Apple’s new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar runs iOS on Apple’s T1 processor

Apple’s new MacBook Pro’s “Touch Bar display runs a modified version of watchOS, which itself is a modified version of iOS,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “That means Touch Bar runs independently of macOS, and that certainly makes sense.”

“Because it integrates the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that’s also used for Apple Pay purchases, the Touch Bar needs a secure enclave to protect your payment information,” Smith reports. “That’s done with the help of Apple’s T1 processor, which is an ARM processor, and probably a variation of the S1 found inside the Apple Watch.”

“Interestingly, the front-facing camera is also connected to the T1 chip, for security reasons,” Smith reports. “These discoveries come from developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who already explored the code that makes Touch Bar tick.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The times they are a-changin’.

Think code convergence (more so than today) with UI modifications per device. A unified underlying codebase for Intel, Apple A-series, and, in Apple’s labs, likely other chips, too (just in case). This would allow for a single App Store for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users that features a mix of apps: Some that are touch-only, some that are Mac-only, and some that are universal (can run on both traditional notebooks and desktops as well as on multi-touch computers like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and – pretty please, Apple – Apple TV). Don’t be surprised to see Apple A-series-powered Macs, either.MacDailyNews Take, January 9, 2014

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  1. That is REALLY amazing. And clever. And probably makes it difficult for the copycats. This Mac has an integrated iOS accessory. Isn’t AirPods another “iOS” accessory that a Mac uses seamlessly? What’s next…?

    1. Considering it works on its own chip, my guess is that it offers a fallback default mechanism to output function keys.

      If not, a MBP just became a hobbled Windows machine.

  2. I watched the presentation yesterday. What was interesting was seeing Schiller diss the MB Air for being bigger than the new MBP.
    I am wondering if Apple are planning to replace the air with an iOS machine. Still not too sure about this because the iPad Pro effectively does that anyway.
    But to make that comparison of a still shipping product is odd and there must be a good reason.

    1. The MBA is still around for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To keep a laptop in the $999 range.

      Apple COULD have replaced the MBA with the MacBook by reducing the MacBook’s price to $999, but they chose profits over people.

      As usual.

  3. I’m sitting on the fence right now. The touchBar is intriguing, but I was waiting for an announcement about an upcoming iMac. No mention was made about an iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro. Makes me wonder if these have been abandoned altogether. Now my choices are, buy current iMac, or buy new MBP with TouchBar. I speced out both with max Ram and top-of-line graphics cards, MBP at $3400, and iMac at $3500. Should I wait hoping that  updates the iMac or go with one of the above options. Don’t want to wait for something that may never happen. I wish TC had said that an iMac update was in the works, or was being discontinued. Would have made my decision easier. Will use present MBPs until I know something one way or the other. The question seems to be, is the new MBP the new iMac? 🖖😀⌚️

    1. They are probably coming soon. Having one of their flagship products with a touch bar, you would assume they would add it to the other flagship – that being the iMac. OR, apple now expects you to have a system like the one they demo’ed yesterday (where you have multiple large LG monitors at home). I hope they decide on the iMac (which can handle a better i7 that the MB).

      1. In reality, they should release a keyboard with the TouchBar on it…. but they’ll wait for the early adopters to buy the new MBP before starting on that. 1 year from now they’ll release a TouchBar keyboard for use with iMacs. Oh… it won’t come standard with iMacs… you’ll have to pay for it. Apple made it clear that they’re keeping a keyboard with function keys around as a price differentiator by keeping a MBP with the F keys on it.

        In other words… Profits over people.

        As usual.

    2. … iMac. Want one. Got both an MBP and an iMac at the last change-over and both are getting a bit old. Not that I _NEED_ either, but W A N T them. One of the problems with Macs – they don’t get old and crippled soon enough to demand the latest/greatest forcing you to admit you just lust after ‘something new’.

  4. Sounds like a stupendous hack to get it out the door to me. Does this mean if you want to program touch bar you need to generate a separate ARM coded program separate to your main program? Sounds bizarre.

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