Four arrested after vehicle smashes into Palo Alto Apple Store in brazen heist

“Police have arrested four suspects after a team of thieves brazenly invaded a Peninsula Apple Store early Sunday morning,” Ted Andersen reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Palo Alto police said 8-10 burglars stormed an Apple Store in downtown Palo Alto just after 4 a.m. after crashing a rented SUV through the shop’s 40-foot-tall glass windows. Officers responding to a dispatch call found a badly damaged 2016 Kia Soul abandoned on the sidewalk near the scene at 340 University Ave,” Andersen reports. “Officers then located a second vehicle at 445 Bryant Street, just across the street from the Apple Store, with numerous Apple computers and phones lying on the ground nearby, which they recovered.”

“Officers searching the area detained four individuals for questioning, all of whom were later placed under arrest for burglary, vandalism and conspiracy felony charges,” Andersen reports. “Police arrested 19-year-old Shaquin K. Ferguson and 18- year-old Erica Jaynisha White as well as two teenage males.”

Read more and see the mughots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Palo Alto 24-hour dispatch center at (650) 329-2413. Anonymous tips can also be e-mailed to or sent via text message or voice mail to (650) 383-8984.

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  1. Shaquin and Jaynisha. Typical.

    “If I had a son, he’d look like Shaquin, but he’d be much lighter since I’m a mulatto myself.” – Barack Hussein Obama, racist divider who failed in his attempt to destroy the US from the inside out

    1. I’m not so sure Obama was attempting to destroy the U.S.

      I think he was, instead, simply ill-equipped for the job (look no further than his inability to build any consensus and tendency to stay cloistered in the White House, totally unable to work across the aisle) and subscribed to a statist ideology that was destined to fail.

      The job growth Trump will unleash will be Reganesque.

      As for Obama being a racist divider, that he certainly was. No president would say “If I had a son…” if he wasn’t trying to incite racial tensions, unless he was just too ignorant to know better or too narcissistic to care.

        1. Shame on all three of you.

          This is not a political post. It’s about crime at an Apple Store. Thankfully the perps got caught without anyone getting hurt.

          For the record Obama was working with a congress that vowed to block him at every turn. Even if he proposed change that the GOP wanted, they wouldn’t give him any air to breath. It was all about him being in the White House, and you know it.

          To Hell in a hand basket, 1/20.

            1. It took 2 years to implement the AHA. It was a formerly republican plan (Romney implemented it in MA). And of course it was a major gift to insurance companies in order to gain corporate support. But end result is that millions gained insurance. The last 6 years of the Obama administration, the republican congress vowed to replace the AHA but never did. They vowed to repeal it and spent an inordinate amount of time revoting it, a total waste of time and taxpayer money. In the next few years, if the republican party does do anything related to healthcare, please be intellectually honest and evaluate them on persons covered versus costs incurred and by whom. I would be willing to be that no cost to anyone will go down unless you choose the freedom of being a parasite on society and live with no insurance, expecting emergency room care at top taxpayer dollar to resolve easily preventable issues that the AHA ensures that every American should have as a minimum standard.

              Ironic how the extreme righties want high standards for everything but the health of their fellow countrymen.

          1. You LIKE Obama. He can do no wrong in your eyes. That is the problem with people we like. It isn’t what is right in our eyes, it is WHO is right and it usually is those we side with, unfortunately.

            I didn’t vote for him because he didn’t express my values. He WAS (and still IS, at the moment) my president. I hoped that he would bring some healing to this country and do some things for the poverty level, but it only got worse. (I live an a large generational poverty area of the country and see it daily. It has gotten worse.

            No, it wasn’t the Republicans blocking him as you “see” it. Remember the times he wanted HIS budget and refused to pay the military and other governmental bills, blaming it on Republicans? And then spent 50 times that in what he tried to hide as secret money to Iran? Shut the government down, blame the other side, send much more money than that is secret pay off in cash to another country. Nothing, no way to justify that or explain it.

            1. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That was Iran’s money. Can you say that slowly, that was Iran’s money.

              You do know that congress spends money? Not the President. Oh wait, no you don’t. Truth is so foreign to you.

  2. Sadly we will have to go through a lot of these until word gets out that it doesn’t work. Apple knows what equipment was stolen, the computers and phones will be worthless. I hate the property damage but am glad there were no injuries.

  3. This has become the Breitbart, white nationalist Mac user group page. Can’t do it anymore. Plenty of other sites with real Apple related news. Not to mention site design has always sucked. Looks like an amateur blog so it kinda makes sense. See ya.

    1. Or perhaps, there are more folks that share an anti-liberal politics view than you think? Perhaps most Americans outside of NYC and CA are sick and tired of their country focusing more on bathroom rights for a handful of Americans, rather than jobs for all of those unemployed? Perhaps this is why we elected an outsider to shake up Washington? Did that ever cross your mind?

    2. It is just like Germany in the 1930s where people’s racist bigoted tendencies were made ‘legitimate’ by a ‘strong’ leader. We have not yet seen the rise of the Brown Shirts to coral the rest of us but the Bigot in Chief hasn’t even taken office yet. Give it a chance yet. Maybe it won’t be very bad.

      After the masses realize that a government of the rich by the rich is for the rich, maybe they will finally resist and stop the rise of the oligarchy. In the meanwhile, we have to endure this political abuse. Its only 8 more years after all. Yes, the US voters are that thick.

  4. We need tougher penalties for such crimes, including property destruction.
    I think default should be 2-3 years of hard labor, and by hard I mean rock quarry, building railroad tracks in Alaska, etc.

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