Apple Watch Series 2 is an impressive smartwatch

“Apple’s newest version of its original smartwatch is here,” Seth McNew writes for The Motley Fool. “The Apple Watch Series 2 came available in September, followed by the Nike-branded edition, which shipped in late October.”

“After spending some time testing out the new Apple Watch Series 2, I’m impressed,” McNew writes. “Two of the most important new features include the stand-alone GPS, which makes it possible to run without having to be tethered to a phone, as well as being waterproof enough for a swim or other water sports, including those in saltwater. Together, these make the watch a much better and more versatile fitness-tracking device than its older sibling.”

McNew writes, “The fact that non-smart wearables have done so well shows that fitness tracking is important to consumers of this trend, and with the new Apple Watch, with its GPS, water-resistant casing, and ratings as one of the most accurate heart-rate monitors, there’s a good chance for Apple to gain on this market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The difference between the original Apple Watch (we call it “Series 0”) and Apple Watch Series 2 (we wear Apple Watch Nike+ versions) is significant. With no worries about water, on-board GPS, and a much faster experience, original Apple Watch users will know they’ve got a different animal on their wrists, even if they look very much the same as before. The speed increase is palpable.

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  1. “Two of the most important new features include the stand-alone GPS, which makes it possible to run without having to be tethered to a phone”

    Today I learned it’s impossible to run without GPS.

    1. Wait… this just in… after forays into television, reality shows, watches, automobiles, emoji management, town halls and gangsta rap, some people believe that Apple, Inc., might someday put the word “Computer” back into their name.

      Could you imagine the thunderous applause from around the world?

      Then Tim Cook takes the stage, shows off 3 new Macs… a MacMini, Pro, and iMac, and one more thing… an Apple PRO System Board compatible with MacOS, and the latest processors, and GPUs, then rolls out a few custom machines built by customers… shows off a line of new Apple branded displays, points to the sky and says, “Microsoft! There can be only one,” then drops the mic.

      1. Ive can take his thinner lighter design ethos and shove it up Cook’s ass.

        Pros want power and versatility. Minimization of weight, volume, and thickness are all so far down the priority list that they should not even appear in a user review.

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