Apple’s Eddy Cue: Nope, we don’t want to be Netflix

“Apple may have courage, but that doesn’t mean it will tackle original programming on a Netflix-like scale,” Joan E. Solsman reports for CNET. “Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, said the original shows Apple is developing today are going to stay limited. ‘You’re not seeing a huge number of them,’ he said. ‘The real opportunity for us is to make it easier to get access to all this content.'”

“Cue was speaking Thursday at the annual Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, which brings together big names in the business, technology and entertainment worlds,” Solsman reports. “Apple has long been grappling to put together its own TV service, and it’s starting to create its own original programming, like a reality-TV-style series about app developers and a scripted show with Dr. Dre.”

Solsman reports, “On stage, Cue noted that Apple’s original-video efforts will revolve around topics in which it already has expertise, like music-related programming related to iTunes and Apple Music.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Swerve.

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    1. It’s staggering how many drooling morons 1 started your post. Eddy Cue is an abysmal executive and should have been launched from Apple YEARS ago.

      He is nothing but dead weight, apparently what the drooling fan boys want.

  1. Idiot. The industry has passed him by. Fat, arrogant and clueless. No wonder Apple trades as such a discount to the market. He makes Apple appear less magical and special everyday. Sad to see Apple let the ITunes movie go to seed. Google wil eat Eddy s lunch and dinner. Very sad.

  2. Eddy. “Don’t expect the company to dive in headfirst”. I expect this is the same Eddy strategy for music streaming. 100% disaster. Ship sailed on music. Ship is sailing on movies. Great job on ICloud as well. Google and Amazon love the job you are doing.

    1. Apple, under the leadership of Tim Cook and Eddy Cue, completely missed the boat on cloud services. Microsoft’s stock hit a record high yesterday all based on their cloud performance. The same with Amazon last quarter. Cloud services is where the future is and what is iCloud? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Apple has continued to fail and fail hard with iCloud.

      You are completely right that Apple’s competition LOVES what Eddy Cue and Tim Cook are doing. They are slow and stupid which allows the competition to extend their lead. Apple follows while others lead.

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