Apple employs Artificial Intelligence guru from university that taught computers to ‘defeat humans’

“Apple has employed a world-leading artificial intelligence guru from a university which famously taught computers to ‘defeat humans,'” Jasper Hamill reports for The Sun. “Ruslan Salakhutdinov, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is now Apple’s director of AI research, although it is unclear what his role will entail.”

“The tech giant is said to be interested in using ‘machine learning’ to make its voice activated assistant Siri more useful,” Hamill reports. “However, Apple is also likely to be interested in using artificial intelligence in secret products and services which are yet to be revealed.”

“Professor Stephen Hawking recently said the entire human species could be brutally finished off by ‘rogue’ robots which are too strong for us to defeat,” Hamill reports. “Students at Salakhutdinov’s university have already played a part in training machines to defeat humans. They managed to build a ‘bot’ capable of beating humans at the shoot ’em up game Doom.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Duh, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ruslan Salakhutdinov + Liquidmetal = T-1000.


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  1. Stanley Kubrick is sitting on a cloud somewhere and telling us, “Don’t say I never warned you.”

    Cars that drive themselves will have to find a way of dealing with no-win crash situations in which any choice kills the driver or people near the car.

    Program that kind of approach to human life into police robots or military robots, and it isn’t farfetched to see how quickly humans could be hunted down and killed.

    Not even the Apple car will save us.

    Lenin said something about capitalists selling rope to the people who would hang them.

    1. As apposed to Lenin killing 4 million people without any help from capitalism at all.

      Change happens. It happens without capitalism or with it. Blaming capitalism for life’s continuous turnover, winner’s and loser’s, is to lose sight of the bigger picture.

      Nothing could stop this except a mass extinction event which is would cause all the damage without a silver lining of progress.

      1. Not sure where you get the 4 million total for Lenin from? Far less than that can in anyway be attributed to the revolution let alone him directly and if you meant Stalin the total is more like 15mill.
        Otherwise I take your point though one might hope that being a (relatively) intelligent species we might at least try to develop in a manner that doesn’t obviously and foreseeable lead to our demise (or at least that of those who follow us). Capitalism while not exclusive to the trend you state is certainly one of the most unthinking aspects that powers it for obvious reasons. Soviet style communal capitalism is probably even worse (though its human nature rather than any prerequisite that dictates it) in that regard simply because those who are (held) responsible for industrial success are equally those who are responsible for putting limits on its exploitation of the people and environment i.e. no separation of powers and thus no break on its destructive momentum.

  2. Russ Salakhutdinov comes from the powerful AI school that has roots from both Carnegie Mellon University and Russian higher education system. Remember that writing recognition system for Apple Newton also came from Russian school of AI research.

    It is good that Apple supports diversity and gathers talents and technologies from everywhere.

    1. The original writing recognition system came from a Russian company. And, if you remember, it was highly panned in the media.

      The “Rosetta” engine released in Newton 2.0 was developed at Apple and was a much improved system. In fact, even to this day it is considered one of the most advanced natural handwriting recognition engines. This was one part of the Newton project that survived Steve’s axing, and It went on to become the brains behind “Inkwell” in OS X and Apple’s gesture recognition engine in iOS (as well as used for Chinese character input and I’m sure the Scribble input feature in the Apple Watch).

      With everyone throwing around these buzzwords today, it’s important to note that Rosetta was/is an A.I. system. It made use of neural networks to enable it to learn an individual’s handwriting style.

      1. Yes, it was panned, but it was revolutionary; it has used neuron network. The guy then went to co-found such companies as ParaGraph Intl., Parascript, and, more recently, Evernote. His OCR is still developed and used (for Lockheed Martin/US Postal service currently).

        1. Thanks for those insights, very interesting. Newton was discontinued just as its handwriting recognition was gaining an awful lot of praise, and wildly superior to anything else available at that time. Thus is the fate for many ground breaking technologies sadly. As they say timing is everything and certainly Apple has subsequently not seen being first as the prime motivation for what it does, doing it right is the most important consideration. (even if Maps rather broke that trend momentarily though most likely the result of pressures from else where)

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