Change is just as empty as Make America Great Again.

            I don’t have any faith that Trump’s definition of Great matches the imaginations of all the people who voted for the multi-bankrupt businessman who refused to offer his tax returns to demonstrate his supposed business experience. Born rich, Trump merely perfected the art of getting other people to pay for his lifestyle. Now Americans will pay greatly for it.

        2. The only problem was that Hillary had a equally bad basket of deplorables. It was a choice between eating a shit sandwich and rancid roadkill, you can decide which is which.

          The Wikileaks emails showed Hillary was selling a completely different Presidency to Wall Street than she was to the low information “I’m with her” crowd. Polling showed she was a problematic candidate before the first debate in Iowa, yet the Clintonistas were determined to shove her rather large ass over the line by any means necessary.

          I worked as a volunteer with the Sanders Campaign and the polling over a year before election day showed she was in trouble for the general election against almost any Republican candidate. Hillary had the highest negatives of any Democratic nominee in history.

          1. I disagree. Under Trump you have an incompetent cabinet, the promise of bible-thumpers on the Supreme Court, and if any of the campaign promises are remotely true, a slate of disastrous policies that will
            – add to federal debt via huge increases in military spending
            – piss off trading partners, harming American companies
            – shut off immigration, which restricts labor supply. Steve Jobs’ own father wouldn’t have been allowed in, as he was Syrian.
            – cause long lasting environmental destruction
            – inflict a huge economic mess caused by crony capitalism. it is not okay for the president to hold special meetings only with his favorite companies. Industries need fair, level playing fields with honest transparent — not simpleminded — rules for everyone
            – finally, you don’t want an isolationist, misogynist, bankruptcy prone liar who insults half of the people he meets as a leader.

            What would Hillary offer? Essentially the same basic policies that the Bill Clinton years offered. Despite his extra curricular activities, Bill did run a centrist agenda.
            – presided over longest period of peacetime economic expansion in US history
            – in 1993 budget, cut taxes for 90% of small businesses. Lowered taxes on ~15 million low income families and paid for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest 1.2% of taxpayers. This is largely credited with the economic boom.
            – deployed American troops to peacekeeping missions only, no offensive foreign wars
            – signed NAFTA which was heavily lobbied for by US corporations
            – Signed anti-crime bills that increased police budgets, expanded death penalty for 60 categories of violent felons
            – instituted welfare reforms
            – insulated the USA from foreign debt crises (Mexico, Japan)

            It is amazing to me how current rightie pundits ignore the accomplishments or simply attriibute them to their team. The common refrain is that democrats tax & spend, but the Clinton years saw impressive fiscal discipline whereas Bush 43 presided over the greatest expansion in federal bureaucracy ever, started 2 offensive foreign wars, ignored banking oversights and plunged the nation into the biggest recession since the 1930’s. Who get’s the blame for that in the minds of First Whatever and the rest of the Faux News henchmen? Bush’s successor, of course.

            Remember this: it is 2016 unemployment is 4.6%, wages are rising, the federal budget is stable if not balanced, 22 million more people have healthcare than in 2010, and the USA is not committing additional combat troops to foreign wars. The S&P500 is surging and US corporations have had the best 8 years of growth since — well, since Bill Clinton was in office in the roaring 1990’s. Since this isn’t good enough for 48% of the electorate, let’s check back on those numbers again in 2020, shall we? I predict short term boom before the bust in 2018-2019. Why? Because Trump is the least fiscally disciplined candidate that Americans could have possibly chosen.

  1. With all these quality issues, did Apple take a page out of the Android playbook? Quick – where’s Andy Rubin? Hiding in Apple’s labs?
    Recent quality of finished product has been terrible. I’m not switching, but I’m not delighted.

  2. LOL…don’t get an iPhone! Apple uses it fan base to test its software releases and doesn’t give a rats arse about what their customers think, no really they don’t despite they say they do.

    1. Do you not know how to read people are annoyed. Samsung is best because they deserved to be bashed there a piece of shi-. My only concern is Apple is going to turn into Samsung. Let’s hope not

  3. I’m not certain but this feels sorta like fake news or maybe misleading news. If you are having battery problems it’s likely due to a battery problem that is causing it to degrade too fast. Go to Apple and have them assess if you have a phone with the bad battery component. If so, schedule a Genius Bar appointment to have them replace the battery for free. That’s what I did and the problems have stopped. Had nothing to do with the os version for me.

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