“Apple is holding its media event later today at 10 AM PT, where it is widely expected to announce a series of new Mac hardware including a new MacBook Pro. The rumor mill has not been clear about availability details for the new products, but Apple Stores appear to be readying for something new as soon as today,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“A Reddit user has posted pictures of the San Francisco Apple Store where employees are setting up line dividers and measuring floor space as if they are preparing for a new in-store display of some kind,” Mayo reports. “This seems to suggest that the new Mac laptops (or something else?) may actually go on sale today, once the event is over.”

“The comment section on the thread indicates that this is happening at more than just the San Francisco Apple Store, at some of Apple’s larger retail locations,” Mayo reports. “Commenters say that the ‘line’ has been setup at a stores in Hawaii and Indianapolis too.”

“It is possible that Apple merely sets up marketing displays for the MacBook Pro inside the store so people can come and try them out, with the line gating the flow of people around the store,” Mayo writes. “Another possibility is that Apple is going to surprise with an unexpected new product…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Queues for something other than iPhones or iPads would be highly unusual although it did happen in places with the release of the original MacBook Air.