No, Apple’s plans for an OLED iPhone aren’t on hold

“Over on Seeking Alpha, contributor Nikhil Gupta offered up some commentary around a recent article in Nikkei, particularly as it relates to Apple’s display sourcing plans,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool.

“In his article, he argues that ‘with the recent fiasco of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, and with reasons still unknown, Apple would not risk procuring OLED displays from Samsung,'” Eassa writes. “The implication, then, is that if Apple has to wait for Foxconn and Sharp to get their act together in OLEDs, Apple’s plans to release a premium iPhone next year with an OLED display may be in tatters.”

Eassa writes, “That’s not going to happen; here’s why.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Agreed.

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  1. One of the issues is that current mobile OLED displays, while much improved over a few years ago, still fall short of the color quality of Apple’s LCD displays. DisplayMate Technologies rated it near perfect.

    OLEDs have some advantages over the more mature LCDs, and R&D is gradually eroding the remaining disadvantages. But Apple will not take a step backwards in color quality to switch to OLEDs. Perhaps Apple and its other (non-Samsung) display suppliers have developed a next-generation OLED superior to Samsung’s current offerings. Apple likes to test the water with new technologies (e.g., OLED on Apple Watch), so it makes some sense that Apple might use its flagship iPhone 8 to host expand this display technology to larger sizes. The technology would then roll out to other iPhone models and other products (iPads) over the next couple of years.

  2. I really do find the contention that exploding Note phones would leave Apple’s plans to procure OLED screens in tatters is beyond fanciful. You do have to laugh whenever something disasterous happens to a competitor certain media mouthpieces just have to find a way of using it to hit out at Apple. It’s getting embarrassing.

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