Apple iPhone is a life saver: Girl, aged 3, uses FaceTime to get help for her unconscious mother

“A girl aged just three has been hailed a hero after she called for help when she couldn’t wake her mum,” Dave Snelling reports for The Daily Star. “Little Mikayla Riches found her mum, Tracey, lying motionless on the sofa and raised the alarm by calling her grandmother using FaceTime.”

“The youngster calmly picked up her mum’s iPhone, typed in her password and made the video call to her grandmother Colette, 52,” Snelling reports. “Soon after the FaceTime call was made Paramedics arrived where Mrs Riches was found to be severely dehydrated.”

“The lucky mum, who had been unconscious for around half an hour, also had desperatley low blood pressure and so was taken into to hospital for treatment,” Snelling reports. “[Tracy said], ‘Mikayla saved my life.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good work, Mikayla!

iPhone, lifesaver.


    1. Not necessarily. The primary advantage of the iOS is its exceptionally intuitive user interface, which even 3-year old can work. It may be more than she can handle on an Android to find a proper app in order to call grandma. Don’t forget, this girl likely still can’t read yet.

    2. Anyone?? This was a 3 year old. Push and work is critical and searching 5 apps is not in a 3 year old pattern.

      Maybe if she has a samsung 7 she could call the fire dept after the phone catches fire and sets off the smoke detectors. ???

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