Google’s Eric Schmidt wore staff badge at Hillary Clinton’s ‘victory’ party

“Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc., was spotted at Hillary Clinton’s ‘victory’ party last Tuesday wearing a staff badge, according to a picture recently submitted to Politico,” Joe Schoffstall reports for The Washington Free Beacon.

“Google came under fire earlier this year for allegedly altering search results to paint Hillary Clinton in a more favorable light than Donald Trump. Schmidt stated at the time that Google did not pick sides in the presidential race,” Schoffstall reports. “‘We have not taken a position on the American election and nor do I expect us to,’ Schmidt said at the time.”

Alphabet Inc. executive chairman Eric Schmidt wearing staff badge at Hillary Clinton "victory" party on election night
Alphabet Inc. executive chairman Eric Schmidt wearing staff badge at Hillary Clinton “victory” party on election night

MacDailyNews Take: So believable.

“Despite this assurance, Schmidt provided funding to a tech startup called The Groundwork, one of the Clinton campaign’s biggest vendors,” Schoffstall reports.

“Following WikiLeaks’ release of hacked emails from the Clinton campaign,” Schoffstall reports, “The Washington Free Beacon discovered that Schmidt was doing more than funding a Clinton campaign vendor—he was working with the campaign on its technology strategy.”

“The revelation was contained in a memo sent by Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, to Cheryl Mills, David Plouffe, and John Podesta on Oct. 26, 2014,” Schoffstall reports. “The memo’s author was Teddy Goff, Clinton’s former chief digital strategist.”

“It was addressed to Clinton,” Schoffstall reports. “Goff boasted about the work Schmidt was doing, saying it would easily eclipse the technology operation of any Clinton opponent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Great work, as usual, Eric.

Eric Schmidt makes eels look dry.

As we’ve previously written of The Groundwork: “It’s very, uh… interesting how they compile a comprehensive record of each voter’s Facebook pages liked, volunteer contacts, events attended, money donated, etc. and assign them a score based on how strongly they support the candidate. If you think you’re not being watched online, you’re not thinking.”

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    1. With Hillary losing the USA have avoided the fate of becoming a literal fascist state.

      By definition of fascism it is a merge between corporation and the government. The degree to which Google owns Hillary is unparalleled, it would be a peak that would lead the USA to become even bigger Big Brother state than it is under Obama — thanks to the endless power of totalitarian spying that Google does on people.

  1. Google, unlike its search competitors, was clearly skewing the search results in Clinton’s favor. When reports of such skewing were making the rounds, I ran my own test search for ‘crooked hill”. And one of the top suggested links was … Hillary Clinton’s campaign site.

    1. Did you run the Google Search with the setting for “Private Results” on or off? If ‘on’ you may be skewing your own results by your prior searches for ‘Clinton’ when using Google Search. If you wish to change the setting it is under “My Account ( – Personal Info & Privacy – Your Personal Info – Search Settings – Private Results”

      1. Democrat Party candidate Crooked Hillary signs an autograph on the cover of Newsweek’s “Madam President” commemorative magazine on November 7, 2016, the day before Election Day:

  2. Though a Democrat I was delighted Hillary lost (Bernie should’ve gotten the final ballot nod). She represented the continuation of an out of touch party who was disenfranchising (or “using”) many of the same minorities they claim to represent. Now I’m even more delighted asshat Schmidt got his ass handed to him. Hopefully this comes back to politically haunt him & Google majorly. Enjoy your lost “victory.”

    1. I’m a Republican, more of a libertarian bend of the party.

      I think for you it must be sad seeing a Republican candidate campaign harder for and connect more with the blue collar workers that used to be the core of the Democrat Party.

      1. I am more Centrist and not a fan of extreme liberal (snowflake, crybaby) behavior which makes me gag. The DNC has become clueless and lost it’s way. It took certain groups for granted and now pays the price for that manipulation by their rejection. Having nominated another Clinton and not considering the down sides of the wearying Bush/Clinton name & sense of entitlement factor. Plus Hillary consistently was just not well liked (for good reason)! This isn’t an oligarchy.

        Call me old fashioned but I prefer people who are fit for the job but in these social media times it may be impossible to find a diamond in the rough who won’t be pounded into the sand in the process. The whole process has become one of character assassination and who really wants to put themselves through that?

        I hope Trump pulls out of his reputation nose dive and comes to a better place and sense of responsible leadership. It is intriguing to see what he will do and I think the biggest fear Dems have is he may be successful in elevating American interests and the economy to their detriment. (Even though historically Republicans have not done as well with the economy).

        1. Leftist, Bill Maher often surprises and delights me, even though we are on opposite sides of the idealogical planet. He sums up the lib paradigm that influenced the election result in an article on the dailywire that’s on spot. There’s more, but here’s one: “Democrats have become to a lot of Americans a boutique party of fake outrage and social engineering.”

          1. Not a fan of Maher who can sometimes play the self-rightoeous card a little too hard but at least here there’s an attempt at being honest, and funny. Some of my diehard lib friends and associates still haven’t come to grips with the why’s and how-come’s. And for them all other roads point to Hitler’s Germany in their usual Chicken Little scenario manipulative pattern. Thanks for that.

  3. “Google came under fire earlier this year for allegedly altering search results to paint Hillary Clinton in a more favorable light than Donald Trump.”

    More reasons to dump Gagelle for good.

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