Apple debuts new ‘Bulbs’ TV commercial for MacBook Pro

Apple has debuted a new TV commercial for the new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

The full-length, oddly-timed 1:37 piece will likely be cut into digestible TV spot lengths of :90, :60, and :30 if Apple intends to run it on cable and broadcast networks.

Apple’s description of the new spot reads:

Ideas have always pushed the world forward. Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come. The new MacBook Pro.

Direct link to the video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fire. The wheel. Flight. Touch Bar. Alrighty then.

At 1:37, it takes awfully long to get to where it going. It’ll work better (get the point across, i.e. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar!) in shorter lengths.

I’m one of those people that think Thomas Edison and the light bulb changed the world more than Karl Marx ever did. — Steve Jobs, November 1983


  1. Earth to Tim Cook and Apple: I saw all of those old products in this commercial, including the Macintosh.

    As Jobs said, he got rid of the museum at Apple and donated it to Stanford. He didn’t want people living in the past.

    Stop living in the past. Stop being pretentious and arrogant. Out of all of that mess of a commercial, it’s hard to understand what the benefits are of the new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar, or what you’re selling.

    Remember, Apple wants these to replace the consumer notebook MacBook Air, and is competing with Windows machines where Mac sales have declined.

    Gotta jeep it simple, focus on the product and explain visually what its purpose and use cases are.

    Another terrible ad, one that is dark and dreary. This makes me feel like crap because of how depressing it looks and feels.

    Don’t even get me started on that recent, stupid gas station parking lot nightmare commercial they did for the iPhone 7.

  2. It’s not often that Apple airs a complete miss in terms of a video commercials. The last one that comes to mind is “Lemmings” from Super Bowl 1985. This spot is so off the mark, in the apocryphal words of Wolfgang Pauli, “it isn’t even wrong”

  3. the ad was so so.

    reason why I don’t want to beat up on it too much is because I’ve been harping for Apple to make Mac ads (dozens of forum posts) . (maybe someone at Apple reads fan forums?) .

    Apple didn’t even run a serious Mac campaign during the Win 8 fiasco years (allowing Msft. to bounce back and ship 300 million copies of Win 10).

    by SERIOUS Mac campaign I allude to things like Mac PC guy: where Jobs had one NEW ad a MONTH — 66 ads in 4 years. Note Macs still make billions today, makes more than iPad and heck a lot more than Watch, Beats, Music etc and with 10% market share it’s got room to grow.

    So more Mac Marketing (of course IMPROVE those ads) , I want Mac sales to grow to give Apple’s bean counters no excuse to stop building Macs and to upgrade them timely.

    1. Apple is getting ready to heed Steve’s advice and let Mac die its long overdue death. He said “I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth — and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done.”

      PC as the computing device is a relic from the past century. Those of us old enough to remember Commodore and Amiga are still quite well set in their ways, and most will fight back at the idea of replacing a desktop PC with something else, but the reality is, desktop computing is holding the world back and there are other, more efficient ways to use a computing device for work.

      Had Jobs lived five more years, Mac would have already been dead and the only way to interact with Apple devices would have been iOS. And Microsoft would have collapsed under the Surface flop, not being able to follow.

      Unfortunately, he died before executing that one last paradigm shift, and we’re now still stuck in the 20th century computing world…

      1. Steve said that comment in 1996 when the Mac was being run into the ground by incompetents at Apple.

        THEN later when he RETURNED he did an about face:

        He went gangbusters on the iMac (pushing completely different models in a few years : plastic, lampshade, new iMac)
        He did did the fantastically difficult transition from OS9 to OSX and PowerPC to Intel. It’s hard to imagine how difficult this was as OSX is based on Nextstep and not the original MacOS etc. He had to change the base of the Mac and get all the developers on board.

        Then he made several different versions of pro Macs, pitting Macs in shootouts with Photoshop against Windows Machines every time he got with fans cheering 4,5,6 as the seconds ticked…

        Then like I said he ran a HUGE number of ads: 66 different ads in 4 years is no joke. These ran until Cook became CEO.

        THIS IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT IPOD WAS MAKING HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY THEN, growing so fast that analysts said Apple should change into an audio company and forget the mac.

        Does this look like …
        “The PC wars are over.” ???
        Steve jobs WENT TO WAR, armed loaded and determined like a Patton on Nitro. Every action he took showed that he LOVED the Mac AFTER his 1996 comment. The giant ad campaign like I said ran until he gave up his CEO post.

        who knows what Steve Jobs would have done today?
        seeing Win 10 resurgent with 300 million shipped with Msft saying they are aiming for 1 billion and with iPad stalled, he might have DOUBLED DOWN ON PUSHING MACS.

        1. Does this look like Macs are not needed?
          My favourite pix : Jony Ive’s Apple lab a year ago with Cheese Grater Mac Pros under the tables. Why aren’t they using IPADS or IPHONES to do their work?

          and Here is Apple’s NEW Indian research centre, SEE THE MACS?


          1. Since iOS devices are being pushed for Enterprises, perhaps it might help their cause if they had pics/vids of real Apple office workers using iPads and MacBooks exclusively to do their daily work.

      2. “Unfortunately, he died before executing that one last paradigm shift,”

        you might be right HERE. who knows what how things would be like if he was alive. He changed the world with GUI, iPhone etc.

        the thing is I don’t think he would have left Pros so high and dry (like Pros today who need GPU power) . the paradigm shift would have included them. Some aspects of Mac today is dying due to neglect and NOT some transition pathway elsewhere, like my photos of Apple centres show so many things still need Macs.

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