Apple offers free battery replacement for ‘very small number’ of iPhone 6s units with unexpected shutdown issue

“Apple has admitted that some iPhone 6S devices can suddenly shut down for no apparent reason,” Sherisse Pham reports for CNN. “The tech giant is offering owners of the problematic smartphones free replacement batteries.”

“‘A very small number’ of iPhone 6S devices manufactured between September and October 2015 are affected, Apple said in a statement Monday,” Pham reports. “It didn’t provide details on the battery fault that is causing the phones to unexpectedly go dark. Apple said the battery problem is ‘not a safety issue.'”

“Apple’s announcement comes less than a week after a consumer watch group in China launched an investigation into the problem,” Pham reports. “‘A considerable number’ of Chinese users reported their iPhone 6 and 6S devices would suddenly turn off despite showing plenty of battery life, the China Consumers Association said in a statement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, it’s good to see Apple identify an issue and correct it for their users. This is part of why user satisfaction is so high with Apple’s iPhone.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but I had the impression that the battery issues cropped up a while ago in several areas and the China 6s article had to come out before Apple decided it was a problem worth dealing with.

  2. I had that exact issue! Bought the phone on “opening day.” Around Christmas, I started having occasional sudden power-offs, usually in colder weather and usually while I was trying to take photos. A visit to the Apple Store resulted in a recommendation to wipe the software clean and start fresh. This only happened in clusters every month or two, so it was a while before I eventually tackled that task. No effect on the issue (though with its intermittence it took some time to discover that).

    I kept copies of the “low battery” error logs showing it dying at 20, 30, even 40+ percent and scheduled a second Genius Bar visit. The guy suggested it was still a software issue (“Maybe that iOS update you haven’t applied yet fixes it”) and, upon seeing the error logs I kept, noted that he’s not an engineer, and besides, goes did her know I hadn’t forged them or something? Yeah. So that was a wasted visit.

    I did get a sympathetic ear from the guy scheduling appointments, though, so I decided to give it one more try the week before my warranty expired. This time the Genius who helped me plugged the phone into a laptop for his diagnostic. Very quickly he noted that there were indications of a bad battery. And he surprised me when he said, “Yeah, and my records show there were bad battery indications during your last visit, too.” (I guess they were also bad Genius indications.)

    Basically, they offered to set up an appointment to replace the battery. When I went in for that appointment, they ended up just giving me a new phone.

    I guess I should’ve just saved myself all that effort and waited for this announcement! 😀

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