All-new MacBook Pro, refreshed MacBook Air and iMac, and more coming at Apple’s October 27th special event

“Apple is said to be introducing an entirely refreshed lineup of Macs later this month. The event is said to be on October 27th,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The new Macs are expected to be available to consumers this month, as well.”

“The star of the show this month is widely expected to be the MacBook Pro. Apple’s ‘Pro’ laptop hasn’t seen a major overhaul in 4 years and is well overdue for one, and the company certainly seems to have a lot planned for this year’s refresh,” Miller reports. “The overall footprint of the laptop is expected to smaller, while the trackpad will be slightly bigger. The design changes extend to the port options, as well. The new MacBook Pros will likely ditch all of its traditional ports in favor of USB-C connectivity. MagSafe is also getting the axe this year, as charging can be done via USB-C. The biggest change to the design, however, will be the addition of a new OLED touch display in replace of the standard function keys at the top of the keyboard.”

“While the overall design of the MacBook Air will remain the same, the machines are expected to be updated with USB-C support, according to a new Bloomberg report,” Miller reports. “As it seems now, however, the display quality will remain the same. The MacBook Air’s display quality is an aspect that many have called for an upgrade to, but seeing that it’s Apple’s entry-level laptop, the company isn’t looking to give it all of the top-of-the-line features.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our iMacs really need to have their external monitors replaced with Apple 5K Thunderbolt displays which, hopefully, will also bow at the October 27th event!

Apple plans to launch new Macs at special event on October 27th – October 18, 2016


    1. Besides the MagSafe connector, the interface I use most is the SD card slot in my MBA13. It’s really convenient for me to not have to have a card reader.

      Apple would have to give me some really really compelling reason to give up that to get something else instead.

      It’ll be years before I move on to the next thing.

  1. Not expecting anything amazing. It’s been how many years for real updates and they just keep dragging their feet on Mac hardware. I doubt we will see anything eye opening! Hopefully we do, but doubt it! Would love to update my 17″ 2009 MBP with a new 17″ model, but doubt that is ever going to happen.

  2. I have a mid 2015 MBP that I use on the road (2.8 GHz Haswell — Crystalwell variant) with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, dual graphics (IRIS Pro 5200 & AMD R9 370X with 2 GB VRAM).

    I often bring this machine to its knees when running simulations on the road — or displaying outputs of dense simulations on high end external monitors.

    If the rumors are correct about what’s coming in the next week, I’ll likely just live with what I have and deal with it grinding to a near halt when I need to do something significant.

    I continue to hope that I’m wrong on this specific refresh, but as we get closer to the rumored date, the rumors about the anticipated hardware configuration seem to be converging on something that is not significantly different from the current generation I already have.

    1. Wow, Shadowself! You really stress your mobile hardware.

      A number of people on this forum complain that the current lineup of Apple computers is way out of date. Others contest that, while it is true that Apple has failed to significantly refresh most of its computer offerings for quite a while, that the pace of technological development in CPUs and other components has flattened out quite a bit, so this is not as big an issue as some would paint it. Much of the debate appears to be tied to use cases – some people are trying to do a lot with lower-end equipment and get frustrated while others need very little computer horsepower and are more easily satisfied, even with two-year-old CPUs.

      I wonder, just as a point of comparison, if your software/simulation would run any better on a current and comparable Windows 10 laptop? By comparable, I mean roughly similar in size/weight…not one of those two-inch thick portable workstations that run for maybe an hour on a huge battery.

  3. Hopefully Apple will get rid of the display on the new Macs. Displays have been used for decades and are an archaic technology.

    Oh, some of you whiners think we need displays? Do you need the floppy drive too?

    Well, it’s time to move on. Technology is moving forward.

    1. Not sure what you’re trying to say. Most iMac displays are stale, the 5k model is actually current tech. But i wish Apple would get on the ball with headless Macs with some user friendly design again.

      I think the iMac is Apple’s way of bundling, making users buy more than what they really need. That’s why Apple’s refusal to keep the Mac mini and Pro models current, as well as Apple’s stupid choice to abandon workstations and servers, just ends up annoying a lot of Mac fans. They would upgrade the gpu or cpu or display if they could, but many can’t justify the expense and hassle of complete Mac replacement.

      And now that Macs more than ever are sealed non-upgradable units, that makes Mac desktops even less attractive. Certainly less versatile than in the past.

      We will see on the earnings report soon how badly Mac sales are falling and what kind of discounts Apple needs to give IBM to get them to order. Because the book price on a Mac today (don’t forget your adapters and dongles!) is often way more expensive than an equivalent wintel box plus lots of IT support. With most PCs, you see, any component can be swapped out and upgraded or expanded. With today’s Mac design, you get a middle of the road disposable appliance that you pitch out when any sub component fails. Dumb!!!! It’s not eco friendly, it’s not user friendly, and it isn’t helping to expand the Mac platform. Price for performance and versatility drives 90% or more buyers to a Windows machine. Until Apple gets a clue, that will not improve.

  4. … do you think we will communicate with our computers? A data-link? Google glasses? Telekinesis? Braille?
    Or are you saying they should compact the iMac (an all-in-one computer system – if you understand what THAT means) to the form factor of the Mac mini and have people buy their own displays? Are you SURE you understand what all-in-one means? And … where are you going to get a monitor the quality of an iMac’s for a price lower than the iMac?

  5. As far as I’m concerned, they can replace the Thunderbolt connectors and the MagSafe and most of the USB ports. Give us at least TWO USC-C ports (preferably 4) as long as they are the new ones that can do Thunderbolt 3. I’d like to keep ONE USB-3 port just for ease of use and the SD Card reader. I’m on the fence about the headphone connector, but think it probably needs to be there because it also contains an optical audio connector that most people don’t realize is there, but that sound people use. There’s plenty of room on a 15-inch MBP so no need to skimp on ports. The reason I see no need for Thunderbolt port as long as the USB-C can do Thunderbolt 3 because first, most people have never used that port because not many consumer devices were made that used it, and second because an adapter is not a big deal if you do need it, unlike an adapter for headphones and USB-C to USB-3 which most people do still use on a regular basis. I think most people probably have used a thumb drive with their laptop. Or a scanner or printer. I know their are wireless options, but most of them suck and I see no need to buy a new scanner and laser printer when there’s a lot of life left in the ones I have. On the other hand, putting an adapter on those would not be a big deal.

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