Get ready, Apple’s new Macs are finally set to arrive!

“After rescheduling its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report earlier this month due to a ‘scheduling conflict,’ many wondered if Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was planning a product event,” Daniel Sparks writes for The Motley Fool. “Sure enough, the tech giant is set to launch new Macs on Oct. 27, according to a report from Recode on Monday evening.”

“Assuming Apple can begin shipping any announced products soon after its event, an Oct. 27 product event would be well timed. New Macs launching shortly after the event would give Apple a fresh new lineup as it heads into the important holiday season,” Sparks writes. “Further, this would mean Apple would get to show off new Mac products to customers visiting the Apple store to upgrade to the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which were announced in September.”

“It’s difficult to overstate the importance of Apple’s holiday quarter. It is historically the company’s biggest. In Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2016, for instance, the company posted a record $75.9 billion in quarterly revenue — up 47% from the fiscal fourth quarter of 2015,” Sparks writes. “On average, analysts currently expect revenue during the holiday quarter of $74.6 billion, up a whopping 76% sequentially but down 1.7% year over year. Could hot, new Macs be what Apple needs to push total revenue into year-over-year growth for the quarter?”

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MacDailyNews Take: New Macs will likely spur YOY revenue growth for Apple.

All-new MacBook Pro, refreshed MacBook Air and iMac, and more coming at Apple’s October 27th special event – October 19, 2016
Apple plans to launch new Macs at special event on October 27th – October 18, 2016


  1. I’m getting ready and I’m sure some of these new Macs will please many. I just don’t think this will be the pro Mac event some of us are looking for. Man I hope we don’t have to wait and drag this out until the next WWDC. Yikes!

    1. Is it really that hard for them to design and build a new Pro MAC?

      What, they are offended people expect them to design a box?!!

      Heaven forbid! A BOX?!! Are you crazy? A box where the side drops down for easy access, allowing the user to add and subtract components as he or she desires? NONSENSE! That is madness. We have our standards, and those standards preclude us from designing anything where the user might modify what for us is a work of art!

      Keep pushing this crazy BOX idea and you will suffer the consequences! “No soup for you!”

      1. Hmm yeah I think this crazy upgradeable box idea (WHO would EVER want to do that??) was used, uh, er..umm.., in the 2012 Mac Pro I believe. Funny, it’s been sitting right there under their noses all along. We need something less Ive-y League as Captain Obvious might say.

  2. This rumor from recode came Monday night and nothing else has changed since then. Now that that same rumor from the same source has been retold in 5 articles it’s fact.

    I see /s

      1. Tp punish Apple is to punish myself.

        I did not wanted to go 100% PC so I split my budget and spent on a newer iMac and added a top graphic card to my PC. Of course I would preferred to spend all my money in just one Mac.

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