Now beleaguered Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is reportedly catching fire

“Samsung’s troubles have apparently just spread from the Note 7 to another flagship phone,” Mark Spoonauer reports for Tom’s Guide. “According to Android Headlines, a Canadian man says his Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire while he was driving home from work. And that’s not the only incident.”

“Separately, Phone Arena reports that an employee of one of the big U.S. wireless carriers told the site that one of its customers’ Galaxy S7 Edge devices had exploded while it was charging overnight using the included charger,” Spoonauer reports. “In the case of the first Canadian gentleman, he says that he smelled something burning and saw smoke coming from the center console, at which point he threw the S7 Edge out of the window and then covered the device with snow.”

An exploded, post-fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7
An exploded, post-fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7

“An Ohio man is suing Samsung because he claims that the handset caught fire in his pocket, and he had to undergo painful skin grafts to address the second- and third-degree burns,” Spoonauer reports. “Meanwhile, Samsung still hasn’t pinpointed the exact cause of the Note 7 explosions and fires, according to The Wall Street Journal, and the company has apparently lost more than $20 billion in value as a result of the recall.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who buy pretend iPhones cobbled together by a South Korean dishwasher-maker deserve to be burned (metaphorically, not literally.)

Samsung is a criminal enterprise.

They do not give two shits about their customers. For proof, look no further than the fact that Samsung has no clue why their phones explode, yet they shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers they were safe.

And now the criminal chaebol refuses to pay their undiscerning pigeons for damages they’ve caused – not even from a sleazy, illegal slush fund.

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    1. look up at all the mac books, ipods, iphones, and other devices that have killed, electrocuted, catch on fire leaving the customer severely burn or damaging the property. iphones have caught on fire in mid flight and have burn down cars.

  1. How is this news just now? The guys leg pics were all over weeks ago

    There is also video a few weeks ago of a plain S7 blowing up in a cafe in England, watching the video is scary, especially when the lady says that her child was playing with the phone in the child seat in the back of their vehicle on the way to the cafe!

    1. look up at all the reports of iphone 6 catching on fire since March 2016 to now. iphones have killed people and caused more severe damages and even electrocuted people to death. the ipod touch originally was the first mobile device that caught on fire than the iPhone started catching on fire in 2009 but small reports at that time. Apple has received several dozens reports of its devices catching on fire that the media hasn’t cover cause they only hype the reports of samsung or other companies if they have an issue with the device such as battery being flammable.

  2. As was learned with the exploding Note 7, there are many more exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones than what is being reported. Samsung attempts to persuade their customers NOT to report these incidents to the press.

    It should be the civic duty of EVERY inflicted Samsung customer to report these issues to News organizations because Samsung has sold many more millions of these devices than the Note 7, and they will probably be very reluctant to recall them. If these Samsung S7 Edge devices have the same issues as Samsung Note 7 devices then the general public had a right to know, especially when traveling on airplanes, trains, etc. By reporting these issues Samsung customers could be saving many lives.

    1. On an only semi related topic. A friend of mine who is flying to Mexico this morning casually mentioned her Note 7 in conversation. I stoped her right there. “You’re not planing on taking that phone on a plane are you?” She then said, “Oh don’t worry, this is one of those replacement phones they fixed.”
      Needless to say I set her straight. After her asking the usual questions of “what if I just put it in my luggage?” – She’s now flying to Mexico with only the iPhone her husband has.

    2. iphone has been catching on fire since 2009. iphones have killed customers and in some cases even electrocuted their customers to death. there’s been many reports of the iPhone 6 catching on fire in people’s pocket or exploding. it all started with the ipod touch of reports of it catching on fire.

        1. illiterate* did you even research all the reports of iphones catching on fire and causing severe damages from 2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. iphones have even electrocuted people and killed them.

  3. A friend just told me his S& Edge is pretty warm after use and charge. His is though the At&T Next plan, and it two months in/ I did not have the answer so I am asking here. Does AT&T exchange those “phones” for an iPhone? Also his wife has the S7 Active. They would like to come over to real phones, and not burn up their pockets…money wise, nor burn down their house charging their “phones.” Thanks guys. BTW, almost got him talked into going all in on Apple.

    1. you’re not supposed to leave your phone over night to charge if you do you’re supposed to turn off the fast charging technology and use it in normal charging mode. if you go to settings it says, “device might hot while using the fast charging technology”. when you active fast charging the device charges at a faster Rate than normal and lithium batteries are pretty sensitive and anything can triggered them if you’re overcharged the battery overnight. also third party chargers and unauthentic charges have caused samsung and iphones to catch on fire in the past. cheap chargers aren’t up to industry safety standards and they can make your phone catch on fire. ipods were the first device to catch on fire in people’s pockets or hands. then in 2009 iphone fire reports started showing up on the Internet. iphones have killed, electrocuted, catch on fire in people’s pocket, severely burn the customer and caused property damages. iphone have blown up car and have caught on fire in mid flight. iphone are infamous for overheating. last time I check iphone they tell you to wait a while for the phone to cool down.

        1. cheap chargers can cause a galaxy or iphone to catch on fire like the ones sold on amazon, but the ones reported weren’t all third party chargers. some people iphones caught on fire weeks after using the device or even when they were using the charger that it came with then it caught on fire for reason.

  4. Samsung also revealed on Tuesday that it will finally push a previously reported update to European users that limits charge to Galaxy Note 7 phones still in the wild to only 60 percent of maximum capacity. Users with the phone in Europe should expect to see the update happen on Oct. 31.

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