WikiLeaks emails show extremely close relationship between Clinton campaign and Google’s Eric Schmidt

“Recently leaked emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta show an extremely close relationship between the Clinton campaign and Google parent company Alphabet’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt,” Lucas Nolan reports for Breitbart. “The emails between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook show that Schmidt met with Podesta and was interested in assuming the role of ‘head outside advisor.'”

“This is not the first time that Eric Schmidt has been implicated with the Clinton campaign. In previously leaked emails written by Teddy Goff, a former Obama campaign Digital Director now working for the Clinton campaign, ‘Working relationships with Google, Facebook, Apple, and other technology companies’ were discussed,” Nolan reports. “Google as a company has also been accused of working with the Clinton campaign. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed that Google as a company was ‘directly engaged’ in the campaign. Specifically, Assange claimed, ‘The chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, set up a company to run the digital component of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.'”

The Groundwork logo
The Groundwork logo

“Eric Schmidt did in fact create a company in the last quarter of 2015 called The Groundwork whose website is empty except for a single placeholder logo,” Nolan reports. “Breitbart has previously reported on The Groundwork and how it was reportedly developed to install Clinton in the Oval Office.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve previously written of The Groundwork:

“It’s very, uh… interesting how they compile a comprehensive record of each voter’s Facebook pages liked, volunteer contacts, events attended, money donated, etc. and assign them a score based on how strongly they support the candidate. If you think you’re not being watched online, you’re not thinking.”

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      1. Good luck with that. Upshot still gives her 88% of winning election. Practically all polls out there still give her the election (including your IBD/TIPP). And the data is fresh.

        It seems to me that people have already made up their mind. Unless something really major happens, the election is done. And current FBI noise isn’t it.

        Most people have ultimately figured out who scores higher on that fact-checking scale. For a long time, many had assumed that whatever Trump said was true, because they simply liked what he said (stuff like the high unemployment rate, high rates of crime among immigrants, voting fraud, denying things he said just a week earlier…). His early defense, for those who tried fact-checking was “truthful hyperbole” — exaggerating to make a point, although in most cases, the statements were simply fiction. The main problem with his campaign was that he simply decided to say whatever made his constituents like him, regardless of how incorrect it was. Independent fact-checkers peg him at around 85% (fiction vs. truth), compared to literally all other politicians, who lie “only” about 25 / 35% of the time (Clinton is in the lower end of that range, apparently).

        Many of the Trump fans are behind him for the reasons of policy positions on issues that matter to them. However, most of Trump’s fans are for him because “he tells it like it is”, while “Clinton is a liar”. The reality is, ironically, the opposite; he doesn’t tell it “like it is”, he tells it like they want it to be, and that’s what’s appealing to them.

        Republicans have managed to nominate by far the least electable of all candidates they had fielded in the primaries. Having observed Americans and their voting, it seems to me that they would rather elect as president a gay black man married to an Asian man, than a woman, regardless of who she is. And yet, thanks to Trump, they will now end up electing a woman. I have little doubt that she will be one of those rare single-term presidents (assuming Republicans don’t send another “Trump” four years from now).

        Most American conservatives will have to decide, after this election, where they stand: behind the party (whatever that means), or behind their conservative principles. Usually, these two are aligned, but this year, they apparently aren’t, which explains those deep rifts. And it is rather unlikely that Trump and Trumpism will simply disappear on November 9.

          1. I know it is painful, but trust me, the pain will subside. Besides, in four years, there is a strong chance it will all be over.

            Identifying those five stages will help go through them more quickly and easily (denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance). It gets better, don’t worry.

    1. I care that Adolph Trump is not only running but has deplorable supporters. I will use the word hate, beyond contempt- yes, we all now bring out the worst in each other: I hate Drumpf. I hade all you Deplorables. Racist, fascist, white supreme star ignorant trash. You will all die off if you don’t destroy the world first.

      1. I won’t be too worried. Demographic forces are on the right side around the world. Don’t forget; statistical data says that in America, conservatives (i.e. those currently aligned politically with their Republican party) are, on average:

        Less educated (the higher the degree, the more liberal / Democratic they are);
        Have lower income (with the exception of the ultra-rich, where there’s parity);
        Have higher unemployment rates;
        Are more religious;
        Are older;
        Are whiter;
        Are more male than female

        It seems that the more people get education, the more progressive their thinking becomes. And, since education correlates to income, that tracks in the same direction.

        In other words, considering those demographic forces, the politically conservative base steadily continues to shrink.

          1. Hey, don’t kill the messenger! I’m just quoting data.

            It’s a big country, so we shouldn’t generalise; statistics show that the conservatives are less educated, which doesn’t mean everyone is uneducated. You may well have higher education (although, judging by your response, it doesn’t seem that way), as likely do most who post here. But for everyone who is over 50, the “old man syndrome” kicks in (“In my time, things were much better…”).

        1. Hmm… this doesn’t explain the poor immigrants lining up behind Hillary, nor the poor blacks, many who’s votes have been taken every 4 years with nothing to show from Dems for the other 3. Many Welfare recipients who don’t want the Dem gravy train to end (both white and black) are Dems. None of these are on the education track. What is true, is many Republicans are the working middle class tired of endlessly working their asses off (or would like to work but there are not JOBS anymore) to support the poor voting Democrat sheep entitlements, tired of being called racist every time they don’t agree with a Dem policy, and tired of refugees and immigrants getting more respect and breaks from the government than the middle class does. Everything is upside down.

          1. That is quite simple to explain. Blacks are just 13% of the country, and immigrants (the legal ones being the kind born overseas and eventually naturalized citizens) are around 6% of current US population (with that many more legally residing in the US on a Green Card, without the right to vote in elections). What’s more unsettling (for many conservatives) is that the recent immigrants (over last 10 years) aren’t your old stereotypical “wetbacks” (uneducated non-English speakers); a large percentage (over 40%) have college degree or higher, and are fluent in English. Meanwhile, only about 30% of Americans have a college degree.

            Whites are still the dominant group in America (although not the absolute majority anymore), and, as unsettling as this may be to the conservative core, their share in the population is dwindling. For better or for worse, America of tomorrow isn’t the one from yesterday.

            But that is exactly what America is all about anyway. Two hundreds ago, it was mostly the northern Europeans (and their black slaves); when southerners started arriving (Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, the Balkans), they were the darker-skinned, darker-haired underclass, doing unskilled low-paying hard labour. As time went by, a new wave of immigrants took on the role of that lower-status underclass that did the lowest-paying jobs, while the previous group took the next step on the American ladder. As the generation from the Civil War era living in large cities complained about the Italians, so does the current one complain about “Mexican rapists”.

            This process is unstoppable; it is what makes America the most desirable place on Earth for everyone. It accepts and absorbs everyone; while those who were born overseas may still have strong cultural identity of their old country, their children, born in the US will be Americans, completely assimilated, having turkey at Thangskiving and grilling hot dogs for Memorial day, watching fireworks on 4th of July, going shopping on Black Friday, watching baseball in the summer, and the Superbowl in January…

            1. Sure Obama is a Democrat, but to actually be so involved in standing behind Hillary as his choice… leads me to think Obama is fearful that the FBI investigation will uncover his involvement also.

              The elections should be held off until the FBI completes its investigation. Why, because once Hillary wins – we all know for a fact the first item on her agenda will be to eradicate the investigation and control the FBI again.

              American people take control of your country now. A vote for anyone but Trump is a waist. Stop Hillary now. Make real change. Trump has a party he must answer to… no man single man be he the president of the country has complete and absolute control over the country… it just isn’t so… so DO not let Hillary curve your thinking.

      2. By electing Trump you are electing his party; a party of politicians that can stir Donald to make good and proper decisions. The Clintons are using fear tactics… Seriously do you fear Trump will press the Nuke Buttons anytime soon? People are holding this man accountable to the words he says… how fffff stupid when you then should hold Hillary’s words to her face also. She is a criminal – in office – if she does win – she will not last more than 8 months. So then what will America do. The media is bias, the Clintons have bought a lot of votes… its the public that matter. I can not see the average American not see the smoke and mirrors the Clinton campaign has played. Finally they have been slowed down and hopefully jailed.

  1. And Bill Cosby wanted to be The Crooked Hillary Administration’s “official pharmacist” to White House interns, but Bubba nixed it saying, “That crazy ol’ n!gga ain’t dipping his wick before I git mine wet!”

  2. What these emails are a looking glass into the operation of government. What was once relegated to “conspiracy theory” is now out in the open for all to see if they will look. Politicians, elites, executives, celebrities, lobbyists, prosecutors, investigators, media, activists and unions create a tight circle and close ranks. They cover for themselves and rise to power collectively while the sleeping citizenry awaits the next hopeful promise. I will not be wasting my vote on HRC or DJT but I will be voting.

    1. If you’re not voting TRUMP, then you ARE wasting your vote because he’s the only one who’s not owned by the establishment and who can actually get elected. A vote for some random third party candidate is just a wasted vote. Don’t even bother.

  3. Two worthless candidates for US President.

    I wish I could recommend one of the third party candidates, but they’ve proven that they don’t take their candidacies seriously. Nightmare.

    My current, personal point of view: At least Princess Hillary will take off running if elected. Clown Trump is a vacuous liar who won’t have a clue how to do a thing but will meanwhile insult everyone and attract only the ignorant and the suckers. No way will I vote for a con-man for US President. I feel only pity for the poor suckers who…

    (No, I’d never endorse Princess Hillary. So don’t play that game with me, thank you).

      1. Considering the foolishness you’ve devoted yourself to, I’m more than happy to toss away any affinity and friendship we’ve had over the years. But please do take your meds every day.

        ‘Con-man for President.’ Nope, no ring to it.

  4. What an awful election of hate and brainwashing this has been. The Anerican people think they only have two terrible choices! Talk about limiting your world and what this country is capable of. Jill Stein is the true candidate of liberals, but Hillarys goons and control of the media shut her down, just like the Native Americans Obama has forsaken in N. Dakota. This country is going down as the pllitics of hate will bring rise to the power hungry elite, who will do everything they can to invade and erode our right to privacy and guns.

    1. The US political system has become a sad joke, and the people are slowly swirling down the same toilet bowl. George Carlin was absolutely correct when he said, “People are f**king DUMB!”

  5. So much ranting! The fact is that Google is in bed with the US government for the symbiotic relationship. Google spy for the US government and they assist them to further their empire.

    It’s no wonder some countries are concerned about Google’s presence.

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