Apple: 90 percent of ‘genuine’ Apple items on Amazon are fake

“Apple has complained of a “flood” of counterfeit goods masquerading as its products being sold on,” BBC News reports. “The claim relates to items sold via Amazon’s “fulfilment” scheme, whereby third parties list their goods on the retail giant’s site, store their inventory in its warehouses and rely on it for deliveries.”

“Apple warns the alleged fakes are potentially life-threatening. But it is suing one of the vendors rather than Amazon itself,” The Beeb reports. “The defendant, New York-based Mobile Star LLC, could not be reached for comment and has yet to file its own legal paperwork.”

“Amazon says it takes such matters seriously. ‘Amazon has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site,’ a spokeswoman told the BBC. ‘We work closely with manufacturers and brands and pursue wrongdoers aggressively,'” The Beeb reports. “Apple said it had bought ‘well over’ 100 iPhone devices, own-brand power adapters and charging cables, and had found almost 90% of them were fakes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a good thing that Apple has finally brought this action. Do not use fake chargers and cables that are not genuine Apple MFi Certified products. Amazon and Apple should work together to require sellers to prove their parts are genuine, especially in products that carry power and could cause injury and/or property damage as well as damage Apple’s brand.

Again, spend the extra $10 for real, Apple-certified chargers and cables (this doesn’t necessary mean Apple-branded; there are genuine MFi Certified products by other brands for sale on Amazon – Belkin, for one of many examples). The risk isn’t worth it. If a charger block is listed as “genuine,” but costs $1.99, it likely isn’t kosher.


  1. Seriously – do t spend $$ on fake Apple products on Amazon, when there are many genuine brand alternatives of chargers, cables, and accessories that are often better than the genuine Apple products (particularly Lightning cables). Anker and Aukey are excellent manufacturers with worthwhile alternatives.

  2. A women died in China because of a fake adapted a year ago. It was all over the news. So you are not saving a few bucks, you are risking your life… with no adrenaline or fun.

  3. Gosh, luckily I did not buy any Apple’s products on Amazon, I prefer buying at Apple’s stores so if I have any problems, I’d bring them back for services even waiting in long lines. simple and easy.

  4. “Amazon says it takes such matters seriously. ‘Amazon has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site’ . . . ‘We work closely with manufacturers and brands and pursue wrongdoers aggressively”

    I call BS on that one. Their web site is full of products where people write in the feedback on Amazon’s own site that “this” product is not what is advertised and that they receive counterfeit products. Months and months later that company is still selling that same counterfeit product on There is no excuse for that.

    Amazon’s reputation is not what it use to be.

  5. Amazon have become of bunch of underhanded shills. So many items and sellers on the Marketplace are scams and they won’t do anything about it and won’t compensate the victims of the scams! Shame on them. Shame…Shame…Shame (make them do the walk of Shame!) 🙂

  6. AmaZONE is a cesspool of Asian counterfeit …… 💩💥🔥 JUNK

    Bozo needs to be held accountable. He is a LIAR. 90% of Apple accessories purchased were counterfeit. BUT, AmaZONE “works closely with its vendors”!?! What a crock of shite 💩 PATHETIC.

  7. I swear amazon has been bought out and taken over by Chinese companies. Nowadays they seem push and promote low quality Chinese crap. I know thats redundant. I guess those companies pay Amazon a lot to put their products at the top of search queries.

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